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The BBC’s 9/11: Inside the President’s War Room is a gripping must-watch Documentary

It’s hard to explain the world before 9/11 to bright-eyed ama-2000s but believe it was a different world when the new Millenium started. Even then, Iike now, I was a keen student of history and global events. There was so much hope, so much goodwill and it seemed like the world was on the mend. […]

Watch HSTV Documentary: Mbare Hostels, A forgotten people

From the horse’ mouth.

One Customer’s Experience Of Kwese After 3 Weeks…

Kwese TV is the new kid on the block and a number of people are contemplating whether they should jump ship or not. Kwese has come up with a number of interesting spins on their service to separate themselves from their competitor, DStv. They (Kwese) are offering things like one bouquet, 5 devices on one […]