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Free Web Hosting Offers Just That. Free Web Hosting!!! Oh, & Throw In Affordable Domain Registrations

Ok, so everyone loves a freebie. Worse more when it’s saving you from forking out for integral services such as hosting your domain. Most guys would rather sell you these services but instead,Fre FWH or Free Web Hosting offers basic website hosting services for no cost. What they do sell to you is the domain […]

Local Domain Registrar Down

[UPDATE]: An earlier version of this article said that the registry was down. The domain registry in Zimbabwe is ZISPA and this therefore implied they were down. This was not correct. Our readers called this out (thank you) and we realised the error. We apologise unreservedly to readers and to ZISPA for the the error […]

Video: The heroes of Zimbabwe’s internet domains ecosystem

In the video: Zimbabwe in top 5 on Africa’s DNS success list, Paynow and ZISPA contribution to Zimbabwe’s internet domains ecosystem Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to buy airtime because this page […]

Some just lie: Remember this when you check for a local domain’s availability

You might have read already that the ZISPA website is down. ZISPA is the custodian of Zimbabwe’s domains and until recently when registrars started to offer it, their website was the only platform you could check a domain’s availability on. Now, registrars such as Webdev, Webnames, and Name now offer domain availability checking. The ZISPA website going […]

A new domain registration startup, GetDomains, eyes the market

The market for domain registration has however been growing and ZISPA hasn’t been the only player in that field. In fact, part of its shortcomings have actually inspired new entrants over the past few years. Providers like and have entered the fray, providing assistance to people frustrated with delays in verifying domain availability and multiple registrations. upgrades platform to offer automated and domain registration

I love They solved a big pain for me personally and I’m sure they did for many other Zimbabweans out there for whom domain registration was nothing short of painstakingly slow. Name essentially introduced the automated registration of domains in Zimbabwe back in September 2013. So it was great receiving news today that they have […]

My beef with domain name trolls

Here is a tirade against domain name trolls, the people that hoard certain domains in hopes of the value skyrocketing at some point.

Understanding DNS Resource Records

As part of a series on domain registration and domain names, this article expands on the most common used DNS resource records that are used in mapping domain names.

The latest on everything you need to know about domain names

We continue with the series on domain names and the important things to know and remember when securing a domain name and creating a web presence. Structure of domain names A domain name is composed of different parts separated by “dots” and each part represents a hierarchy in the domain name structure and this hierarchy […]

Everything you need to know about domain names: Part 4

This is the fourth in a series of guest articles authored by Isaac Maposa, the co-founder of Web Enchanter, a Zimbabwean startup in the domain registration space. This feature is on domain names. Domain Name Composition Domain names can only be composed of letters A-Z (not case sensitive), numbers 0-9 and the dash or hyphen […]

Everything you need to know about domain names: Part 3

This is the third in a series of guest articles authored by Isaac Maposa, the co-founder of Web Enchanter, a Zimbabwean startup in the domain registration space. This feature is on domain names. Who Is eligible to register or own a domain name? Any individual or organisation has the right to own a domain name. […]

Everything you need to know about domain names: Part 2

This is the second in a series of guest articles authored by Isaac Maposa, the co-founder of Web Enchanter, a Zimbabwean startup in the domain registration space. This feature is on domain names. Choosing The Right Domain Extension A number of people and organisations make mistakes when it comes to choosing the right domain extension. […]

Everything you need to know about domain names (1)

This is the first in a series of guest articles authored by Isaac Maposa, the co-founder of Web Enchanter, a Zimbabwean startup in the domain registration space. Why you need to know about domain names Knowing how the Domain Name System works will help you in a case there is a failure or configuration error […] offers online domain registration for $5 a year

Here’s a service provider that some of you might have come across recently – The company is offering online domain registration with local domains going for $5 a year. This is the same service that startup, has been offering along with a domain checker facility. The two competing services provide a solution to […]

Domain registration costs the same as Transformers: Age of Extinction*

A little over two weeks ago Transformers: Age of Extinction, the latest edition of the Michael Bay action franchise premiered to a global audience. Thanks to the (improved) efforts of Ster Kinekor Zimbabwe we now have a chance to watch it, as well as other blockbuster releases whilst they are still current. For any Autobot/Decepticon […]

Google to launch its own domain registration service

Google is reportedly set to launch its own domain registration service which will make it possible to register new domains or transfer existing ones. The service is still in private beta although you can request for the Google Domains invite. Google’s foray into domain registration comes after new Top Level Domains (TLDs) were introduced recently. […]

Zimbabwe domain registration: You pay 5 times more if you are not a resident

One of the best things to happen in the local internet ecosystem last year was They solved a painful problem, in a very simple, standard way. Domain registration done online exists already in every country with self respecting techies, but it didn’t in Zimbabwe, hence the gratitude. So anyway, for the first time, Zimbabweans […]

Startup launches Zimbabwe’s first online local domain registration service

The difficult process of registering local domains in Zimbabwe is something we have written about extensively here on Techzim. It’s something we feel passionate about for the simple reason that allowing people to easily register local domains easily means more people can try more stuff online easily. Imagine therefore our delight finding out a team […]

The legal risks of having a .com domain

If you have a .com, .net or .org domain you are subject to US domestic laws and jurisdiction. This allows the US government to seize your website or even seek your extradition to USA to stand trial, based on allegations of breaking their laws. You’re also at risk from any mistakes and collateral damage according to an article on New Zealand website The National Business Review. There have been many stories of seizure by the US where foreign websites which violate US legislations were taken down.

Africom abandons domain to be used for adult content

Yesterday, we received a tip via Twitter that the Africom website ( had been compromised and that the website was showing some adult content. We alerted some friends at Africom and went on to check around for more information. The ‘compromised’ website is showing the following:

ZISPA & web entrepreneurs, here’s how we can simplify domain registration

Why don’t we link the domains to mobile phone numbers?

We’ve spoken to the Zimbabwe Internet Service Providers Association (ZISPA) about the difficulties of registering a domain name. In an interview, Troy Prinsloo the current ZISPA chairman explained to us that they are working to address one of the main problems with domain registration in Zimbabwe, which is that it takes too long. Two to three days, even more sometimes.

Why Zimbabwe needs more domains

Speaking to the many tech entrepreneurs we meet locally, they all tell you they prefer registering .com domains over It is way easier, cheaper and faster the argument goes. “Why do I need to wait a couple of days just to get a domain registered?” is the question that follows. domain registration problems. Who’s to blame? What can be done?

One of the main drivers of local content is local people being able to easily register a domain in the .zw space. Being able to find information on how to do this, being able to easily contact a registrar and get a domain registered without difficulty, and being able to proceed with the task of creating and making information available. This process is not straightforward locally.

Domain registration in Zimbabwe: Interview with ZISPA chairman

We promised to post an interview we had with current ZISPA chairman, Troy Prinsloo, on these issues. We had it a couple of weeks ago. It’s a long interview and we had to cut out parts we felt didn’t contribute much to the subject. It still remained long so if you don’t have the time to read through all of it, here are main points discussed.

The difficulties of registering a local domain in Zimbabwe

The need to have local Zimbabwean content on the internet has been widely discussed. The main idea being that the internet will become more relevant to locals if it has content people have traditionally consumed on platforms like TV, radio, newspapers, books and so forth.