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WebForum, Zim’s newest online tech support community site

Having a website these days is an “out of the box” requirement for most businesses. If you don’t have an online presence you are putting your business at a massive disadvantage, because a good number of people want an online touchpoint so they can get a remote view of your products and/or services. However, and […]

ICANN and POTRAZ to host workshop on “DNS Industry in Africa”

ICANN in collaboration with the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe is hosting a workshop which will cover emerging topics of interest related to the DNS Industry in Africa. This workshop is open to all those with interest in DNS industry in Africa and the attendance is free. The workshop will be held at […]

Some just lie: Remember this when you check for a local domain’s availability

You might have read already that the ZISPA website is down. ZISPA is the custodian of Zimbabwe’s domains and until recently when registrars started to offer it, their website was the only platform you could check a domain’s availability on. Now, registrars such as Webdev, Webnames, and Name now offer domain availability checking. The ZISPA website going […]

Zimbabwe Holds its First DNS Workshop, Could this be a Step towards Better DNS Management?

Never have we heard of a meeting which focused on DNS issues nor a workshop to tackle issues on DNS for so many years in Zimbabwe. Hearing of such makes one wonder what suddenly happened to our Zimbabwean DNS industry that we now think of holding a DNS entrepreneurship workshop. Thanks to the ICANN initiative […]

The legal risks of having a .com domain

If you have a .com, .net or .org domain you are subject to US domestic laws and jurisdiction. This allows the US government to seize your website or even seek your extradition to USA to stand trial, based on allegations of breaking their laws. You’re also at risk from any mistakes and collateral damage according to an article on New Zealand website The National Business Review. There have been many stories of seizure by the US where foreign websites which violate US legislations were taken down.

Africom abandons domain to be used for adult content

Yesterday, we received a tip via Twitter that the Africom website ( had been compromised and that the website was showing some adult content. We alerted some friends at Africom and went on to check around for more information. The ‘compromised’ website is showing the following:

Why Zimbabwe needs more domains

Speaking to the many tech entrepreneurs we meet locally, they all tell you they prefer registering .com domains over It is way easier, cheaper and faster the argument goes. “Why do I need to wait a couple of days just to get a domain registered?” is the question that follows.

TelOne forgets to register ‘’

For some strange reason, after generously spending advertising dollars on the launch of its new broadband product called Dotmore, TelOne forgot to register the ‘’ domain.