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Econet CEO- Mutsvangwa’s failure to get telecoms licence 2 decades ago reason for Econet’s targeting

Yesterday we broke down some of the information that Econet presented before the High Court as part of its urgent chamber application to temporarily suspend the Magistrate’s decision to grant a Search and Seizure Warrant to ZRP. Douglas Mboweni’s statement in that application was a scathing criticism of CIDs Head of Asset Forfeiture Unit Mkhululi […]

Econet CEO – Issuance of search warrants one of the tools used by state to interfere with rights

The court documentation filed by Econet as part of their Urgent Chamber Application to temporarily suspend the Magistrate Court’s decision to issue a Search and Seizure warranty to the ZRP makes for interesting reading. Econet Wireless’ Chief Executive Officer, Douglas Mboweni has a written statement that is part of the Urgent Chamber application and in […]

OneMoney To Overtake EcoCash In 2 Years. Is It Possible?

In a recent interview with Trevor Ncube, Netone’s Chief Executive Lazarus Muchenje said: We choose to compete with ourselves and to try and be world-class because we do not believe that at this stage there is anyone world-class in this market in as far as mobile payments are concerned and I say that with a […]

{Press Release} EcoCash Commits $5 Million To Help Its Agents In Cyclone-hit Areas To Get Back On Their Feet

EcoCash has set aside $5 million for small businesses in the Cyclone affected areas in Zimbabwe which include Manicaland and Masvingo as part of an initiative to help rebuild the economy of their areas. The initiative, named ‘Project ReBoot Livelihoods (PRL)’ by Econet Wireless founder Mr Strive Masiyiwa, will see EcoCash, working with its sister […]

Strive Masiyiwa Shares Details About An Attempt By Mugabe To Abduct Him From SA And The Arrest Of Econet Directors Years Ago

The Econet story is well known and well empathised with. The fact that I only have to say the Econet story and most readers will understand immediately what I mean shows just how powerful it is. Every David and Goliath story is like this: engaging, inspirational, moving. Now it appears we didn’t know the full […]

Press Release: Econet Wireless Half-Year Results

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has released its half year results. You can check out the press release below, and of course look forward to some follow up articles from us 😉 HARARE (October 31, 2017) – Econet Wireless Zimbabwe today announced solid half-year financial results for the 6 months from March to August 31, 2017, posting […]

Econet Launches Kwese TV in Zimbabwe

Local telecommunications operator, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, last night launched their longly awaited media offering Kwese TV in Harare at an event attended by a number of local celebrities in the arts and culture industry as well as a number of people active in the local media ecosystem. The event was well attended as people came out […]

Make all critical EcoCash transactions before Saturday night, says Econet

Due to confusion on the cause of the downtime of the country’s largest money transfer and transacting platform this weekend, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe sent us the press release below to explain. Essentially the company is saying; We planned this maintenance months in advance EcoCash has had an 80% jump in transaction volume this past year […]

Econet annual profit down to $36 million

Econet released its annual financial results today. The company’s profit for the year, as generally expected, declined. This time by 10% to $36.2 million from $40.2 million the previous year. Revenue was also decreased from $641 million to $622 million. EBDTA (which stands for earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) also declined 6.4%. to $224 million from US$238.4 million. EBIDTA essentially shows the company’s earnings […]

Econet issues a statement on higher data prices – “We feel your pain”

Econet Wireless, the local mobile network operator that has been the first and so far only operator to adjust mobile broadband prices in line with the regulator’s directive has issued a statement on the issue. In a press release signed by CEO Douglas Mboweni, Econet says it is taking people’s feedback on the issue seriously and […]

Zimbabwe’s 10 most influential in Technology 2016

In the same retrospective spirit, we took a look at what happened in the local technology space and came up with our list of the 10 most influential in this space.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe considers introducing ad blocking on its network

Responding to questions on the disappearance of airtime and broadband use Econet CEO Douglas Mboweni mentioned that the operator was investigating the option of introducing ad blocking as a way of helping subscribers manage data consumption.

Econet unveils new look & refreshed brand tied to optimistic “Look Up, Zimbabwe” campaign

Earlier this evening we attended the unveiling of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s new look and redesigned logo. The mobile operator introduced the refreshed brand which is meant to mark a new era for the company as it sets out to offer subscribers “more than just a service but a lifestyle enhancement.” Econet’s redesigned logo brings with […]

Econet embarks on network upgrade -subscribers might face service disruption

The three-day exercise is scheduled to run from the 25th to the 27th of January (Monday to Wednesday) and according to Dougals Mboweni, the CEO of Econet, it may result in some cases of service disruption, though assurances have been made that the operators’ engineers will try to reduce this to a minimum.

Ownai, Econet’s startup offically launched with an objective to “help small businesses”

Econet is looking past all of that, though. According to Douglas Mboweni, Econet’s CEO, the telecoms operator wants its customers who are running small businesses to see the operator as a partner that will help them make money. Tools like Ownai are supposed to enable this by offering free marketing of goods to Econet’s broadband customers.

After 2 years of suspension, EcoCash to resume transfers to other networks

So why were the transfers suspended in the first place?

Muzinda Hub hosts graduation for developers, launches online jobs platform

After more than six months of training and skills development, local technology and entrepreneurship skills centre, Muzinda Hub, conferred certificates to its first cohort of software developers and tech entrepreneurs at a graduation ceremony held in Harare. The Hub also launched its online jobs platform which will be offering software development skills.

Understanding Econet as it prepares for the half year results. What does the future look like?

Does Econet get the internet? Looking at the Tengai experience (it hasn’t been restored more than 2 months later), a strange EcoShopper product, and the long silence on ipidi you get a sense of how much Econet is prepared for business at this level.

Econet CEO & Liquid Telecom shortlisted for World Communication Awards

The list of nominees for the 2015 World Communication Awards, an annual ceremony which accompanies the Total Telecom Festival has just been released and Douglas Mboweni, the CEO of Econet Zimbabwe has been nominated for the CEO of the Year award. Also nominated is Liquid Telecom for the best Wholesale carrier Award.

Econet confirms adoption of Muzinda Hub, explains motivation for this

Econet Wireless has issued a statement clarifying its position on the relationship it has with Muzinda Hub, a local tech entrepreneurship centre that is currently training 1,000 developers. The operator has adopted the Hub as part of its impact investment initiatives.

Econet accuses POTRAZ of destabilising the telecoms industry

In a statement that clarifies its position on the series of job cuts it has effected, Econet has taken a shot at industry regulator, POTRAZ, accusing it of causing instability in the industry.

It seems Econet lied about Tengai ownership

A shareholder contacted us and pointed out that at Econet’s recently held Annual General Meeting, the operator’s CEO, Douglas Mboweni, had expressly mentioned that Tengai is an Econet company and that the press had reported the matter incorrectly. If Tengai was being honest from the beginning, then Econet is lying about this ownership issue.

Econet threatened by AnonymousZimbabwe, the outfit behind the hack (update)

Anonymous Zimbabwe has claimed responsibility for hacking the e-commerce website while lobbying for net neutrality. It has also threatened Tengai and the mobile operator Econet, giving both parties until the 8th of August to issue a press statement or face unspecified action.

Exclusive: Econet launches EcoShopper. Seeks to disrupt the supermarket

Remember Econet Zimbabwe chief, Douglas Mboweni, hinted last year at getting into e-commerce soon? They just did. The company will be launching its first foray into e-commerce today with the introduction of – you guessed it – EcoShopper. It’s not your typical e-commerce. Or let me say it’s not your fully fledged e-commerce operation but there are some key […]

A million sign ups in two months: How is EcoSure growing so fast?

What do we remember about telecoms services last year? Well, for one thing Econet Wireless went all out with new products. The mobile network operator seemed to extend its hand to everything from money remittances to cars and water. What ended the year though was the launch of EcoSure, the mobile insurance product that took […]

Econet secures $150 million for expansion

It has been reported that Econet Wireless Global has secured a $150 million financing facility to enable its expansion program. In an announcement from Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) the institution that arranged the facility Econet will use the facility to expand in mobile banking and solar energy and also to refinance existing debt which has been […]

Econet set to compete on product value, not lower tariffs

Last week Econet Wireless held its annual general meeting which gave the company’s management an opportunity to address shareholders on issues related to revenue, profitability and the outlook for the next financial year. It has been reported that the network operator’s Chief Executive, Douglas Mboweni highlighted that they would not engage in all out tariff […]

EconetHealth launches EcoHealth Tips

Earlier today, EconetHealth, the health services subsidiary of Econet Wireless launched a new product called EcoHealth Tips at a ceremony attended by various stakeholders in the health sector including officials from the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare. The new offering provides health related information via USSD to subscribers who sign up for the new […]

Econet used NetOne and TelOne interconnection debts to offset new license fees

It has emerged that Econet cleverly negotiated with the government to offset monies owed by TelOne and NetOne (in interconnection fees) against the new US $137.5 million mobile licenses fees. As a result, Econet only paid $50 million cash. According to a report by a local financials news email service, the Financial Express, POTRAZ Acting Director General, Alfred Marisa said that […]

A list of Econet’s gripes with Zimbabwe’s telecoms business ecosystem

Despite investing a lot of money ($1.2 billion) according to the company, Econet says they continue to operate in an ecosystem where they face needless challenges from competition, lacking supporting infrastructure and legislation. The company has always kind complained about these ecosystem issues, but yesterday they got a chance to pour their heart out at a parliamentary committee. Here’s, according […]