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Former Kwese Partner Told To Return Documents Seized During Raid On Econet

Dr Dish – remember them- recently got a verdict on their attempt to raid Econet’s premises to present as evidence in a dispute between the two company. This dispute has been so drawn out that, Econet Media and Kwese TV which are a central part of the story are no longer existent after, Econet Media […]

Econet Appeals To Supreme Court To Stop Search Of Their Books As Previously Granted By High Court

So last week Econet told the Sheriff of the High Court to leave their premises peacefully as he was executing an Anton Piller order which had been granted by the High Court in favour of Dr Dish. Dr Dish are disputing the compensation that Econet says is due to them based on their revenue share […]

Breaking: Econet, Cassava Accused Of Obstruction Of Justice After Defying High Court Order

Yesterday the High Court of Zimbabwe issued an order for the Sheriff of the High Court and lawyers of Dr Dish (PVT) LTD to search several premises where Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited and Cassava Smartech Limited operate from. When the sheriff and the lawyers and some folks authorised by the court order to carry out […]

Friends Become Foes: Kwese TV Suing Former Partner, Dr Dish Over $634 000

Even though Kwese Television (owners of the defunct Kwese TV) ceased operations, it hasn’t ceased to follow up on what it’s owed. Kwese Television is now suing its friend-now-turned-into-foe, Dr. Dish over a $634 000 loan it received from Kwese last year. Do you remember that Dr. Dish is that local media and broadcasting company owned […]

Too Late! Supreme Court Gives Verdict On Dr Dish’s Appeal To Distribute Kwese Content

The long-awaited verdict on the court case concerning Dr Dish’s licence to distribute content has finally been passed and the Supreme Court has ruled that Kwese was not supposed to be distributing content using Dr Dish’s licence. Recap Where is this coming from you may be wondering? Well, to fully grasp what happened we have […]

New Challenger To DSTV And Kwese? Trevor Ncube’s AMH Gets Content Distribution Services Licence

AMH has been granted a Content Distribution Services licence. The media house now has three licenses considering they were already awarded a VoD and Webcasting licence. The content distribution services licence allows AMH to compete with DStv, Kwese and whoever else set up camp in that field. There are a few contenders mind you; Azam, […]

Dr Dish Tables $3.5 Million Offer For Zim PSL Rights

According to the Herald today Dr. Dish has submitted a $3.5 million bid to acquire the PSL’s top-flight broadcasting rights. This comes after the PSL’s 5-year partnership with Supersport ended recently. Apparently, the $3.5m is believed to be higher than the ended Supersport deal. The article says the PSL will get a $750 000 payout every year […]

Kwese Terminated Contract With Dr Dish Because Of Mlotshwa And His Links To Telecel And Mnangagwa

First off I’m going to call out to the film guys, please make a movie on the Kwese story. You won’t need writers for this story. There are so many plot twists in this story that your audience will be confined to the edge of their seats, if indeed they can even sit. Okay, now […]

Mnangagwa’s Son In Law, Telecel, Dr Dish And Kwese… Where’s The Connection?

There is a man right here in Zimbabwe who happens to be a seasoned lawyer, major shareholder in one of the telecommunications companies and son in law to a prominent politician in Zimbabwe. All this is no crime but it is quite an attractive story for a curious cat. Techzim is a curious cat. That […]

Point Of Correction: The Licences Kwese Is Applying For Are Sufficient BUT They Have Much To Explain…

We have just covered the fact that Kwese is applying for three broadcasting licences from the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ). However, we implied and explicitly expressed that the licences they are applying for are not sufficient to cover their satellite broadcasting service. This is not true at all. One of the three licences they […]

Econet Media (Kwese) Applies For Broadcasting Services Licences

You probably know by now that Kwese (Econet Media) terminated their contract with their partner Dr Dish. It was interesting news because Dr Dish has a broadcasting licence and it is that licence which Kwese was utilizing to be able to broadcast in the country. If one is to peruse the Broadcasting Services Act, one […]

Dr Dish (Former Partner To Kwese) Partnering A Local Telco, Some Churches ‘And SABC’ To Take On Kwese And Econet

Econet Global has deliberately transformed itself into a Technology Media and Telecommunications (TMT) Business. It is a no brainer that telcos have to radically transform themselves and their business models if they are to survive. Revenue from traditional telecom services like voice has declined, is declining and will continue to decline as over the top […]

Kwese’s Former Partner, Dr Dish Changes Ownership Structure

Zimbabwean lawyer and new majority shareholder of Dr Dish, Gerald Mlotshwa Dr Dish is currently topical particularly here on Techzim because of their breakup with Econet Media. The two had a content distribution agreement that effectively made Dr Dish the carrier of Kwese into Zimbabwe.In fact it was Dr Dish that announced the coming of […]

Kwese Responds To Allegations Of Breaking The Law

Last Friday we published the allegations that Econet Media (Kwese)’s partner is making against the media company regarding their Zimbabwe operation. Said partner, Dr Dish is alleging that Kwese is currently operating without a license which is a criminal offense in Zimbabwe. Of course when Econet Media came into Zimbabwe they did not have a […]

Kwese Partner Threatening To Report Econet Media (Kwese) To Anti Corruption Commission

It came to light that Kwese might not be licensed to broadcast in Zimbabwe because they had cut their relationship with their licensed Broadcasting Partner. The important question to ask is that how is Kwese still available in Zimbabwe if they no longer have a partner that is licensed to broadcast in Zimbabwe? Are they […]

Soon You Won’t Need To Own A Decoder And Dish Set To Watch Kwese TV

Kwese TV is on the offensive. They are making moves meant to entice every single Zimbabwean to join the Kwese family. As you know, Kwese TV is an Econet company and being sister companies with those other companies in the Econet group has its benefits. We saw this back when Kwese was officially launched in […]

Kwese License: When We Thought It Was Over, It May Just Have Started

So if you just want the current conclusion, here is it: Kwese is not currently licensed to operate in Zimbabwe. Now, let’s backtrack a bit and bring you up to that conclusion. At First Econet Media (the Kwese guys) did not have a license to broadcast in Zimbabwe and did not really apply for one. […]

Kwesé TV continues selling inspite of BAZ appeal

Kwesé TV recently became available to Zimbabweans after many hurdles. First, the licence they were using was owned by Dr Dish as the two had partnered to bring the service, however, the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) suspended the licence within 1 day of Kwesé TV initially launching. Once the licence was suspended, the matter […]

Kwesé TV seeks High Court permission to continue operating despite BAZ appeal

You probably know that Kwesé TV was granted permission to operate in Zimbawe after having the broadcasting licence they were using suspended. The permission was granted in a High Court ruling and many of you have since started to enjoy the service. Yesterday, the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe through its lawyers filed a notice of […]

Kwese TV to go back on air latest TOMORROW…

After the recent court ruling that Dr. Dish’s licence was not cancelled, Techzim has been informed that Kwese TV will be back on air any time now, with the latest being tomorrow, Saturday 9 September 2017. The much-awaited satellite tv service will also re-start selling their decoders and satellite dishes, which they’d halted after BAZ […]

[BREAKING NEWS] “Kwese” wins court case!

Information that Techzim has received is that Dr Dish, the licence holders of the broadcasting licence for the Strive Masiyiwa owned initiative Kwese TV, have won their urgent court application against the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe. This effectively means that Kwese Tv will be going back live on air any time now, as the cancellation […]

Download: Kwese TV distributor’s urgent High Court application against BAZ & its CEO

The matter of the Dr Dish broadcasting license is now before the courts. The legal process, whose length is hard to ascertain, will therefore decide if and when Kwese will be on TV screens in Zimbabwe again. Dr Dish which is being represented by Tawanda Nyambirai of Mtetwa & Nyambirai Legal Practitioners made  an urgent chamber application […]

Kwese had already registered 24,145 customers and had 7,259 applicants

Dr Dish who struck a deal with Econet Media to distribute Kwese TV content made an urgent chamber application demanding the High Court to reverse BAZ’s decision to cancel its licence. It is in the chamber application where those figures came to light. If you remember, Kwese was only officially available for a few hours […]

Kwese TV: The Full Dr Dish letter to BAZ demanding reversal of license cancellation

25 August 2017 The Chief Executive Officer Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe 27 Boscobel West Drive Highlands HARARE Dear Sir Re: Invalid Notice of cancellation of License No. CD0004 held by Dr Dish (Pvt) Ltd Introduction We act for Dr Dish (Pvt) Ltd. We have been instructed to respond to your letter of 22 August 2017 […]

At the heart of the Kwese story is the Dr Dish licence and its cancellation

The Herald ran a story announcing that Kwese TV never applied for a licence which we have known from the beginning. They cited various ‘players in the industry’ who gave their opinions but did not want to be identified. Who are these players? Could it be BAZ or maybe the Ministry of Media, Information and […]

Dr Dish brings Kwese TV to Zimbabwe (Press Release)

Dr Dish (Private) Limited wishes to announce that it has struck a ground breaking Content Distribution deal with Econet Media Limited, a Pan African Broadcasting Network, to bring Kwese TV into Zimbabwe. Dr Dish is a duly Licensed Broadcasting Service provider with a valid Content Distribution Service License number CD0004 which was issued by the […]