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Liquid Telecom launches cloud storage & file sharing solution for enterprise in Zimbabwe

Liquid Telecom, launched an enterprise data storage, cloud storage and file sharing service called CrashPlan Africa. If you’re wondering if this isn’t just a Box or Dropbox with an African tag, hear this: This is enterprise first, and IT departments get the premises based cloud option. The closer competition may actually be SharePoint than the purely cloud syncing stuff.

10 great tools for tech startups

Anyone who is part of a startup will tell you that the road is hardly easy. There’s a need to put on many hats to get the job done as startups are lean organisations that can hardly afford to hire someone for every role. Thanks to various tech tools some of the work is made easier […]

Google Drive for Work’s unlimited storage offer hard to beat

Yesterday Google announced a new cloud service called Drive for Work. Its price undercuts every other cloud service package that has been presented by the other cloud storage providers involved in the “Storage Wars”. For $10 a month a user gets unlimited cloud storage, an offer that floors Microsoft’s OneDrive which, a few days ago, […]

10 services you can now enjoy in Zimbabwe thanks to PayPal

But there may be some of you who are wondering what all the excitement is about. Why is everyone (well at least those online) excited about being able to PAY other people and NOT SELL their goods and service?

What if you lost your laptop…would you lose your data too?

On Friday, as routine I passed through Mdala Ngwenya’s office which is along main street one of the busiest streets in Bulawayo. I was greeted by a young man working on a pc in the other office adjacent to the reception. I sat for a while at reception area just browsing the net from my phone. A friend joined me later and we chatted briefly. I then decided to top up my airtime credit so we left the office to buy airtime credit just a few metres away from Mdala Ngwenya’s office. Within ten minutes I was back in the office and the friend left. I momentarily fumbled with the phone and all of a sudden I noticed my laptop bag had vanished from the reception table.

Google launches Google Drive, a cloud storage & file management solution

Yesterday, Google finally launched its much hyped cloud and document management system, Google Drive. The cloud storage service basically makes managing, sharing and backing up files an easier and seamless task as users switch from one device to another. Google Drive is launching with 5GB free storage. Users will need to pay for more storage; about US $2.49 a month for an additional 25GB. It’s gets cheaper as you buy more space.