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Tag: DStv Payments

Download: Techzim App To Easily Make DStv Subscriptions With Zim Dollars

Since you are still required to pay for your DSTV subscription using US Dollars, our Techzim app may come in handy to easily help you make your subscription using RTGS Dollars. Download the by by clicking on this link. Also read: How To Pay Your DStv Subscription In RTGS Dollars Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And […]

Are DStv Subscriptions Now Paid In US Dollars Or Zim Dollars? Here’s What Multichoice Said

I know y’all been waiting for this since the Zimbabwean Dollar became the sole legal tender late last month. We have received numerous emails asking if DStv subscribers can now start to pay for subscriptions using the Zim Dollars (RTGS and Bond notes and coins) since businesses are no longer required to request payments in […]

Barclays Bank Joins The Club, Suspending DStv Payments

One down, only eight left. Barclays Bank, one of the few banks that were still taking DStv payments in Zimbabwe has just announced that with effect from the 1st of December 2017 (2 days from now) it will no longer be taking DStv payments. Here’s the notice from the bank: Dear customer, we kindly advise […]

DStv Payment Methods November 2017

Yes, as Zimbabweans articles like such are necessary. How one is able to pay for their DStv subscription is necessary as it doesn’t work like how it does in a “normal” country. As of today, November 2, 2017, these are the methods that one can use in order to pay for their subscriptions: NMB (Account […]

DSTV Zimbabwe States Its Position On Local Payments

Knowing how one can make a payment for their DStv subscriptions is becoming important every day. As the conditions in Zimbabwe regarding payments are ever changing, making a payment for one’s satellite entertainment is fast becoming a complicated task. With a service that requires one to search for US dollars and then make that payment […]

“We’ve Never Accepted Payments” Says Multichoice Zimbabwe…

Over the last couple of weeks, Techzim has commented a bit on the cash crisis and how it affects various players in the economy, though of great interest to us has been DStv. It’s entertainment ka! Anyhow, we’ve commented from an angle as if the satellite media provider once used to offer a means for […]

CBZ Touch Pulls The Plug On DStv Payments…

There are a limited number of options of how one can use money in their bank accounts to pay for their DStv subscriptions. Among that list, you won’t be seeing CBZ’s Touch as an option any longer. Effective immediately CBZ have stopped the processing of DStv payments using their mobile money solution most likely to […]

Thank You For The Reduction DStv. Now Please Accept Bond Notes…

Dear DStv, It was with a gleeful heart that I learnt yesterday that you’d heard the cries of the people of our land and because of your generosity, decided to oblige and offer a price reduction for your packages. We’re also happy to note that unlike previously where Zimbabweans would pay a substantial amount more […]

How to make DStv subscription payments in Zimbabwe (July 2017)

We reached out to several banks inquiring about how to pay for DStv using their services. Some banks that we couldn’t get in touch of are Stanbic, Steward, Barclays and FBC. These are are the latest Multichoice Zimbabwe DStv subscription payment options as of  31 July 2017. Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge […]

DStv Payment Methods As Of March 2017

A lot has been happening in the ‘payments of DStv subscriptions’ arena over the last couple of months. First, Ecocash reduced the amounts that subscribers could pay for their subscriptions, then they outright stopped taking payments (well, they moved to accepting from their Rand accounts). Then Telecash followed suit by cancelling, and more recently CABS revised their terms of […]

DStv subs & card payments are 2nd highest driver of forex use for Zimbabwe, trend is a cause of concern for RBZ

During this period Zimbabwean foreign currency payments for DStv and card transactions exceeded other transactions such as the importation of raw materials for the manufacture of products like cooking oil, maize imports and the allocation for machinery and telecoms equipment.

DStv Zimbabwe speaks on suspension of payments via EcoCash – “This won’t happen with other platforms”

This means that people can still pay their subscriptions via other mobile money platforms like Telecash and GetCash, through their bank accounts and also MultiChoice’s online payment platform.

Can’t use EcoCash/Telecash for your DStv payments? – here are 3 other options (update)

EcoCash will no longer be supporting payments for pay TV service DStv starting from the 1st of January 2017. Considering how widespread EcoCash is (it’s the most widespread e-payment channel in Zimbabwe) this is going clearly to affect a lot of subscribers. It doesn’t mean you have to go to the bank straight away, though. […]

CBZ attempts to offer total financial convenience with new mobile banking app

Last month, CBZ Holdings, Zimbabwe’s largest retail financial services institution launched a new mobile banking app which is designed to deliver convenience by providing a mobile channel for CBZ Holdings’ suite of financial services.