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Shanda, a local startup is trying to address Zimbabwe’s unemployment with its online freelance platform

A local startup called Shanda (which means “work” in Shona) is trying to extend this to all types of jobs, It has developed an online freelance platform – with the sole effort of linking skilled workers together with entities that need some tasks taken care of. Shanda is trying to establish itself as Zimbabwe’s primary freelance marketplace.

Muzinda Hub hosts graduation for developers, launches online jobs platform

After more than six months of training and skills development, local technology and entrepreneurship skills centre, Muzinda Hub, conferred certificates to its first cohort of software developers and tech entrepreneurs at a graduation ceremony held in Harare. The Hub also launched its online jobs platform which will be offering software development skills.

Here are 6 steps to selling your skill online: Insights from Comexposed

This idea of online freelancing or e-lancing obviously has a lot of allure for locals that have been at the receiving end of employment contract terminations and a dwindling job prospects. The opportunity is even being investigated by other entities like Econet through its soon to be launched platform Technites.