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The Woes of E-Learning and how the new Dzidzo Paden|Imfundwe’ndlini App is levelling the playing field

A look at the issues surrounding e-learning in Zimbabwe, their social implications and the new educational app that could just help fix things.

Wagona Maths – a new e-learning platform that wants to help your kids improve their math skills

Wagona Maths is an e-learning platform that supports the teaching and learning of mathematics in Zimbabwe and throughout the world. The e-learning platform was built by a maths teacher called Rex Ndengeya and his team. It will offer content on ZIMSEC, IGCSE core and extended maths for students to learn. Why an e-learning platform for […]

A new way to learn through exploration in Virtual Reality

The experience that I had with getting started viewing virtual reality was really good. And if you read that article, you know that it left me wondering whether there were use cases for Virtual Reality in other areas of our lives, especially education. So I went on the hunt for some VR experiences that I’d […]

Econet makes changes to e-learning platform Ruzivo; adds Shona, Ndebele & other subjects & content is free

Plans to hack that away now suggests that perhaps users aren’t cosying up to it even though Econet has said “thousands” of users are signing up. If that’s the case, it would be a damper for Econet which needs all the Over the Top services revenues it can get as a telecoms operator.

Local language tool ShonaApp registers over 10,000 downloads, growth powered by WhatsApp distribution

ShonaApp has so far registered over 10,000 downloads. This uptake has been enabled by some changes made to the app that include adding backwards compatibility to Android 2.2 devices and extending distribution platforms to include WhatsApp.

Zimbabwean startup Zivo learning is pitching at DEMO Africa 2016 right now – here’s how to catch their live presentation

The Zivo learning team DEMO Africa 2016, this year’s edition of one of Africa’s largest startup conferences and launchpad for the continent’s new businesses is happening in Johannesburg South Africa right now. Set over two days (25-26 August 2016) its given 30 startups across Africa a chance to pitch their startup ideas to investors, potential partners, […]

The 5 reasons why e-learning startups in Zimbabwe do not succeed

We have watched entrepreneurs trying to venture into the education sector, coming in with amazing technological solutions with the potential for great impact which can improve the studies of ordinary Zimbabwean students. However, no significant education technology product is available in Zimbabwe right now. Why? Here are 5 reasons.

Gamify It! Hackathon in Ethiopia hopes to inspire game solutions for e-learning

There’s a hackathon happening in Addis Ababa Ethiopia right now called Gamify It! Hackathon. The 4-day meetup has brought together 35 African developers in hopes that they can come up with game-centric solutions for areas like green energy and disaster management. The main focus is e-learning and the teams will display their solutions to delegates at the eLearning Africa Conference on the 20th of May. A local developer, Wiseman Kuchera, is part of the 35 participants.

NatiV: The e-learning app that wants to preserve ethnic language heritage

Every time someone says e-learning in Zimbabwe the talk almost always veers towards the way traditional learning content specific to writing and mathematics has been transferred to digital platforms. That is what we have seen from most local attempts (think EcoSchool, e-Learning Solutions or Big Brain) aimed at servicing this growing market which in all fairness is […]

Econet expands into primary school education. And no this is not EcoSchool

If job adverts are anything to go by It looks like Econet is working on another new product, this time as part of their drive to modernise education. In the last part of 2014 an advert was placed on the company’s website for someone to fill the role of CEO for EcoEducation. No, it’s not […]

Here’s how to make $10 million through e-learning

Here’s something for all those developers and entrepreneurs keen on taking on a big challenge for a big reward. The Global Learning XPRIZE competition is an opportunity that has come up to solve one of the challenges in education and pocket $10 million in the process. Why is so much being put into this issue […]