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Unqualified teacher’s successful WhatsApp class proves all e-learning should lean on WhatsApp

As someone who worked in the education industry for a couple of years, I feel for today’s students. The enforced extended holidays were fun for a while, till they realised their futures were at stake. You could literally see the anxiety on some of these teenagers’ faces. Schools reopened recently and ZIMSEC insists examinations will […]

This local e-learning startup is aiming to replace brick & mortar schools

Last week we reported on EduXpert, a local e-learning startup that offers lessons for pre-primary all the way to trade schools and tertiary education. The platform does this by giving anyone with the skills and qualifications an avenue to monetise their knowledge and experience. On the students’ side of things, they get to pick and […]

Local startup creates a platform where you can teach or learn anything

If you have been on YouTube over the last five years or so then you’ll be familiar with ads for a company called Skillshare. What the firm essentially does is offer anyone who wants to teach or learn a trade or skill the opportunity to do so. It’s basically like the aforementioned YouTube but with […]

Teachers ask govt for free data to conduct online classes but is this the solution?

Teachers have approached the government asking for free data that would allow them to access online resources and platforms in order to conduct online lessons during the lockdown. In a report by NewsDzeZimbabwe, the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) has said that there is still a lot that can be done to help teachers […]

Full Text: Ministry for ICT e-learning strategy

E-learning’s strategy going forward from an ICT perspective.

POTRAZ measures to facilitate e-learning for rural & underserved communities

The Postal and Telecommunications Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has given a progress report on old e-learning initiatives as well as new ones set for this year

Has Zim begun the conversation on social justice in the age of digital economies?

Social Justice in the new age of digital economies.

Learning Factory, a multiformat e-learning platform

Learning Factory is an education technology business that is looking to offer O and A Level students with multiformat educational content.

I have been running an eLearning site for six years, here are the lessons I have learned

Here are some lessons about venturing into the elearning space a developer or someone who is looking to start a service over the many platforms available.

Rethinking the new normal in Zimbabwe’s education sector

Rethinking the new normal in Zimbabwe’s education sector. Will 2021 be any better for e-learning in the country or are we in for a repeat of 2020?

Looking back at e-learning in Zimbabwe in 2020 & what lies ahead in 2021

E-learning in Zimbabwe was a rollercoaster in 2020, nothing changed for some and a lot changed for others. Here’s a look at what happened this year.

The Woes of E-Learning and how the new Dzidzo Paden|Imfundwe’ndlini App is levelling the playing field

A look at the issues surrounding e-learning in Zimbabwe, their social implications and the new educational app that could just help fix things.

Is online learning working?

Education, like all the other sectors, has been affected by the pandemic. Online learning has been accelerated at a scale that before COVID-19 many would have thought was in the distant future.

So it raises the question, is online education working?

A limited violation of Net Neutrality can help the education sector in Zimbabwe without serving corporate greed

I have always found the debate around net neutrality to be outrageous. What is there to debate — Should capitalism be allowed to reap the nursery sown and grown by socialism? Should corporate Darwinian free market chaos be allowed to overrun the fair, just order of the virtual realm as well? Should the world’s greatest […]

POTRAZ Increased Investment in “Projects” By 78% Using The Universal Service Fund (USF)

The year 2017 saw POTRAZ investing more in projects that extend Information Communications and Telecommunications to the “underserved and unserved” remote areas of Zimbabwe. The post and telecoms regulator used the Universal Service Fund (USF)to invest $7.3 million in 2017, thus representing a 78% increase after it invested $4 million in 2016. The Universal Service Fund is a […]

LearnersTab Aims To Take e-Learning Offline And That’s A Great Idea

Many e-Learning solutions have been proposed but one of the biggest problems that are specific to the African market is that of costs. The cost of data to access information is a problem that has existed for the longest of times and one of the major reasons why, even today, e-learning still has a hard […]

Mytutorzim Is An e-Learning Platform That Aims To Connect Students And Tutors For Online Extra Lessons

Many parents are constantly looking for a way to best empower their kids and at times this empowerment takes the form of one on one tutoring with a goal to optimize a child’s grades. Would you be excited if I told you that soon it will be possible for your child to take their tutoring […]

Wagona Maths – a new e-learning platform that wants to help your kids improve their math skills

Wagona Maths is an e-learning platform that supports the teaching and learning of mathematics in Zimbabwe and throughout the world. The e-learning platform was built by a maths teacher called Rex Ndengeya and his team. It will offer content on ZIMSEC, IGCSE core and extended maths for students to learn. Why an e-learning platform for […]

A new way to learn through exploration in Virtual Reality

The experience that I had with getting started viewing virtual reality was really good. And if you read that article, you know that it left me wondering whether there were use cases for Virtual Reality in other areas of our lives, especially education. So I went on the hunt for some VR experiences that I’d […]

Local language tool ShonaApp registers over 10,000 downloads, growth powered by WhatsApp distribution

ShonaApp has so far registered over 10,000 downloads. This uptake has been enabled by some changes made to the app that include adding backwards compatibility to Android 2.2 devices and extending distribution platforms to include WhatsApp.

Econet signs up brand ambassadors for Ruzivo digital learning platform

In the latest effort to expand Ruzivo’s footprint Econet has been signing on brand ambassadors that will raise awareness of the learning platform. These ambassadors will engage with the platform’s stakeholders like schools and parents, advertise its benefits and sign on new users.

These Zimbabwean entrepreneurs were backed by Microsoft and now want to transform local education

Mustard Seed generated significant interest among potential investors as well as prospective schools that were keen on integrating the platform with their existing school systems, something which prompted the team to explore the possibility of enhancing the system’s capabilities with options for district and provincial level data collation.

TelOne’s $1/GB WiFi, Hammer & Tongues, Econet killing device credit, Ruzivo Digital Learning – Podcast

In this episode, we discuss the $1 for 1GB offer from TelOne and its impact on the access to broadband in Zimbabwe. We also touch on the suspension of credit sales for devices from Econet as well as the launch of Ruzivo the new e-learning platform from the operator.

Econet to launch Ruzivo, a zero-rated e-learning platform

We have been informed that local mobile operator, Econet Wireless, will be launching its new e-learning product called Ruzivo Digital Learning today.

Shona-Ndebele Tutor offers avenue for preserving & promoting local languages

Through the use of a digital whiteboard and Skype, the Shona Ndebele Tutor platform provides online tutoring to any learner in any part of the world. The administrators of the platform pair a teacher of the specific language with a learner who will have signed up for a minimum of a single 1 hour lesson which costs £10 or a US dollar equivalent.

Who are we kidding, Zimbabwe isn’t ready for smartphones in schools

Recently the Minister of Education, Lazarus Dokora, stated that the Ministry has allowed smartphones in Zimbabwean schools on the reasoning that these devices can be used for research. While these capabilities might be undisputed, there are other serious consequences that the State is not considering. The reality is, we are not ready for a national rollout of smartphone use in Zimbabwe.

Yes, Dokora is right, bring your cell phone to school.

Minister Dokora sparked a genuine discussion on the use of cell phones in school but parents were just emotional in their responses without looking at the bigger picture. Dokora is right, devices should be allowed in school.

e-learning in Zimbabwe: the reality behind bringing mobile phones into the mix

We should allow cell phones in Zimbabwe’s schools. Well, that is what the responsible powers think anyway. Just recently, Zimbabwe’s Minister of Education, Dr Lazarus Dokora, was quoted in the Herald as having encouraged the use of mobile tech in learning institutions as a way to get children to appreciate the dynamic world in a different way. […]

How can we get e-learning efforts in Zimbabwe to succeed?

Will the concept of e-learning in Zimbabwe ever take off? We have a lot of providers trying different approaches but will all of this come together to contribute to better pass rates some day? There’s so much debate that is generated around this question. That is because beyond its success or failure the concept of digital […]