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Teachers ask govt for free data to conduct online classes but is this the solution?

Teachers have approached the government asking for free data that would allow them to access online resources and platforms in order to conduct online lessons during the lockdown. In a report by NewsDzeZimbabwe, the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) has said that there is still a lot that can be done to help teachers […]

The Woes of E-Learning and how the new Dzidzo Paden|Imfundwe’ndlini App is levelling the playing field

A look at the issues surrounding e-learning in Zimbabwe, their social implications and the new educational app that could just help fix things.

Is online learning working?

Education, like all the other sectors, has been affected by the pandemic. Online learning has been accelerated at a scale that before COVID-19 many would have thought was in the distant future.

So it raises the question, is online education working?

LearnersTab Aims To Take e-Learning Offline And That’s A Great Idea

Many e-Learning solutions have been proposed but one of the biggest problems that are specific to the African market is that of costs. The cost of data to access information is a problem that has existed for the longest of times and one of the major reasons why, even today, e-learning still has a hard […]

Wagona Maths – a new e-learning platform that wants to help your kids improve their math skills

Wagona Maths is an e-learning platform that supports the teaching and learning of mathematics in Zimbabwe and throughout the world. The e-learning platform was built by a maths teacher called Rex Ndengeya and his team. It will offer content on ZIMSEC, IGCSE core and extended maths for students to learn. Why an e-learning platform for […]

e-learning in Zimbabwe: the reality behind bringing mobile phones into the mix

We should allow cell phones in Zimbabwe’s schools. Well, that is what the responsible powers think anyway. Just recently, Zimbabwe’s Minister of Education, Dr Lazarus Dokora, was quoted in the Herald as having encouraged the use of mobile tech in learning institutions as a way to get children to appreciate the dynamic world in a different way. […]

How can we get e-learning efforts in Zimbabwe to succeed?

Will the concept of e-learning in Zimbabwe ever take off? We have a lot of providers trying different approaches but will all of this come together to contribute to better pass rates some day? There’s so much debate that is generated around this question. That is because beyond its success or failure the concept of digital […]

Econet expands into primary school education. And no this is not EcoSchool

If job adverts are anything to go by It looks like Econet is working on another new product, this time as part of their drive to modernise education. In the last part of 2014 an advert was placed on the company’s website for someone to fill the role of CEO for EcoEducation. No, it’s not […]

Africom launches package with unlimited access to social media

Local internet access provider Africom has introduced a new product called the Africom MiChoice Package which gives users unlimited access to common social media and messaging platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and Viber as well as unlimited access to emails. The package is available with a $5 weekly, $10 fortnightly and a $25 monthly package. […]

e-Learning Solutions out to create local learning content

  Yesterday we mentioned how e-Learning Solutions, one of the more visible digital learning providers locally, had together with Africom, launched a data plan for users of its online learning material. In the article we also highlighted the challenge of relevant local content for digital learning products that are available on the market. e-Learning Solutions appears […]

Africom and e-Learning Solutions introduce unlimited internet package

Africom has partnered with local digital education provider, e-Learning Solutions, in the roll out of e-learning content which includes the mcourser platform that was launched in June this year. Their new package gives Africom broadband subscribers unlimited access to, and for $10 per month. This is meant to ease the data burden […]

eLearning Solutions to launch mobile learning solution mCourser

Local digital learning solutions provider eLearning Solutions says that it shall be launching a mobile eLearning platform called mCourser next week Tuesday. At a pre-launch media briefing the platform was demoed and questions on certain aspects of mCourser were addressed. The platform offers learning material for primary school pupils (Maths and Science) and high school […]

e-Learning Solutions rolls out Digital Skills Passport training to organisations for free

This morning local learning solutions provider, e-Learning Solutions,  hosted a breakfast meeting to showcase a product that they are set to roll out to Zimbabwean public and private enterprises called the Digital Skills Passport. The Passport is a certification aimed at honing a candidate’s ICT skills and e-Learning solutions has offered free training to all […]