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Tag: E-Learning

A limited violation of Net Neutrality can help the education sector in Zimbabwe without serving corporate greed

I have always found the debate around net neutrality to be outrageous. What is there to debate — Should capitalism be allowed to reap the nursery sown and grown by socialism? Should corporate Darwinian free market chaos be allowed to overrun the fair, just order of the virtual realm as well? Should the world’s greatest […]

Econet Introduces A Cheaper e-Learning Bundle, Schools Buy It For Students & Teachers

Econet is nobody’s friend right now after the more than tippling in the prices of some of their internet access bundles. The MNO is hoping to warm up to schools and learners across the country with a new bundle tailored for the current reality of students learning from home. Here are the bundle options: The […]

UNICEF & Microsoft Launch Global Learning Platform To Help Address COVID-19 Education Gap

UNICEF and Microsoft Corp. today announced the expansion of a global learning platform to help children and youth affected by COVID-19 continue their education at home. The Learning Passport started off as a partnership between UNICEF, Microsoft and the University of Cambridge and its departments Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment, designed to provide education for displaced […]

How To Boost Your Skill Set And Earn A Course Certificate Online – For Free

At Techzim we believe that you can never know too much, and you can definitely never know it all. That’s the whole point of training and education, right? It’s important to always keep learning. However, we all know that, in general, education and training ain’t cheap. Luckily, there are always companies, institutions, and app developers […]

LearnersTab Aims To Take e-Learning Offline And That’s A Great Idea

Many e-Learning solutions have been proposed but one of the biggest problems that are specific to the African market is that of costs. The cost of data to access information is a problem that has existed for the longest of times and one of the major reasons why, even today, e-learning still has a hard […]

Mytutorzim Is An e-Learning Platform That Aims To Connect Students And Tutors For Online Extra Lessons

Many parents are constantly looking for a way to best empower their kids and at times this empowerment takes the form of one on one tutoring with a goal to optimize a child’s grades. Would you be excited if I told you that soon it will be possible for your child to take their tutoring […]

Telone Charging Schools For Internet, When They Shouldn’t

Telone is being accused of “double-dipping” after the Secretary for Primary and Secondary Education Dr. Slyvia Utete-Masango that the state-owned company was demanding payments from schools it provided internet services. The criticism stemmed from the fact that it was one of three recipients (TelOne, Zarnet, and E-solutions)  of government grants for the service hence their service […]

Wagona Maths – a new e-learning platform that wants to help your kids improve their math skills

Wagona Maths is an e-learning platform that supports the teaching and learning of mathematics in Zimbabwe and throughout the world. The e-learning platform was built by a maths teacher called Rex Ndengeya and his team. It will offer content on ZIMSEC, IGCSE core and extended maths for students to learn. Why an e-learning platform for […]

Starting out as a developer? Here are 10 online courses to consider for $10 each…

If you are a beginner in the world of code and a little like me, and you like to code so much that you want to learn on your own, or maybe you want to make some money at some point, well the web is waiting for you.

Well Done To Our 5 Lucky Winners Who Will Be Studying Online…

We recently ran a contest to get more people studying online and being exposed to what it feels like. In this contest we offered 5 people a chance to get started in their online studying by simply filling in a questionnaire. We had some interesting feedback from the questions we asked (hopefully, I’ll do a […]

Shona-Ndebele Tutor offers avenue for preserving & promoting local languages

Through the use of a digital whiteboard and Skype, the Shona Ndebele Tutor platform provides online tutoring to any learner in any part of the world. The administrators of the platform pair a teacher of the specific language with a learner who will have signed up for a minimum of a single 1 hour lesson which costs £10 or a US dollar equivalent.

Why are programmers going online to watch someone else code?

The concept of live programming is slowly starting to gain traction thanks to a platform called . This is where people log in to watch or stream themselves programming in different languages. There’s a lot of value behind this, but will it survive or die as another geek sensation?

Perhaps the Honorable Minister Lazarus Dokora has a point

I will have it be known beforehand that I actually have a rap for being anti-establishment, you know the whole swim against the school (pun intended) thing like Jesus. But in this instance I feel I need to take a stance and accept the novelty of allowing phones into schools because as a person who […]

Econet offers a free trial for its new m-learning product EcoSchool Academy

Don’t let the silence fool you, EcoSchool, the education arm of mobile network operator Econet is expanding. Currently, this growth has actually been in line with learning content rather than the hardware aspect which birthed the service. The latest offering is the EcoSchool Academy, which is an online interactive learning platform. It provides a host of […]

How can we get e-learning efforts in Zimbabwe to succeed?

Will the concept of e-learning in Zimbabwe ever take off? We have a lot of providers trying different approaches but will all of this come together to contribute to better pass rates some day? There’s so much debate that is generated around this question. That is because beyond its success or failure the concept of digital […]

Here’s how to make $10 million through e-learning

Here’s something for all those developers and entrepreneurs keen on taking on a big challenge for a big reward. The Global Learning XPRIZE competition is an opportunity that has come up to solve one of the challenges in education and pocket $10 million in the process. Why is so much being put into this issue […]

Techzim Podcast: saisai, Zanu PF cards, Windows 10, EcoSchool & ZOL Startup Challenge

Here’ s this week’s edition of the Techzim Podcast. In this episode we touched on Zimbabwean startup saisai’s winning of the SWELL Award at DEMO Africa, the new Zanu PF membership/financial services card, Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10 and the launch of Econet’s EcoSchool.  If you are a university student will you be purchasing […]

Why EcoSchool will be good for the ecosystem

EcoSchool launched its education platform a few days ago. Hopefully it will bring to an end the questions and speculations that we’ve had to deal with at Mazwi, a start up that I have been a part of since 2013. What does the EcoSchool launch mean for our startup in particular and the digital education […]

Everything you need to know about Econet’s EcoSchool

We just attended the official launch of Econet’s EcoSchool that we spoke about yesterday. This time it wasn’t just a pilot launch but the roll out of the service to the whole country. Speaking at the launch the Head of Econet Services, Darlington Mandivenga mentioned that the EcoSchool product and service will be made available […]

Big Brain Zimbabwe using video and social media to push e-learning content

A local e-learning startup, Big Brain Zimbabwe, recently released a DVD tutorial for Ordinary Level ZIMSEC Physical Geography to assist students in their preparations for the October/ November examinations. The 90 minute video which is also available on YouTube covers ZIMSEC typical diagrams, examination hints & tips, topics in ZIMSEC Physical Geography, techniques for answering questions, geomorphology […]

e-Learning Solutions out to create local learning content

  Yesterday we mentioned how e-Learning Solutions, one of the more visible digital learning providers locally, had together with Africom, launched a data plan for users of its online learning material. In the article we also highlighted the challenge of relevant local content for digital learning products that are available on the market. e-Learning Solutions appears […]

eLearning Solutions to launch mobile learning solution mCourser

Local digital learning solutions provider eLearning Solutions says that it shall be launching a mobile eLearning platform called mCourser next week Tuesday. At a pre-launch media briefing the platform was demoed and questions on certain aspects of mCourser were addressed. The platform offers learning material for primary school pupils (Maths and Science) and high school […]

Brainstorm: Startup brings exam revision material to students via mobile

Their mission is clear, and 25,000 Facebook fans in just a few months is testament to the need for the service: Helping students excel in school by providing useful revision tools and information. And they couldn’t have launched at a better time.

1,000 Zimbabwe schools to have e-Learning facilities by December, ICT Minister

Techzim caught up with Zimbabwe’s Minister of ICT, Nelson Chamisa, recently to get some insights into the ongoing e-Learning program rollout that the government has embarked on. In our interview with him, the minister said that the government plans to have e-Learning facilities at at least 1,000 primary and secondary schools in the country by […]

“Every Zimbabwean child should be computer literate” says Zim President

These are the words that the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe said at the launch of the National e-Learning Programme at Chogugudza Primary school in Goromonzi. The Herald, a local government owned daily newspaper, reports today that the new computerization of schools programme will see about 100 schools, both primary and secondary, receiving e-learning tools (computers and education software) under a pilot project.