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ZINARA is considering a switch to e-tolling

ZINARA is reportedly considering the introduction of e-tolling on Zimbabwe’s highways in order to deal with congestion and network issues.

ZINARA Introduces Pre-paid Card For Use At Tollgates

The Zimbabwe National Road Administration(ZINARA) is introducing a new Pre-paid card that will enable users to transact at toll gates in a quicker and more efficient manner. How do you get to pay? Every time a new service is introduced users are always crossing their fingers hoping that their preferred payment platforms are supported. The […]

Besides reducing corruption, what else does ZINARA’s e-tolling card offer?

ZINARA has taken the leap and decided to upgrade the tollgates to use modern payments technology that is more convenient for both ZINARA and customers. The prepaid tolling card system which was launched last week will be rolled out nationwide over the coming few months.