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Tag: ecocash charges

EcoCash Nicodemusly Raises Charges

For the latest EcoCash Charges, please see this August 2020 update. We recently got a tip to the effect that EcoCash had silently raised charges for EcoCash biller charges, slapping a $5 fee per transaction; Ecocash biller charges have shot up to $5 flat per transaction irrespective of amount. Was shocked today when sending various amounts for […]

Breaking: EcoCash Tariffs Going Up, RBZ Has Approved

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has just approved the adjustment of transaction fees upwards by Zimbabwe’s largest mobile money operator, EcoCash. According to reliable sources this approval has been granted this very afternoon. We are yet to get our hands on the new transaction fee schedule. Our sources have informed that EcoCash will effect the […]

National Business Council Gives EcoCash 48-hour Ultimatum To Deal With Its Agents Over Premium Charges

National Business Council (NBC) has now joined a growing chorus against the premium fees charged by EcoCash agents. NBC has given EcoCash 48 hours to get its house in order, by taking action against its unscrupulous EcoCash agents who are charging more than they are required to. If EcoCash doesn’t sort the issue out in […]

RBZ Troubled By Agents Selling Cash

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) says that it’s troubled by agents selling cash (through charging higher charges) and its working on a solution to curb this practice. According to The Herald’s report, RBZ Head of Oversight and Risk Management Douglas Muranda said: The issue of high (cash out) charges is giving us headaches too. […]

CashBot Promises To Save You As Much As 62% On EcoCash Charges

If you go to the Google Play Store and search for CashBot you’ll be met with a pretty humble description that doesn’t fully explain the impact of this application. The store description reads: The CashBot app allows you to save money when transacting on Mobile Money in Zimbabwe. Our algorithms find the optimum amounts you […]

Tired Of Exorbitant Charges When Sending Money Using EcoCash? Send $1000 & Get Charged 35c Using MyCash

I’ve heard a lot more grumbles when people send money using EcoCash. Why? Well, the general feeling is that doing so costs an arm and a leg and if there were an alternative a number of people would consider flocking to that. Well, MyCash Send2Cell is that alternative that you might want to check out […]

EcoCash CEO Blocks Entrepreneur On Twitter After He Complained About Agents Charging More For ‘Cashing-Out’

Whilst we were busy ranting about the fuel prices, a war was happening on Twitter between Kuda Musasiwa and Natalie Jabangwe. Kuda Musasiwa is that guy behind Fresh In A Box and Natalie Jabangwe is the CEO of EcoCash– both popular figures. What started as a threat to sue EcoCash for ignoring the practice of […]

EcoCash Announces New Bundles Allowing “Free Transactions”. You Have To Buy The Bundle…

EcoCash’s marketing of their transaction bundles is quite interesting. You have to but the bundles but they allow “free transactions”. I’m not sure how free those transactions are but let’s take a look at the bundles. The bundles have a few perks: You won’t be charged for a certain number of transactions (depending on the […]

EcoCash Increases Tariffs

Back in November, EcoCash announced a new set of tariffs for transacting on their platform and you would be forgiven for thinking that since then those tariffs haven’t changed. The reality is that EcoCash has a new set of tariffs that came into being today and the new tariffs are said to be 30-80% higher […]