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The Ecocash Debit Card Is Back Complete With VCNs For Online Payments

As I said the other day before the bond notes came along making an international payment on say 11:11 says was a very easy matter. All you needed was an Ecocash account that had signed up for the Ecocash Debit card, you could generate a Virtual Card Number during checkout which you would enter and […]

​EcoCash reduces monthly limits for its debit card

Whenever asked the sequence in which one would prefer hearing news, it’s always bad then good. Not so with EcoCash, they first sent out the good news of slashed transaction tariffs and now the bad news of slashing their debit card’s international transaction limits (now this type of slashing, we don’t like). Initially, the international […]

EcoCash reduces its MasterCard transaction limit to US$400 per month

EcoCash, the country’s largest mobile money owned by Econet Zimbabwe has announced another reduction of its monthly transaction limit for its MasterCard Debit card. Cardholders can now only transact for up to US$400 per month. This limit is split, with US$200 set for ATM cashouts and US$200 for POS (point of sale) transactions and virtual […]

Econet signs up over 2,000 merchants for its EcoCash ta! NFC payment service, eyes tollgates integration before 2017

Now, close to a year after that launch the service Econet has registered over 2,000 merchant signups for the EcoCash ta! The merchants are the service providers that offer an EcoCash ta! payment facility.

Buying Online Made Easy With Ecocash VCN…

Unbeknownst to a lot of people, buying things online from Zimbabwe is actually a very simple process. Since 2014, through EcoCash Debit card, if you’re on EcoCash you can buy stuff online from a range of sites that include (America’s biggest online shop), AliExpress (cheap gadgets from China), Alibaba (cheap bulk buying from China), […]

EcoCash & Total Zimbabwe announce mobile money payments for fuel nationwide

Econet’s mobile financial service EcoCash and fuel distributor Total Zimbabwe announced a partnership which gives all EcoCash subscribers the option to pay for fuel using mobile money.

Cash shortages affect mobile money services as agents run dry

This latest symptom of the national cash crisis is hardly surprising, though. As bank account holders continue to face challenges in withdrawing cash from their accounts via ATMs or in-branch withdrawals, those that have bank accounts linked to mobile money services like EcoCash are transferring money to their wallets and cashing out from the mobile money agents.

Econet launches sticker-based NFC payment system called EcoCash ta!

Your Ecocash Mobile money wallet is synced with the sticker. When you want to make a payment you tap the sticker device against the merchant or vendor’s enabled micro Point of Sale (POS) device and the relevant amount is deducted from your EcoCash wallet.

EcoCash officially launches NFC enabled debit card

Econet officially unveiled its NFC-enabled EcoCash Express Debit Card at its Econet beyond the Phone Expo. The card comes with no charges and is a MasterCard, which means it can also be used for Tap and Pay transactions outside the country.

How to send money to UK

There are instances when you are either travelling or have a friend or relative in the diaspora and need to send money to them. Yes, the flow of funds is not just one way, but undoubtedly more funds come into Zimbabwe than go out (I’m not referring to payments for goods here, but rather peer […]

Econet introduces EcoCash Debit Card, a mobile phone to POS payment solution

Earlier in the day we learnt and posted that Econet would launching a mobile phone to POS payment solution tonight. We’re just from the event, and most of the information we had is what was announced tonight. The company is introducing its own POS terminals to accept payments from EcoCash mobile wallets. The products is called EcoCash Debit Card.