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The Ecocash Debit Card Is Back Complete With VCNs For Online Payments

As I said the other day before the bond notes came along making an international payment on say 11:11 says was a very easy matter. All you needed was an Ecocash account that had signed up for the Ecocash Debit card, you could generate a Virtual Card Number during checkout which you would enter and […]

EcoCash Collaborates With Mastercard To Introduce The ‘Scan+Pay’ Service That Makes It Way Faster To Make Payments

Today EcoCash has collaborated with Mastercard to introduce a new payment service that enables EcoCash customers to make QR payments to merchants and billers through the EcoCash app. The payment service called Scan+Pay will allow EcoCash customers to scan a barcode image (QR code)  through the Ecocash app (in their phone) so that they can […]

BREAKING NEWS: Ecocash Suspends International MasterCard. To Reintroduce It Funded By USD’s Only

Mobile money payment solution Ecocash has sent out an announcement that they have suspended international transactions on their MasterCard debit card with immediate effect. It is not all doom and gloom though as they reassure people that come November 1, 2017, they’ll be back up and running, though you’ll need to pre-fund that card with […]

EcoCash lowers its MasterCard transaction limits again, this time to US$500

Mobile money service EcoCash has announced a reduction in the monthly transaction limit for its MasterCard Debit card from US$1,100 to US$500.

EcoCash MasterCard monthly limits reduced to $1,100

EcoCash has reduced the monthly transaction limit for its MasterCard from US$5,000 to $1,100. This change was put into effect on the 10th of October 2016.

Zipcash continues to move into new markets, but how does it fare against mobile money?

Zipcash has continued to expand its presence and it is now available in new Sub Saharan markets. How does it fare against the contemporary mobile money options?

How can we help Zimbabwean e-commerce, the black sheep in our family?

How do we help e-commerce, the backbencher of the Zimbabwean tech revolution find its mojo? After all, it should have disrupted the status quo by now, considering how it solves two problems, something which represent a unique selling point.

Here’s why Zimbabwe is not ready for e-commerce

This weekend we (my friends and I) decided to have a little get together and watch all the airing football matches together, something that we do every other weekend. As is also always the case we found ourselves debating over every topic under the sun during the breaks but this time online shopping (specifically why […]

EcoCash MasterCard debit card: Econet launches the payments game changer

We just attended the launch of Econet’s new EcoCash linked MasterCard card in Harare. A lot about the card is like what we wrote about yesterday. But there are a few things to add. First, Econet has named the product EcoCash Debit Card, essentially, the same name of the virtual debit card. We learnt today by the way […]