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You can now redeem your own EcoCash Rewards points

EcoCash has finally delivered because you can finally redeem your own EcoCash Rewards points.

EcoCash rewards extended to remittances

Judging by social media posts as well as responses to the few articles Techzim has written about the EcoCash Rewards campaign, the promotion seems to be quite popular. The mobile money operator is now extending the loyalty programme to remittances into Zimbabwe. EcoCash is giving ‘a point’ for every USD2.00 that is received into the […]

EcoCash Rewards payouts finally underway…

EcoCash has starting auto-redeeming reward points as well as crediting customer accounts.

ZIPIT Smart launches promotion, was this inspired by EcoCash Rewards?

ZIPIT Smart has launched a transact and win style promotion. Could this have been inspired by EcoCash Rewards?

OneMoney & Telecash would do well to learn from EcoCash Rewards

OneMoney and Telecash haven’t yet shown that they are making moves to attract new customers since ZimSwitch became the national switch.

EcoCash announces new rewards program – Is this meant to soften the Zimswitch blow?

EcoCash is now integrated with the national switch (Zimswitch) as was mandated by the Reserve Bank earlier this year. A day after the integration with what used to be the mobile money service provider’s rival was announced, EcoCash has announced a rewards program that incentivises people to transact via the mobile money platform. EcoCash Rewards […]