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5 things to consider when building apps for the healthcare sector

The ministry of health periodically publishes the Essential Drug List of Zimbabwe. A list of medicines and standard treatment guidelines for the most common health conditions in Zimbabwe. It guides health practitioners on which drugs to use for a range of common conditions from ringworm to malaria to even psychosis. Now imagine an Essential Apps […]

5 things to remember when developing a good medical app

Faced with such a seemingly flooded medical app market, what is it that makes an app particularly worth the download? For the developers out there here is a bit of a guide into what constitutes a good medical app.

Drones in Zim, ZRP on Twitter, ZBC $3 subs, Windows 10, Facebook Lite – Podcast

What’s the latest on drones in Zimbabwe? What is up with ZRP and its Twitter account? Is $3 a fair amount for ZBC subscriptions? This is the latest Techzim podcast that has discussions on these topics and more from this week’s tech news.

Econet introduces free health assistant tool on its EcoHealth service

If you are looking for a health assistant, Econet’s latest addition to its EcoHealth Tips ought to help on that front. It’s meant to help with vaccinations, medical appointments and reminders for prescriptions with a health guide specific to your age and gender. The good thing is the service is free.

How Doctors are using WhatsApp for Telemedicine in Zimbabwe

If something is all the rage, you’re likely to see everyone falling over themselves to get their hands on it. Just look at the Scramble for Africa as an example. Fast forward to 2015 and it’s now the Scramble for Telemedicine. In Zimbabwe, several imperial corporate entities are competing against each other for a piece […]

It’s not just Econet that’s playing doctor, NetOne is getting into medical services

In the delivery of new services for the telecoms industry, operators hardly come up with new ideas, they just steal source inspiration from competitors. The real winners just know how to modify their own offering. The same approach has also been used locally. Just take a look at the latest news on a new service […]

Health Authority advises public against Econet Dial a Doc

A week ago the Health Professions Authority of Zimbabwe (HPAZ) was reportedly concerned about the legal status of the Econet Dial a Doc service which the Authority felt had been launched illegally. Now, HPAZ has taken the issue one step further by issuing a notice in the media advising the public against telephone health consultation […]

Econet Dial a Doc under scrutiny. How genuine are the regulator’s “concerns”?

It’s been less than a month since the official launch of Dial a Doc, the medical value-added service from mobile operator Econet which offers consultations over the phone. The service, which was introduced as a partnership between Econet Health Advisory Services and Ponai Medical Centre, and received mixed reviews (see the comments here), has now […]

Econet launches Dial-a-Doc service. At 70c/minute how will the market react?

Earlier today Econet Health, the health services delivery arm of the mobile network Econet Wireless, officially launched the Dial-a-Doc service. The last time we wrote about Dial-a-Doc it was still undergoing a pilot run and it was available for free. Today it was formally introduced to the market with a premium rate of 70 cents a […]

Zim MNOs join other operators, African Union in fight against Ebola in West Africa

Nearly 9 months after the first case of Ebola triggered panic in parts of Africa the virus is still raising concerns from people throughout the continent and even on a global scale. As a result there are efforts that are being kicked off even outside the affected countries. More recently mobile network operators across the continent […]

Econet wades deeper into health care with new Dial-a-Doctor service

We recently got wind of a new service that Econet is set to release through its Econet Health arm. The service is called Dial-a Doctor and it is still going through it’s pilot run. The Dial-a-Doctor service hasn’t been opened up to the public because of some regulatory concerns that need to be ironed out, […]

Google wants to search your body

My friend (BFF), does not believe things like global warming, ozone layer depletion, net neutrality or the possibility of World War III are problems Zimbabweans need to overly concern themselves with. No, he is not one of those Tea Party quacks who believe that global warming is a result of solar flares and net neutrality […]

Ebola in Zimbabwe: people take action through social media

If there’s one thing that everyone will agree with, the thought of Ebola in Zimbabwe isn’t just disturbing, it’s terrifying. It’s hard to forget how we struggled with Cholera in 2008, and easy to imagine the horrors that can will accompany any sign of this virus on our doorstep. Although the state has “beefed up its efforts” […]

Econet ventures into car tracking with its new service

Earlier today we attended the very elaborate launch of mobile operator Econet’s new service called the Econet Connected Car which is part of a new range of products that Econet is calling Connected Lifestyles. The main delivery was by Dorothy Zimuto, the COO for Econet Connected Car, who outlined Econet’s ambition to ensure that most […]

Ebola In Zimbabwe: Econet steps in

We still haven’t kicked Ebola or its threat out of our lives permanently but at least more and more entities are getting involved in the cause. Econet Zimbabwe, through its health division Econet Health, now has an awareness campaign via its mHealth product, EcoHealth Tips. The service can be accessed through the same USSD code […]

Weekly Podcast : TelOne price reductions, TeleCash Gold Card, a look at 3 Startups

In this podcast we discuss Emergency 24/7 App, TV YANGU and Zimbo Shopper; three startups that are making headway in the Zimbabwean and African market. We also look at the recent ADSL price reductions and data cap adjustments from TelOne and the new TeleCash Gold Card. Other topics are the “loading” of WhatsApp on your […]

EconetHealth launches EcoHealth Tips

Earlier today, EconetHealth, the health services subsidiary of Econet Wireless launched a new product called EcoHealth Tips at a ceremony attended by various stakeholders in the health sector including officials from the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare. The new offering provides health related information via USSD to subscribers who sign up for the new […]