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Selling on social media? Don’t frustrate customers, display your prices

To say Zimbabweans have responded well to the pressures of the pandemic would be an understatement. The adoption of online stores, sellers peddling their wares on social media and WhatsApp are fantastic examples of how adaptable Zimbos are. On top of that, we have seen a number of new e-commerce marketplaces that have sprung up […]

Dairibord now has an online store

More than milk

Gizmo Tech Store is an eCommerce store we’ve used to buy gadgets and we’re impressed

You ever wanted something on sites like Amazon or eBay but you’ve been scared away because of the shipping fees? Usually, the shipping fees are more expensive than the thing you’ve actually bought which makes for a terrible. It costs more to ship the thing over to Zimbabwe than it does to actually buy. Therein […]

Vaya partners with SA company to deliver groceries from across the border

Cassava Smartech’s Vaya has partnered with South African eCommerce retailer Thumela eKhaya. The partnership will allow Zimbos to order groceries and have them delivered back home using Vaya. The goods on offer will not only be from South Africa but will also include some of the Cutting out the middleman For a long time Zimbabweans […]

Fresh in a Box caves into customers demand. Finally releases app

One of the most recognisable local eCommerce brands, Fresh in a Box now has a mobile application. Interestingly, the Founder of Fresh in a Box Kuda Musasiwa has always been vocal about not having an app so I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the startup now had an app. I reached out to Kuda […]

Rainbow banking on eCommerce app to turn them into “tech-driven” tourism group

Rainbow Tourism Group (RTG) recently published financial results for the year ended at 31 December 2019. The financial results offer an interesting look at the company’s financials, COVID-19’s impact and the role of RTGs Super App – Gateway Stream. I won’t focus on the financials and other things in the repor. For that go here. […]

Is ZimPost focusing on the wrong eCommerce opportunity?

ZimPost is an interesting organisation. Particularly because they are in a transitional period where one revenue model (mail) is dying rapidly whilst another opportunity presents itself (eCommerce). With less and less people sending letters, ZimPost has to find a way to turn the eCommerce opportunity into revenue fast. Year Volume of letters 2017 4,889,497 2018 […]

Amazon fined for dealing with sanctioned countries including Zimbabwe

On the 8th of July, the US Department of Treasury issued a statement to the effect that the Office of Foreign Assets Control had reached a settlement with Amazon. Amazon agreed to pay US$134 523 “for apparent violations of multiple OFAC sanctions programs”. What exactly did Amazon do? Amazon unintentionally delivered goods to sanctioned people […]

Schweppes Zim Now Selling Their Products Online

COVID-19 has forced many business and customers alike to embrace the internet for selling and purchasing of products. Schweppes is one of those companies that have made the plunge and their website now has an eCommerce section allowing interested parties to buy online and get their loot directly delivered to them. Before we talk about […]

eCommerce in the Pandemic

“We were very surprised by the appetite of consumers for products that are sometimes expensive. We were very surprised that we could find a way to make the deliveries happen. A lot more positive than negative things were happening. I’m very bullish about e-commerce in Africa because what is unique in this continent is you […]

Facebook Targeting Small Business With Launch Of Shops Service

Yesterday Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of Shops – a service that will allow businesses to display and sell products on the social media network. At launch Shops will be integrated across Facebook and Instagram meaning a shop owner can manage his or her inventory on both social media platforms from one place. […]

Global eCommerce Sales Hit $25.6 Trillion According To Latest Estimates

E-commerce sales hit $25.6 trillion globally in 2018, up 8% from 2017, according to the latest available estimates released today by the UN’s trade and development body, UNCTAD, at the start of its UNCTAD eWeek event. According to the UNCTAD analysis, the estimated 2018 e-commerce sales value, which includes business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) sales, was equivalent […]

Facebook Invests US$5.7 Billion In Indian Telecoms Company

Tech companies have an interesting relationship with India. The country’s cheap data has meant that for smartphone manufacturers – getting their devices in the hands of as many Indians as possible has always been a priority. For social media and messaging companies, this cheap data has meant many Indians can utilise their applications unlike in […]

Interested In Discounts When Shopping Locally? Done Deals Wants To Provide Plenty Of Those

Done Deals Zimbabwe, a start-up based in Harare, has announced the launch of what they are terming “Zimbabwe’s first discounts and promotions e-commerce platform”. The website, as its name implies, features carefully curated deals and promotional offers from leading brands across the country. The concept is simple: Save money on health and beauty, retail, travel, […]

You Can Now Order Groceries From Gain Cash & Carry On WhatsApp

Coronavirus’ impact will be hard-hitting globally but that’s not to say there isn’t an opportunity in the midst of all the chaos. One of the clearer opportunities we believe might come about as a result of the virus; is the advent of eCommerce in Zimbabwe. Whilst eCommerce has been around for a while now, it […]

ZIMRA Looking Into Taxing Income Received On Platforms Like Airbnb

ZIMRA’s Commissioner-General Faith Mazani today at the FINGAZ Tax Review Meeting shared the Revenue Authority’s plans to start taxing income received on online platform’s like Airbnb. ZIMRA is currently learning and seeing how best they can do this: With the digital age upon us, as ZIMRA we are catching up with learning, knowledge management and […]

FBC Insurance Launches Instant 3rd Party Insurance Product, Yako

FBC Insurance Company has announced the launch of “yako” which they are positioning as “an innovative, game-changing and fully digital third party insurance service which will change the face of insurance in Zimbabwe.” Yako which is now available on the market, allows vehicle owners to purchase an instant third party insurance service for private cars, […]

Creators, Multiply Your Income By Expanding Your Product’s Reach

Are you a creator? – perhaps you do sculpting, you’re a musician, an author, you’re designer, you sell designer T-Shirts, you sew extravagant clothes, you’re a designer, online tutor, game developer etc. Well, I have good news for people like you. Through Gumroad, you could reach more audiences and earn more from your creations. One […]

Application Window For Shopify’s 2020 Internship Program Open

[Image Source: Shopify] Commerce platform Shopify hosts a yearly Internship Program and applications for the 2020 Shopify Summer Internship are now open. We scrolled through some of the most FAQs regarding the internship to share what those interested in applying may want to know. Who’s eligible? Anyone and everyone: SInternships at Shopify are open to […]

POTRAZ DG Says eCommerce Will Turn Fortunes Of Postal Services Around

Postal services in Zimbabwe have seen a significant decline in usage and relevance over the past few years with the latest POTRAZ Q3 2019 report hammering that point further down. Postal & courier volumes declined by 25% from Q2 to Q3 this year. Domestic postal letters decreased by 23.1% from 790 016 to 607 273 […]

Zim Ranks 115th In UN’s eCommerce Index For 2019

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Business Development released its 2019 edition of the B2C E-Commerce Index. The index measures an economy’s preparedness to support online shopping. It looks at 4 indicators: Account ownership at a financial institution or with a mobile-money service provider (% of population ages 15+) Individuals using the Internet (% […]

OK Zim Now Has An eCommerce Store

At the beginning of 2019, Spar launched an eCommerce store and whilst its taken OK 9 months to start competing with Spar on the web as they do on the ground, the retail giant has now launched their own eCommerce store. OK’s eCommerce store allows buyers to browse through OK’s catalogue of products. Surprisingly the […]

Fresh In A Box Adds Voice Search & Other Features To Their Website

Fresh In A Box (FIAB) has added some interesting functionality to their website – voice search. The new feature allows buyers to search more effectively throughout the FIAB e-commerce platform. Considering that the platform no longer sells agriculture produce and has extended to health, beauty, laundry, and alcohol among other things having a variety of […]

Zimbabwe’s eCommerce Indicators: 9.5% Of Zimbabweans Make Online Purchases

Whilst going through We are Social’s 2019 state of Zimbabwean Digital report. One of the more intriguing sections of Zimbabwe they looked at was the eCommerce indicators assessing how prepared our country is for eCommerce. So here are some of the indicators We Are Social and Hootsuites highlighted: The data being used is from the […]

NUST Students Come Up With E-Commerce Grocery Store For Fellow Students

A group of university students studying at NUST have come up with Yonkeyonke– an eCommerce store that aims to make fellow student’s grocery shopping much easier than it’s been before. Speaking to one of the leads working on this idea -Takudzwa Machingura- it becomes clear what problem they were trying to solve. With no shops nearby, […]

Ownai’s Valentine’s Promotion Could See You Win One Of 10 Handsets

Cassava SmarTech’s eCommerce subsidiary is hosting a pretty cool competition that will see 10 winners walk away with handsets as if they participate in Ownai’s Valentine’s promo. Fortunately, the news came from the much more popular EcoCash Twitter account who tweeted: Log onto & register either as a buyer or a seller. We will […]

Here Is A List Of The Spar Supermarkets You Can Buy From Online

So we just discovered that Spar, one of the largest retailers, is now offering customers the option to buy groceries online. At the time of writing the service is available within the capital and customers have two distinct options to pick from; Store pickup and Home delivery. Which shops offer the pickup option? When you register on […]

[Updated] Spar Now Offering Customers The Option To Buy Groceries Online And They Deliver For Free

Everyone wants a piece of the eCommerce cake and now one of the largest retailers in Zim, Spar, is joining in on the action too. After going through their webshop, I must say I was quite impressed with how easy it is to use and how fluid the process is. So how does it work? […]

How Foot Analytics Can Help Retailers In Developing Countries Understand Customer Behavior

Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the most common buzzwords that are often thrown around even by some novices in the tech industry just to sound smart or to evade having to explain the things they don’t even understand themselves [ I hope it’s not the case with me here 🙂 ]. Nevertheless, […]

You Can Buy Tickets To The Casper Nyovest Prince Kaybee Glamis Arena Online Using Ecocash

As an avid music lover with an eclectic taste one of the frustrating things is having to run around town trying to find places where I can buy tickets for music events. There is nothing more annoying than making a journey to a place to buy a ticket only to find they have run out […]