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In Zimbabwe More Men Are Shopping Online But Women Are More Open To The Idea

A group of workmates was having an intriguing conversation about e-commerce and shopping habits, and I couldn’t help but share my thoughts with them. I interrupted their conversation and uttered something along the lines of “women are more open to shopping online than men.” Where’s the primary evidence? This was not a matter of fact […]

Zimbabweans Can Now Shop On Artienex, Zimbabwe’s Newest E-Commerce Platform

The invention of faster internet connectivity and powerful online tools has resulted in a new form of conducting commerce called E-commerce. With increasing the need of E-commerce industry, every businessman is looking to have an online store where they can sell their range of products and services. That’s why one Zimbabwean company has decided to […]

Google Invests Half A Billion In China’s Second Biggest eCommerce Platform

Google has invested $550 million in which happens to be the second largest eCommerce platform in China. As part of the all-cash deal, Google will own 27 million shares or about 1 percent of at $20.20 per share. Both the internet biggies will work together to better retail infrastructure in China and other […]

Farmers Now Have An Online Marketplace To Sell Produce

eMbare is a recently launched market place for vendors and before I even used the app I was impressed that this thing exists. I was impressed because this is inclusive technology. Apps of this kind prove that the internet is indeed for everyone and it’s just a matter of creating solutions that cater for Zimbabweans. […]

Zimpost Now Has An Online Store And A Virtual Post Office As They Up Digital Efforts

Zimpost has decided to dip its toes in the eCommerce market as they have launched Zimpost Mall which they hope will become an online provider of all you need as it will be filled with different goods at some point. The postal and couriers service company now has a new online platform that provides courier […]

Buy, Sell or Deliver goods on Cabbana, a local online store

Online stores now make sense in Zimbabwe. Apart from the increased internet penetration; we, because of the cash crisis, have been forced to ‘grow up’ fast. Amongst other epayment options, mobile money e.g EcoCash came into the scene and made online payments simpler and doable. You’ll also notice that there has been a rise in […]

Can the Total Card help you budget? Yes. Here’s how…

Even in these hard times, I’m sure you can all agree with me that the temptation to live beyond our means continues to get the best of us. Well, what’s interesting is that there are some service providers who still strive to ensure that they give us some form of competitive advantage over such life […]

E-commerce: What would it take for you to shop more online?

E-commerce is not as huge as it should be in Zimbabwe. Just last month Choppies announced a deal with Kamelee, a ‘click and collect’ platform. This allows the purchase of groceries online and collection ‘offline,’ that is in person. Choppies is mainly targeting those in the Diaspora, allowing them to buy groceries for family here […]

Why are men buying more than women online?

So at the Broadband Economy conference, some interesting facts were brought up. The one that grabbed the most attention was the fact that according to Hammer & Tongues online shopping analytics, in Zimbabwe more men shop online than women. This is some serious deviation from the expected. The norm is women are inclined to shop more […]

WhatsApp to enable payments service

That WhatsApp was working on business features to be launched in the future has been clear for a while now. People just didn’t know when. That has just changed. Facebook recently advertised the job, Digital Transactions Lead in India, and as one of the job responsibilities, the advert says the person will work cross-functionally with other teams supporting […]

Here’s How Entrepreneurs In Zimbabwe Are Making Money…

A number of entrepreneurs have caught on to the opportunity that Ownai is the best, FREE online classifieds website. It is providing them with an opportunity to scoop the best bargains and make a profit out of selling. For almost a year now, Zimbabweans have been enjoying free access to the largest marketplace from their […]

Cellulant wants *365# to be how all you pay all the bills in your life

Every time I go to the ban, I’m always surprised to see a long queue of people paying for their DStv subscriptions. They come into the bank, walk to the slips counter, figure out which one is for DStv payments, walk over to the queue and reserve their spot, go to an available counter, fill in their […]

Zimbabwe’s largest e-commerce company, HnT, accidentally exposes user database

Hammer n Tongues, arguably Zimbabwe’s largest e-Commerce company, yesterday morning accidentally sent out private contact details of  over 5,000 customers in an email to their customer base. The details included name, email address, phone number and the city of the customers. The details also included a customer buyer ID that the company uses on their ecommerce platform. The information, which was in […] takes cars campaign offline with car sales event in Harare

Called the Mega Car Sale, car dealers – the company says it has more than 50 of them listing cars on their website – will have the opportunity to sell in the good old fashioned way. Offline car buying is Classfieds’ biggest competition so it makes sense why they’d want to do this.

First impressions of the New EcoCash App: It’s much ado about nothing

Always refreshing to see a new product launch especially from a Company like Econet. There is not much to expect however from this new data App from EcoCash. It feels like just a channel change from USSD to Data.

Another eCommerce startup launches. Will Pazimba be the ones to crack it?

Zimbabwe is yet to have a breakout eCommerce success. Though a number of startups have made an attempt at it, so far the market is still wide open for one (or a few players) to be the defaults., who launched back in October last year, are hoping they’ll be that startup. The B2C marketplace was founded by […]

“Just Swift It” campaign introduces e-commerce to Zim logistics

With online payments and e-commerce pretty much figured out thanks to various options like Paynow, Pay4App and vPayments, everyone who prefers “e-simplicity” is looking at how local merchants and service providers will make it a part of the ordinary transaction experience. In a first from local transport and logistics concerns, freight company Swift has taken a […]

EcoCash online payments through MasterCard

Recently Ecocash introduced the EcoCash MasterCard Debit Card that undoubtedly was a game changer, allowing millions of ‘unbanked’ people the opportunity to have the convenience of making payments anywhere and everywhere. Yes, the card works across borders, anywhere in the world they say and then there was the ‘possibility’ of making online payments. I went ahead and got […]

PayPal hits 1 mil users SA. What’s the payments opportunity in the rest of Africa?

PayPal has just announced its active user base figure in South Africa, and it’s 1 million! Great yes, that so many more people can pay using what has become the defacto payment gateway of the internet. 1 million is however still less than 1% of PayPal’s active user accounts globally of 152 million and at home in South Africa, 1 million […]

We’ve figured out payments, so what’s next for Zim e-commerce?

Last Saturday Paynow, a local e-payments integration service, hosted a developers’ day at the Hypercube Hub. The event was attended by several developers and designers with some of them eager to integrate Paynow with their online services. Matthew Hood, the technical lead at Paynow, was pleased with the turnout at the Developer day, largely because […]

Now you can buy laptops from BeForward

If you’ve bought a car from BeForward before (not too sure how many HAVEN’T) but you’ll be pleased to know the largest car dealer selling cars to Africa is now selling laptops. Yes, you know them for being one of the largest (if not the largest) online used car sales websites, sending hundreds of thousands of […]

Shop in SA whilst you’re in Zim: Enter Zimbo Shopper

For a country with an almost US$4 Billion deficit (basically we import a whole lot more than we export) chances are higher that we are buying imported goods when we go to Avondale and/or Sam Levy’s Flea markets.Often times these goods are brought in from China, Tanzania or South Africa. The traders that import goods […]

PayPal In Zimbabwe: Here’s How To Open Your PayPal Account

UPDATE: Right now the cards that are working online and with PayPal in Zimbabwe are the USD pre-funded MasterCard/Visa cards which are being issued by some banks for example FBC, Steward Bank, NMB… Some banks still have well functioning non pre-funded MasterCard/Visa debit cards but with strict restrictions on online payments. Please check with your […]

Telecel launches TeleCash API. Invites developers, merchants to integrate

Exciting week of payments indeed! We can exclusively reveal that TeleCash, the mobile money service provided by Telecel Zimbabwe, has a live API and the mobile operator is now inviting developers and merchants to come integrate. We got confirmation today from the company’s Mobile Financial Services Director, Nkosinathi Ncube. Currently, Webdev (the company behind Paynow) is working on integrating […]

PayPal now available in Zimbabwe. But not for merchants and peer to peer

This, it turns out, is a payments week! It’s official, PayPal is coming to Zimbabwe starting tomorrow, 17 June 2014. The announcement was made today by Rupert Keeley, the executive in charge PayPal’s Europe Middle East and Africa region, in an interview he gave to Reuters. PayPal will be opening up its services to Zimbabwe and […]

Saving by taking advantage of gift cards.

We live in an App world where there is an app for everything. A lot of popular apps have a free lite version and a full featured premium version. I recently I fell in love with the Private Diary app and decided to purchase the premium version which is available in the Play Store for […]

One of Africa’s largest banks, Standard Bank, pilots Bitcoin trading portal

If like us you’ve come to accept that banks (well, traditional banks) are laggards in as far as the technology and future looking application of it are concerned, this will prove you wrong. Apparently South Africa’s (Africa’s really) Standard Bank is piloting a Bitcoin trading portal. This, at a time when the virtual currency is […]

Another internet payments company, FloCash, announces Zimbabwe launch

Last week Friday we wrote that PesaPal, a popular Eastern African internet payment gateway, is expanding to Zimbabwe, and a few hours later, as if not to be outdone, another payments company announced the expansion of eCommerce payments services into Zimbabwe. Despite being based in the UK, the payments company, FloCash, has been described by […]

Kenyan payments startup, PesaPal, expanding into Zimbabwe

Kenyan internet payments startup PesaPal is expanding into Zimbabwe. Agosta Liko, the founder of the company told us recently that their focus for the Zimbabwe entry is eCommerce, Tourism, Hotels, School fees and bill payments. Pesapal already provides similar payment services in Kenya where it’s biggest, but it also has operations in Tanzania, Uganda. Locally, Liko […]

The EcoCash Internet payments gateway. Here’s what they are working on

A little over 6 months ago, we wrote that Econet was working on an EcoCash internet payments gateway. The API, were had been told then, was supposed to have been made available to developers in July last year, but that release had been pushed forward indefinitely due to something we don’t know. Maybe a change […]