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Telecash launches with interoperability and simplicity as the main draw card

Telecel today launched its electronic wallet service, Telecash, which allows mobile phones to be used to send money to anyone with a mobile phone, (regardless of network) and pay for groceries, bills, airtime and other goods and services. The long awaited product from Telecel is banking on its interoperability features to entice consumers to sign […]

Startup review: well rounded, has all the elements to succeed

Ecommerce is coming alive if recent activities in startup circles are anything to go by. This month alone, we have published at least three online retail startups (1, 2, and 3) looking to make an early break in this space. The heightened conversation around payments and the role they play in eCommerce is also indicating […]

Zim duo in social shopping startup venture called Endosit

Two USA based entrepreneurs Haji Mupakura and Freeman Chari are looking to compete in the “social shopping” space through a platform called Endosit. Social shopping is described as “a method of (e)commerce where shoppers’ friends become involved in the shopping experience”. Co-founder Haji Mapakura describes Endosit as: A social shopping platform that leverages social connections […]

Telecel Play: Operator kinda, sort of, launches an online store (update)

So as early as December last year, we got a tip letting us know Telecel had launched an online store called Telecel Play. Brilliant we, finally some local portal to buy locally relevant digital content and who knows, maybe even some physical goods. Brilliant, so lets look at the store. Nothing. Despite advising subscribers via […]

Zimbogini Online Store: Partners Zimpost and has all payment options

Local e-commerce startup Zimbogini officially launched revamped e-commerce website with new feature at an event held in Harare torwards the end of last year. Although Zimbogini has been around for a while now, the (re)launch was primarily centered around the new payment features and partners they now have on board. With regards payments, is […] New online “department store”looking to make money on deliveries not products

The online commerce landscape seems to be exploding as more startups jump into this fairly new territory by Zimbabwean standards. The most recent one is which quietly went live on New Year’s Day. Founded by Dakarai Martin Mshoperi, is an online retail store, or as Mr Mshoperi likes to put it, an “online […]

Vpayments technical hassles gone but bureaucratic ones need to go as well

A few days ago I noticed vPayments finally has easy to integrate plugins for e-commerce CMS like Opencart, Magento and OScommerce and I immediately downloaded for an Opencart store I was experimenting with. This is a good development considering that less tech savvy e-commerce startups would otherwise have trouble integrating vPayments using pure code. The new […]

Pay4App looking to improve on 2013 achievements

As we continue to review the success and failures local startups, Pay4App is one of those that can’t go unnoticed simply because their product is designed to solve the major problem online startups in Zimbabwe face – receiving payments online. Despite having a solution that maybe not perfect, but still workable, Pay4App hasn’t gained much […]

Holiday Shopping deals: and free shipping explained

Christmas is almost upon us and as we all know gift shopping is part of the tradition. Unfortunately I have noticed that a lot Zimbabwean tech retailers are still suffering from the Zim-dollar-days hangover where people increased prices towards holidays seasons instead of offering deals and discounts. So over the course of the remaining weeks […]

eCommerce startup, ZIMALL, forges ahead despite Challenge setback was one of the bright ideas that came through at this year’s ZOL start-up challenge and despite not coming close to the coveted $10,000 prize money, they are forging ahead with their project which is already live here. Techzim caught up with them this week and they were quite eager to sign up […]

Using PayPal in Zimbabwe: Getting the card and address

In this series we will look at how you can use PayPal to buy and sell in a country where has restrictions, like Zimbabwe. This is the second article in the series. Update: Recently, PayPal contacted our webhosts with a request to take down this page because it “uses our trademarks inappropriately.” We assumed they meant their […]

How to get an ultra cheap tablet

While most people would want to own a tablet the costs of buying one here in Zimbabwe remain prohibitive. A 3G tablet will cost you more than $350 dollars easy and most of the “deals” offered by network operators are nothing short of ridiculous in addition to be convoluted and difficult to understand. Most people […]

10ngah launches consumer gadgets, fashion and furniture eCommerce website

One startup, arguably the only one that has made a deliberate move into the space, investing in a lot of offline marketing service, called, launched recently

Google giveth, Google taketh away

On 20 November this year Google will close(retire) its Google Checkout service. This will mean that merchants who have used the service as a checkout option will have to find an alternative. The exact effects on you will depend on what you sell: If you sell digital goods you can switch to Google Wallet for […]

Pay4App launches an online payments API for Zimbabwe that uses EcoCash

Tracking the progress Pay4App have made on the path of solving the payments problem, the entrepreneurial consistency working on the problem in such a constraining environment is pleasing.

EcoCash & MasterCard, not VPayments, will ignite ecommerce in Zimbabwe

Through the MasterCard Mobile Money Partnership, you will be able to use your EcoCash wallet wherever MasterCard is accepted with the option to have a prepaid MasterCard that you can also use wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Predicting an eCommerce boom in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has always been a tricky landscape for online ventures. We have seen many an entrepreneur launch an exciting platform only to see it fail. Ventures such as easily come to mind. Don’t get me wrong here; I am not saying we do not have success stories in Zimbabwe.

Econet working on an EcoCash internet payments API

Information we have suggests that Econet has been working on an internet payments component for EcoCash which was schedule to be released this month. The release has however, as we have been told, pushed a further and its not clear when it will be available to web developers and eCommerce companies to use.

We are now a billion dollar company, says clone factory Rocket Internet

Germany headquartered Rocket Internet, notorious for shamelessly cloning successful startups, announced today via a press release that they are are now a billion dollar company. The release says the company has, since May 2012, managed to raise a total of $500 million from Investment AB Kinnevik and Access Industries.

Guide to online shopping in Zimbabwe: Giving the taxman his dues

Unlike cross border trading where you are physically present to smuggle that new shiny laptop in the midst of your clothes or negotiate one of those “side deals”; when making an online purchase you will have to pay the applicable customs duty and or VAT.

Guide to online shopping in Zimbabwe: shipping primer

When making an online purchase it is critical to have at least a good idea of what the total landing cost of the product you are buying would be.

Guide to online shopping in Zimbabwe: Best practice on choosing a store

Once you have decided to make an online purchase, you should get down to searching and selecting the store from which to make the purchase. This is almost certainly affected by the product you want to purchase but given the global nature of the internet there can almost certainly be more than one option.

Guide to online shopping in Zimbabwe: the introduction

Ever since the introduction of the multiple currency system in Zimbabwe, online shopping has become somewhat simpler. Hitherto problems like obtaining an internationally accepted Visa/ MasterCard, hyperinflation and limited internet connections had hampered the widespread adoption of e-commerce.

New Zim and US eCommerce site, KhayaShopping, launches

Without any widely adopted internet payments platform, despite the existence of Vpayments, and some EcoCash internet payment trials, eCommerce in Zimbabwe is struggling to take off. But there are startups that are moving in early regardless, positioning themselves for when the Zimbabwean will rely on the internet to shop.

Lifestyle holdings launches dial-a-delivery ‘virtual shop’. It’s not an online shop

Reading through the Sunday Mail newspaper today we were met with an advert that, for second we believed was the launch of TN’s online shops. Finally, we thought.

You don’t need to be an engineer to start a technology business

Gary Shayne who founded Cellular Systems, later renamed Celsys, which he listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange when he was only 27 years old and went on to sell to Lonrho was a chartered accountant, and not a telecommunications engineer. Sure there were many telecommunications engineers who knew telecommunications, and who could boast more experience in telecommunications than Gary, even 27 years of experience, but what did they do?

Press Release: ZimSwitch Vpayments – eCommerce in Zimbabwe

ZimSwitch is pleased to announce that the long awaited Vpayments platform is now in a controlled live environment, following pilot approval from the RBZ for this controlled stage of the launch. Vpayments is an eCommerce Payments Gateway that enables all 19 ZimSwitch member Financial Institutions to offer their banked customers the convenience of secure Internet based payments, and their merchants the ability to sell goods and services “online”.

CABS starts accepting internet merchants as Vpayments goes live

CABS, one of the 6 local financial institutions that have been piloting the Zimswitch Vpayments online payments platform, is now rolling out the service to merchants after getting approval from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ).

Some noteworthy discussion points from the ePayments Forum

As party of the ongoing discussion following the ePayments Forum that was held exactly two weeks ago, we’ve decided to post here the main issues that came out of the event. You can read more about the event itself on the sub site dedicated for the event here:

Vpayments may not be for everyone

When mobile payments were introduced in Zimbabwe, I thought here is the chance for me to sell my book to Zimbabweans who do not have Visa cards, MasterCards etc. I made my first call to Big Bank in November of 2011 and asked them about accepting payments via their mobile money transfer solution. I was told it was Ok.