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Tag: Econet data

Econet data bundle prices increase by about 60%

Econet data bundle prices have been increased to match the prices set by the other mobile network operators. For whatever reason Econet lagged behind the other two (NetOne and Telecel) but this increase puts Econet in and around the same prices as the other two. New Econet data bundle prices are as follows: Daily data […]

Econet data bundle prices set to be increased soon

Zimbabwe’s largest telecommunications company Econet will soon be increasing prices for data bundles. This is hardly surprising because Econet, for whatever reason, is the only mobile network operator that hasn’t yet increased data bundle prices. Telecel and NetOne both reviewed their prices for data bundles not long ago. In a report by the Herald, Econet […]

Buying Bundles On Econet Is Harder Than It Needs To Be Right Now…

So this is one of those rants that wouldn’t be getting written but I’m pretty frustrated. Last night I tried to buy WhatsApp bundles after 7 PM and it was a nightmare. I only managed to buy the bundle around 8:15 on my fifth or sixth attempt. At the time I thought the error lay […]