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Cassava “Launching” Maisha Medik For The 3rd Time – What’s Changed?

Maisha Medik is the application that refuses to die. The health app made it’s debut in June of 2018, as a repurposed version of the more popular ADA application. At this point in its life, Maisha was an artificial intelligence symptom checker. One of the commenters in our initial article covering Maisha Medik had this […]

Econet Introducing A New Health Solution In The Next Few Weeks

It seems Econet will not be resting on their laurels in 2018. After a low-key announcement (in their financial results) indicated that Econet will be getting into Auto and Education insurance in the next 12 months it is also evident that there will be an expansion of their health-related services: As we continue to enhance […]

Opportunities for eHealth emerge as POTRAZ partners ITU for rural telemedicine

Starting in January, remote public health facilities will be accessing telemedicine facilities that include online diagnosis, remote consultation for specific conditions, communication of information such as broadcasting of alerts and updates on potential outbreaks.

Here’s the $30 device leading Econet into Connected Health services

The primary device at the heart (pardon the pun) of this unit is the Econet Connected Health Device which is a blood glucose and Blood Pressure monitoring system. The device is used by patients suffering from the long list of conditions that are affected by these metrics.

5 things to remember when developing a good medical app

Faced with such a seemingly flooded medical app market, what is it that makes an app particularly worth the download? For the developers out there here is a bit of a guide into what constitutes a good medical app.

Econet introduces free health assistant tool on its EcoHealth service

If you are looking for a health assistant, Econet’s latest addition to its EcoHealth Tips ought to help on that front. It’s meant to help with vaccinations, medical appointments and reminders for prescriptions with a health guide specific to your age and gender. The good thing is the service is free.

Econet Dial a Doc under scrutiny. How genuine are the regulator’s “concerns”?

It’s been less than a month since the official launch of Dial a Doc, the medical value-added service from mobile operator Econet which offers consultations over the phone. The service, which was introduced as a partnership between Econet Health Advisory Services and Ponai Medical Centre, and received mixed reviews (see the comments here), has now […]

Why and how we can set up a clinic on every mobile phone

Image credit – Higher Life Foundation Tech entrepreneurs seem to be describing a nightmare when they share accounts of when they had to deal with the regulatory authorities whilst striving to introduce tech solutions for health. Many have bemoaned the Byzantine bureaucracy of rigorous regulations that eventually lead to a shut door that can not […]

Econet wades deeper into health care with new Dial-a-Doctor service

We recently got wind of a new service that Econet is set to release through its Econet Health arm. The service is called Dial-a Doctor and it is still going through it’s pilot run. The Dial-a-Doctor service hasn’t been opened up to the public because of some regulatory concerns that need to be ironed out, […]

Ebola In Zimbabwe: Econet steps in

We still haven’t kicked Ebola or its threat out of our lives permanently but at least more and more entities are getting involved in the cause. Econet Zimbabwe, through its health division Econet Health, now has an awareness campaign via its mHealth product, EcoHealth Tips. The service can be accessed through the same USSD code […]