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Econet Now Offering Cheaper Private WiFi Packages

Last month, Econet announced new pricing for their private WiFi and the internet went ablaze. Activists roared that internet access is a human right whilst consumers threatened to switch services but nothing would change – the price was set and that was that. Econet seems to be trying to fix that and how do they […]

NetOne One-Fi VS Econet Private Wi-Fi – Who Offers Better Value? (May 2020)

Econet and NetOne recently adjusted the pricing of their mobile data – as has become the norm. There are 2 bundles that hadn’t been adjusted by either of the two operators in their last 2 tariff increases – the Private WiFi bundle from Econet and the One-Fi bundle from NetOne. When Econet announced new pricing […]

Econet Increases Price Of Popular Bundle By 225%

The popularity of Private WiFi bundles was on the rise considering that affordable data is almost unheard of in Zim. Econet recently sent an SMS to subscribers informing them that the data and SMS bundles would be getting reviewed on the 5th of May. Dear Customer. Please note bundle prices for Data and SMS will […]