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New Econet data, social media & SMS bundle prices -July 2021

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe yesterday announced that it was reviewing the prices of data, SMS and social media bundles. Dear Valued Customer, Please take note of the scheduled review of the Voice, Data & SMS bundles effective on Thursday 8 July 2021. — Econet Wireless (@econetzimbabwe) July 6, 2021 This price increase follows the one […]

Econet data bundle prices increase by about 60%

Econet data bundle prices have been increased to match the prices set by the other mobile network operators. For whatever reason Econet lagged behind the other two (NetOne and Telecel) but this increase puts Econet in and around the same prices as the other two. New Econet data bundle prices are as follows: Daily data […]

Econet Prices For WhatsApp & Other Social Media Bundles (October)

On top of increasing data tarrifs, Econet has also adjusted tarrifs for some of its social media bundles- tarrifs for certain bundles have been increased and some have been left unchanged. Take a look: Daily Bundle $1.50 – 20MB WhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai $1.50 – 20MB Facebook and Sasai $1.50 – 20MB Instagram and Sasai […]

Econet’s Social Media & SMS Bundles Go Up Again: $3 For 75 SMS’

Econet recently raised the prices for its data bundles and as is usually the case SMS bundles and social media bundles also saw price increments. Your weekly SMS will now cost you the following: $3 for 75 SMS’ $4 for 125 SMS’ $5 for 200 SMS’ This is a far cry from the pricing four […]

No, There Was No Attempt To Hack Econet’s Systems

Social media continues to be the home fake news. Unfortunately, Econet’s name is the latest to be dragged in fake news due to a bogus article which purports that the largest Mobile Network Operator was almost hacked. The article went so far as to say that Econet had temporarily stopped its customers from purchasing Social […]

Econet Zimbabwe’s broadband growth slows, highlights need for service innovation

When compared to other service lines broadband growth is critical right now. Voice and SMS are slowly being written off and broadband is one of the service lines that has been eyed as the future revenue driver. Its slowdown raises some concerns about Econet’s future growth especially as voice revenue continues to recede.

Just how much did NetOne benefit from Econet’s expensive bundles?

According to statements in the Newsday made by Reward Kangai, the NetOne CEO, the network has experienced a bump in data use, driven by increased traffic from applications like WhatsApp and Facebook.

Here’s how the Econet special bundles will affect the operator

The introduction of the dual account setup by Econet was a huge advantage on the part of the subscriber in terms of conserving data but it may yet turn out to be an inconvenience for Econet, VAS providers and some subscribers who are critical about their VAS services.

Econet lowers price of data with new $1 for 250 MB bundle

Econet is introducing new daily data bundles as part of a promotion that will last between now and the 20th of September 2015. 50 cents can now get you 50 MB and $1 gets you 250 MB. This is apparently been facilitated by the added capacity that Econet has created by introducing a fair usage policy or throttling on its newly priced social media bundles.

Think internet DIY projects are difficult? Here’s what kids in Harare are picking up from the web

Here is how some children in Harare are using the internet to pick up DIY skills. This represents the power of the web in passing on information on virtually any topic that can be used for something constructive. It’s what the focus of internet consumption should be.

More than just a dream – What’s the idea behind Econet’s new bundles?

Econet introduced Dream Data Bundles that offer 300 Mb of data for $1, but only accessible between 12am and 5am. This is not a response to the outcry over changes to the social media bundles, it’s actually a strategy to remain competitively priced in the face of WiFi services springing up in the market.

Econet bundles,’s $1.2 mil, Rocket Internet & Free WiFi in Africa: Podcast

The latest Techzim podcast with open discussions on trending issues in local technology. This episode covered the Econet Social Bundles misstep, raising $1.2 million, DEMO Africa coming to Zimbabwe next month and free WiFi in Joburg and Harare.

Desperate for good news, NetOne fantasizes about 5G?

NetOne’s CEO Reward Kangai has been quoted talking about the network’s plans to have a 5G network. It’s way too early to be talking about it, seeing that it’s not yet a reality and we haven’t even gotten to 4G throughout Zimbabwe. There are a lot of other things Netone should focus on, like maximising on OTT services, instead of selling this fantasy.