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The Econet Kombi WiFi Dream Is All But Dead

Back in 2014 Econet launched their own WiFi project in a bid to reduce congestion on its network which was mostly 3G in urban areas back then. Econet being the largest Mobile Network Operator was facing a lot of demand during peak hours resulting in painfully slow speeds especially when one was in the CBD. […]

Econet Wi-Fi Hotspots Not Working For Weeks But They Chose To Remain Silent All Along

Techzim can confirm that many Econet Wi-Fi hotspots across the country are not properly working. Our readers were the ones who brought this to our attention by sending us a tip and for that WE THANK YOU. The problem has been around for two weeks at least as noted by one our readers. On Econet’s […]

What Zimbabweans think about Econet Kombi WiFi

Last week, Econet launched Kombi WiFi. Frankly I thought it was good but not the big deal the company was making of it. It is normal here at the office to disagree on what’s a huge deal and what’s not, but the general feeling on this one was “ok, moving on.” That’s why our story was short and didn’t contain much […]

Here are the Harare kombi routes with Econet WiFi kombis

Yesterday, Econet introduced WiFi in Kombis. Basically, Econet subscribers can buy WiFi bundles and can use these in kombis. The kombis are fitted with WiFi routers. So far the Kombis with WiFi are only in Harare. 50 of them in total. Econet has said that this is a pilot and they are collecting feedback to factor into […]

Econet launches Wi-Fi in kombis

Matthew Masiyazi, Head of Broadband at Econet Zimbabwe Econet Zimbabwe has today introduced WiFi in public transport in Harare.  The company will have WiFi installed inside kombis for customers that are commuting in and out of the cities. Eventually they’ll also have the WiFi service in long distance kombis. Speaking at the launch of the service, Econet executive, Mathew […]

Econet Re-enables 100% Wifi Data Promotion

News coming up online show that Econet Wireless are reactivating their ‘100% wifi promotion’ that was initially suspended last year in August. The promotion affords subscribers 100% value of their data purchase, a lot similar to Telecel’s Mega Juice promotion that ran for a number of years, albeit this targets wifi data and not voice calls, with […]

Here are 7 ways to manage your limited, expensive mobile data bundles

Everyone in Zimbabwe who accesses the internet on their phone (which is almost every internet user) now has to face the reality that the internet is going to be a lot more expensive now. Following new price guidelines set by the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, operators like Econet Wireless have already adjusted their data and social […]

Econet set to launch free WiFi as You Go service -Here’s what it could be about

Mobile network operator Econet is set to launch a Free WiFi as You Go service. Though the details aren’t clear yet, here’s what we think it could be about.

Econet offering free 640 MB, discount of up to 25% if you’re browsing on its WiFi Zone

Mobile data is expensive and there’s nothing that can be done about it in the short term. Let’s not flood the regulator, POTRAZ, with our complaints. Our best bet is in the shift in economic conditions that might get operators to angle for our money with promos and discounts. But this doesn’t seem to happen […]