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Econet tariffs for voice, data and SMS go up

Econet Wireless has increased prices for voice, out of bundle data, SMSes and SMS bundles. This tariff increase follows up on the 60% price hike for data bundles that Econet unveiled earlier this week. Econet increasing tariffs (for voice, out of bundle data, and SMSes) isn’t much of a surprise as POTRAZ earlier this week […]

Econet data bundle prices set to be increased soon

Zimbabwe’s largest telecommunications company Econet will soon be increasing prices for data bundles. This is hardly surprising because Econet, for whatever reason, is the only mobile network operator that hasn’t yet increased data bundle prices. Telecel and NetOne both reviewed their prices for data bundles not long ago. In a report by the Herald, Econet […]

EcoCash has increased tariffs

EcoCash charges have been reviewed upwards. This follows a change made in March this year. The assumption is that the company has finally been given the green to increase the charges, as this is regulated by the Reserve of Zimbabwe. Here are some quick example of what you should expect to pay in fees for […]

Econet giving customers 3 free minutes as an apology for service disruption

Econet has had a rough few weeks when it comes to technical issues. At the beginning of the month there was a nationwide black out of services and then on Friday some Econet customers reported experiencing service disruptions. As an apology for the latest disruption Econet posted the following: NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS Dear Valued Customer,Enjoy […]

Econet church bundles now available via USSD

Econet has made it simpler for people looking to buy data to attend live streams of their church services – by adding the bundles to their USSD menu. What’s new? When the bundles were introduced a few months ago the only way to buy them was pretty cumbersome. A religious institution had to call/email an […]

The 6GB mobile data advertised as part of Econet’s new phone is not guaranteed

6 days ago, we bought the new Smart Kambudzi phone from an Econet store in Avondale. At the time the phone was ZW$3000, and in addition to getting the phone (duh) Econet were also promising that each buyer would get 6 Gb free data. Well, 6 days later and multiple back and forths with Econet […]

Econet is back, normal service restored

Econet seems to have worked out all the issues they were experiencing. Last night there was a nationwide blackout of voice and data services. Econet had last night said that their technicians were working to solve the problem. As of this morning, calls and data services were working. They released a press statement this morning […]

Econet say Ecocash airtime and bundles recharge still being worked on

Yesterday Econet Wireless went dark nationwide. They seem to have restored services for calls and data. However, they are still working through issues with Ecocash airtime and bundles purchases through their USSD platforms. NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS Dear Valued CustomerWe regret to advise that you may face recharging challenges on *151# (Ecocash) or *143#. As we […]

Econet Community Covid Response

Econet has given an update on donations received thus far (Day 64), they have raised ZWL $1 355 528.02 from 8225 donors. Thank you to all those who have given so generously. The fight against Covid 19 is going to be a collaborative effort, for anyone wishing to help the cause go to any of […]

Econet Group To Conduct 100 000 Coronavirus Tests

The Econet group and Cassava Smartech just announced the launch of Maisha Testing – a service that will offer Coronavirus testing to Zimbabwean citizenry. The 100 000 test kits will be offered to different sets of citizens; Citizens employed in the Econet Wireless Group, Cassava Smartech, Liquid Telecom, Mutare Bottling and Higherlife Foundation. This will […]

Econet Reviews Price Of Data Bundles – Here’s What You’ll Pay Now

Econet’s pricing for smart data bouquets has been reviewed as expected and here’s what subscribers will now pay for daily bundles Price (ZW$) Data allocation (MB) $5.5 20MB $11 40MB $20 80MB $37 150MB $60 250MB $80 600MB $130 1200MB Remember the days a $1 used to get you 250MB. Well, wake up! Those days […]

Twitter Reacts To Econet’s New Yo Mix App

Yo Mix is back and there are some changes, whilst it’s no longer as compelling (in terms of cost of data) it’s now open to all ages which was a widely requested feature. We went through Twitter to gauge the reaction that an app that was once held so dearly by subscribers would get and […]

Econet Launches Omni Contact Which Does Sales & Customer Support For Any Company That Wants

Omni Contact is Econet’s new Business Process Outsourcing company aiming to handle businesses call centre solutions along with other business needs. The gist of their pitch is that by taking these services off the hands of your business, your business will be able to focus on its core activities. So what will Omni Contact take […]

Ecocash Push Econet Revenue Growth To $831 Million, 34% Increase

Econet revenues increased to $831,6 million for the year ended February 2018. This reflected an increase of ($209.9 million) 34% relative to the last comparable period.  The increase was propped by Econet’s constant efforts of creating new avenues for revenue through its broadband and media content ventures. The newly created ventures have made Econet adopt […]

Econet Going Green: Licence To Construct Solar Power Plant Approved

Econet Wireless’ plans to have their data centre run on solar energy are well documented and in January they applied for a licence to build a 0.45MW power plant for their own use. That application has been accepted by ZERA, so I guess Econet will be going ahead with their plan as intended. The media […]

Econet Wrongly Bills Its Client $128k, Court Orders It To Pay Back

The tables turned in a case between Econet Wireless Zimbabwe and Antolice Enterprises. High Court judge Justice Davison Moses Foroma ruled that Econet Wireless reimburses Antolice Enterprises $128 200 which it (Econet) had wrongly billed the company. Interestingly it is not Antolice Enterprise that had filed the case against Econet, but rather the other way round… Well, […]

Econet Wireless and Mahindra Comviva scoop the “IoT Product/Service of the Year” award at the AfricaCom awards.

Last week Techzim wrote about how three of our own companies; Liquid Telecom, ZOL and Econet Wireless had been nominated for the largest technology, telecoms and media event in Africa, AfricaCom’s awards ceremony. Let’s not mind the technicalities of that “our own companies” statement for now and just go with it, after all, it’s a good story […]

Press Release: Econet Wireless Half-Year Results

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has released its half year results. You can check out the press release below, and of course look forward to some follow up articles from us 😉 HARARE (October 31, 2017) – Econet Wireless Zimbabwe today announced solid half-year financial results for the 6 months from March to August 31, 2017, posting […]

Kwesé TV is not a Zimbabwean company

We understand that there is excitement that there is a new pay-TV option to rival DStv. Kwesé TV is that option and for the first time in decades one can look beyond DStv and still get their entertainment fix. As comparisons were made certain statements were thrown around as fact to make points. Let us […]

Econet Wireless declares a cash dividend of $10m

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe declared a dividend of 0.386c per share, which amounts to US$10 million, for the first quarter ended 31 May 2017. The dividend payment date is the 4th of October and withholding tax of 10% will be deducted where applicable. The record date is the 29th September which means to receive the dividend […]

#BreakingNews: Econet suspends Kwese TV in response to licence cancellation announcement

Just a day after launch, Techzim can confirm that Econet has suspended selling Kwese TV in Zimbabwe. The suspension follows a statement issued by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe last night which said Kwese does not have a valid satellite TV broadcasting licence. Techzim went to 3 Econet shop branches in Harare this morning – […]

Econet attempts to steal thunder from NetOne’s OneTech with civil servants smartphone offer

In a move seemingly aimed at competing with NetOne’s launch of financed smartphones today, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has just announced a smartphone financing offer. Econet reached out with a press release close to the end of the day announcing “huge credit scheme that will empower civil servants and all eligible government employees to get new […]

Analysts forecast 9% revenue decline in Econet’s results as economy & regulatory involvement take toll

According to a forecast from local equities research and trading outfit IH Securities Research, Econet Wireless – which is the country’s largest mobile network operator with the largest market share – will likely face an 8.9% decline in annual revenue for the 2016-2017 financial year with revenues expected to reach US$584million.

GTeL Zimbabwe is giving away 2GB of Econet data to users of some of its devices

GTeL the local phone brand that’s positioned itself as one of the leading providers of devices on credit is rewarding some of its customers with free data. According to a promotion posted on ist social media platform, GTeL will be offering users of the GTeL X4 and GTeL A713 Vivo Pro 2 GB of free data […]

Econet & RBZ create facility to help local shareholders participate in the operator’s US$130 million rights issue

As a way of protecting local shareholders who were faced with the challenge of participating in the rights offer by paying for the new shares through a foreign currency deposit, RBZ and Econet have agreed that Econet will open a rights offer account with a local receiving bank.

Econet says it reversed the tariffs on its own, calls Supa Mandiwanzira a liar

Supa Mandiwanzira In the latest development regarding the recently suspended mobile data tariff increases, Econet Wireless has published a statement on its Facebook page defending its actions, pointing out how it reversed the data tariffs increase on its own and accusing Supa Mandiwanzira, Zimbabwe’s Minister of ICT, of duplicity and misleading actions aimed at discrediting […]

Econet settles for $127 million, offloads 4,2% stake in Nigerian mobile operator Airtel

Econet Wireless has finally offloaded its 4,2% stake in Airtel Nigeria for a reported figure of $127 million (USD), ending over a decade of disputes between the Zimbabwean owned (Strive Masiyiwa) company and the Indian-owned Nigerian mobile operator. The deal was tied up by Dutch company Bharti Airtel International a wholly owned subsidiary of Bharti […]

Econet pulls Kwesé TV app from Google Play & App store, says service is not yet in Zimbabwe

Econet has removed the Kwese TV app from Google Play & App store and mentioned how the service is not yet in Zimbabwe.

Suspension of Econet promotions affects Kwesé TV as zero-rated data bundles for DStv competitor are scrapped

These were meant to offer access to Kwesé TV content at no data charge. However, with the directive issued to suspend all promotions Kwesé Sports, the Kwesé TV affiliate service that has been offering some limited content, has informed some of its subscribers that it will be offering services at standard data rates and not for free.