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Tag: Econet Wireless

Econet signs up brand ambassadors for Ruzivo digital learning platform

In the latest effort to expand Ruzivo’s footprint Econet has been signing on brand ambassadors that will raise awareness of the learning platform. These ambassadors will engage with the platform’s stakeholders like schools and parents, advertise its benefits and sign on new users.

MTN & EcoCash partnership enables wallet to wallet transfers across borders

This morning, EcoCash and MTN Zambia officially unveiled a remittance partnership that will enable MTN customers in Zimbabwe’s northern neighbor to send money into the country via the mobile platform MTN Money Wallet. The agreement launches sub-Saharan Africa’s first operator to operator cross border remittance channel. “Our partnership is not only business to business, but also […]

Econet prepares to launch Cumii products in Zambia

Econet group is preparing to launch its Connected Lifestyle products in the Zambian market. A source tells us the the Cumii CEO, Norman Moyo, was in the country recently and intimated at an event that he’d be bringing the Cumii products to the market soon. Such products, our source says, would include their Cumii Energy solar system. They would […]

Econet’s Kwesé TV to launch by August 2016, set to square up against MultiChoice’s DStv

Kwesé TV, the internet TV service owned by Econet and targetted at Sub Saharan Africa will be going live before the start of the 2016-2017 English Premier League season which kicks off in August this year.

Econet group hires former SABC, Multichoice & MTG media exec to head Kwese TV

Econet Wireless International has hired top African television media executive, Joseph Hundah, to head its newly formed Kwese TV across the continent.

Audio Interview with Econet Connected Lifestyle GM, Shepherd Hondo

Yesterday, at the launch of Econet Connected Home we interviewed the General Manager of Connected Lifestyle, Shepherd Hondo. He explained the proposition of the service, the pricing structure and that the service already has huge demand locally. Essentially, Econet is attempting to find new areas of growth for the company given the decline in their traditional […]

No more freebies as Muzinda Hub offers internet education for companies through enterprise targeted tech courses

That program has now been launched and Muzinda Hub is accepting applications from corporate personnel, entrepreneurs and working professionals keen on broadening their skills by learning about application and web development as well as transforming these skills into viable businesses.

Econet head of e-commerce quits. Here’s the group’s CEO of e-commerce

Remember Econet Wireless’s Head of e-commerce, James Gibson? We wrote about his arrival at Econet last year. Coming from a Rocket Internet e-commerce startup, he appeared to have been recruited to lead Econet’s e-commerce efforts in the region starting with Zimbabwe’s Tengai. We have received information from sources telling us that even though his Linkedin says he’s still at Econet, Gibson  […]

How well does Econet zero rating work for an app? Here’s biNu’s 400% growth story

About a year ago, when the zero rating of an app called biNu was announced by Econet we wrote in an article titled “Will Econet Zero-rating restore it to former glory“: In terms of popularity, this move may spell biNu’s come back in Zimbabwe. The free in yesteryear’s “free SMS” is back! This past November biNu’s total active users were just […]

Government raises telecoms operators’ Universal Service Fund contributions

Local telecommunications operators are going to have to make larger contributions to the State following the government’s resolution to raise the contributions to the Universal Service Fund from 0.5% to 1.5% of their gross annual turnover.

Econet sues POTRAZ for $132 million, seeks reversal of tariff reduction & clarity on USF

Local telecoms operator Econet Wireless wants POTRAZ the industry regulator to pay over $132 million in damages for losses suffered due to the reduction in voice tariffs.

Econet to hire over 200 people for new service, Kwesé TV

According to a statement released by Econet, the hiring process is still in progress and more than 200 people are expected to join the company over the next six months for the pay tv service. Kwesé TV will be operated out of offices in Johannesburg, South Africa and Dubai.

Resellers vs Product Builders, or how Econet may miss the internet opportunity

This is the main reason I don’t quite buy the “fast follower” thinking that the company has said is part of its modus operandi. The internet and the tools it provides freely to anyone, are not so we can follow fast to resell products.

Econet shuts down water filtration company, Seldon. Assets up for auction

Econet has shut down and put up for auction its water purifying company, Seldon Technologies.Econet Global had pumped in some US $20 million but is putting the company up for auction at a reserve price of US$1.5 million.

10 teams to battle it out at the Muzinda Hub Business Plan Competition finals

According to Muzinda Hub, numerous applications were submitted from close to 20 African countries. As had been highlighted during the submission process, the finalists will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges from different parts of Africa.

Muzinda Hub hosts graduation for developers, launches online jobs platform

After more than six months of training and skills development, local technology and entrepreneurship skills centre, Muzinda Hub, conferred certificates to its first cohort of software developers and tech entrepreneurs at a graduation ceremony held in Harare. The Hub also launched its online jobs platform which will be offering software development skills.

Econet’s startup, Tengai returns online as Ownai

Tengai, the online classifieds platform from Econet is back online. The startup has however resurfaced with a different name, Ownai.

Econet retrenches 100 employees as operational & regulatory challenges take their toll

Econet has just reported that it has retrenched 100 employees in efforts to streamline operations in an environment where revenues have fallen.

Why Strive Masiyiwa’s detailed story of fighting corruption in Africa is important

Here’s a look at why Zimbabwean business icon and telecoms magnate Strive Masiyiwa’s detailed story of fighting corruption in Africa is important.

No going back on Infrastructure Sharing despite Econet conundrum

Despite the minister’s less than eloquent responses in a radio interview, Infrastructure Sharing must proceed and Econet must work out its strategy especially where it may relate to how they source the funding for its infrastructure expansion.

Tengai 2.0 on the cards as startup makes plans to re-enter the market

According to some sources from Econet, the Tengai team is working on a comeback for the hacked e-classifieds site. Efforts are being put into creating a secure platform, though the sources couldn’t specify what sort of changes would be made to make the e-commerce platform more robust.

Muzinda Hub develops free websites as part of global education campaign, calls for support

Muzinda Hub is partnering with the Global Business Coalition for Education to run an initiative called the #UpForSchool Campaign, in Zimbabwe. The hub will be developing free websites for the first 20 schools that support this cause by mobilising 1,000 signatures for the #UpForSchool petition.

Econet remains mum on Infrastructure Sharing, but here’s what it could be planning

Econet has remained mum on their walkout from the Infrastructure Sharing debate, but it cannot afford as a business to just let it slide. What are some of its options going forward?

Econet “assumes control” of Muzinda Hub

Some people don’t know what Muzinda Hub is or what it’s all about. This is despite some links to the most visible local tech company, Econet Wireless. This is likely to change now that Econet has started referencing the hub and the work that it’s doing.

Catching them young, Steward Bank pushes ZTE phones through iStudent account

Steward Bank is offering tertiary students entry level smartphones through a Student Account credit facility. Here is a look at the impact of this strategy.

Liquid Telecom enters into partnership with MTN

Liquid Telecom, the Pan- African Telecoms infrastructure company has entered into a partnership with another African telecoms giant, MTN. This is part of an arrangement meant to ensure that the customers for both companies benefit from a wide fixed and wireless footprint.

Econet threatened by AnonymousZimbabwe, the outfit behind the hack (update)

Anonymous Zimbabwe has claimed responsibility for hacking the e-commerce website while lobbying for net neutrality. It has also threatened Tengai and the mobile operator Econet, giving both parties until the 8th of August to issue a press statement or face unspecified action.

Econet still uninterested in interoperability (updated)

It seems Econet, banking on its market share and business interests, is still unwilling to enable interoperability in some aspects of their services, particularly hand to hand wallet to wallet interfacing. This is unlike the competitors OneWallet, Telecash and Nettcash.

Econet powered e-commerce platform,, to launch in a few days

In a few days, mobile operator Econet Wireless is going live with the online classifieds platform We were invited to the press launch which is slated for Monday 27 July. will operate with free advertising for anything posted on the platform, along with free browsing for Econet broadband subscribers.

Infrastructure Sharing: About threats, distrust and the opportunity to be grateful

In threatening Econet with havoc if they don’t share infrastructure, the ministry of ICT missed an opportunity to appreciate the significant contribution that Econet’s investment in infrastructure has made. But all this would be easier to say if Econet themselves were fair in the ecosystem they play in.