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Tag: Econet Wireless

Econet sells ZTE dumb phone for $0. Gives away free solar charger with it

Remember the $15 Huawei dumb phone that was actually $8? Well, it gets even better – now there’s a $15 ZTE dumb phone that’s actually $0. Whoever thought a day like this would come when operators would start giving away devices for free? Certainly not us. It’s hard to imagine this being beyond reach for […]

BlackBerry’s arrogant attitude contributed to their downfall – Strive Masiyiwa

In a post on his Facebook page, Econet Wireless founder and current group chairman, Strive Masiyiwa commented on the current BlackBerry episode of its downfall saying he was not surprised by the decline as his experience with them is that they were an arrogant company.

POTRAZ speaks on why they ordered Econet to revert to old tariffs

Econet, POTRAZ deputy director general Alfred Marisa said to us in a telephone interview today, jumped the gun with the latest 10 cents per minute tariffs and this is the reason they have been asked to revert to old pricing with immediate effect.

New Steward Bank banks on Econet relationship for product innovation

Today we attended a (now former) TN Bank event where the company launched its new name Steward Bank. The rebranding comes a few months after the bank was acquired by Econet Wireless from its former owner Tawanda Nyambirai. It was made clear at the event by the bank CEO, Kwanele Ngwenya, that the bank’s services will be tightly integrated to its telecommunications parent Econet Wireless.

Why Skwama reloaded is real: Former top EcoCash executive now at Telecel

We weren’t sure how direct an entry especially because she referred to it as “mobile banking”. New information we have received from sources in the industry says there indeed is a more direct mobile money project going on at Telecel.

Econet Wireless, vanishing airtime, POTRAZ, and transparency

What would have happened if subscribers hadn’t taken to social media to complain? What about if this had affected just 50 people who all didn’t notice? How do we even know this was the first time? What mechanisms does POTRAZ have in place to ensure these glitches are detected when they happen? Does POTRAZ audit the MNO billing systems?

New Econet Services company a response to plateaued telecoms business

In October last year, it emerged that the Econet Wireless Group had formed a new company to drive the EcoCash mobile money service. Econet Services. The new company wasn’t “launched” or “announced” formally in the market, as far as we could tell at least. The change was treated subtly by Econet in as far as the market was concern.

Econet to launch Point of Sale EcoCash debit product (updated)

Remember when Econet promised they’d be launching a product that would excite the whole EcoCash ecosystem? It’s probably happening tonight.

Agribank CEO, Sam Malaba, encourages banks to integrate with EcoCash

Agribank has become the latest Zimbabwean bank to integrate with the EcoCash mobile money transfer system. The announcement was made today at a press conference jointly held by the bank and Econet Wireless today in Harare. The integration is basically the same as that which Econet has secured with 3 banks so far i.e. to allow EcoCash customers to transfer money between their Agribank account and their EcoCash wallet, and the ability to do that even when they are out of the country.

Econet hires BankservAfrica boss for new EcoCash CEO position

Just a week after announcing the hire of former FNB executive to head its newly acquired bank, Econet disclosed today (somewhat inadvertently) the hire of another banker, Cuthbert Tembedza, to fill a newly created position of EcoCash CEO.

EcoCash & Stanbic integrate. CEO Mboweni comments on ZimSwitch integration

We’re just from a press conference where Econet Wireless and Stanbic Bank announced the integration of Econet’s mobile money transfer platform, EcoCash, with Stanbic’s banking system allowing EcoCash subscribers to transfer money from and to their Stanbic accounts. Selected branches of Stanbic will also act as EcoCash Super Agents allowing EcoCash agents and customers to do EcoCash transactions.

Econet appoints SA Banker as new TN Bank CEO

We just received a statement from Econet announcing the appointment of South Africa banker, Kwanele Ngwenya, as CEO of it’s newly acquired financial institution, TN Bank. Ngwenya was Director of Commercial Segment at First National Bank’s (FNB) Botswana operation.

Review: The $300 ZTE Light Tab on sale at Econet Wireless

The temptation locally when you hear of a $315 Android tablet is to write it off as one of those clunky cheap Asian tablets abundant in downtown tech gadget shops. You couldn’t be more wrong thinking that about the 7-inch ZTE Light Tab 2

Zim mobile operators directed to reduce mobile money transaction fees

The constant complaint with mobile money services locally (EcoCash really) is that it’s expensive to use. Since launch. They reviewed the transaction fees downwards once, a few weeks after launch, but EcoCash remained the most expensive mobile money transfer service in Zimbabwe. So yes, we mourned a lot about it every time we got a chance. Those prayers are about to be answered.

Press Release: Econet Wireless blocking Aquiva Wireless Voip calls

Aquiva Wireless would like to advise new and existing customers that there is currently an ongoing interconnection dispute between ourselves and Econet Wireless. Due to this we are currently unable to guarantee calls terminating to Econet.

Liquid expands footprint with East African assets acquisition

Econet Wireless owned fibre and satellite operator, Liquid Telecom, announced yesterday the acquisition of East African telecom assets from JSE listed Altech Group in a deal that will, according to the company, make it the largest terrestrial fibre operator on the continent. Altech will get an 8.6% stake in Liquid Telecom and 10% shareholder voting rights. In addition to the assets, Altech will however also subscribe a further US $16.5 million for the stake.

As Kingdom Bank acquires its assets we ask; what went wrong at Spiritage?

It’s not well at Brodacom. Not at all. Around this time two years ago, information in the market suggested the company was coming on the scene to change the game in Zimbabwe’s internet sector. It didn’t happen.

TN Bank becomes Econet subsidiary as Nyambirai sells stake

Tawanda Nyambirai, Lifestyle Holdings CEO and Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Chairman, announced today that he has accepted an offer from Econet Wireless to buy him out of TN bank. Speaking at a press briefing today Nyambirai said he will be selling his stake in the bank he founded in exchange for shareholding in Econet Wireless. As a result of the transaction Nyambirai said he will be stepping down as chairman of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe to become a director on the board of the parent company Econet Wireless Group.

A brief and some pictures from the Techzim ePayments Forum

Yesterday, we held the ePayments Forum in Harare yesterday where we had representatives from Visa, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, Zimswitch, Touch Retail and Zimbabwe revenue authority presenting on some keys issues in the ePayments space in Zimbabwe.

EcoCash by the numbers: now handles $70 million monthly

Yesterday, Econet announced its interim unaudited results for the 6 months ending 31 August 2012. The one product mentioned again and again and one the Econet leadership confirmed was their most exciting product, even comparing it to the introduction of prepaid, was EcoCash. The highlight stats of the product are that US $70 million worth […]

Econet interim results: US $78 million in after tax profits

We just came from an analysts briefing in Harare where Econet Wireless Zimbabwe presented their interim results ending 31 August 2012. We live tweeted the briefing on our @Techzim stream. The one thing clear strategically at the briefing was the role of EcoCash in the new Econet. In fact, the CEO Douglas Mboweni, even said […]

Econet slashing some Buddie tariffs by as much as 80%

You’ve probably heard that Econet is trialing some ultra-low cost voice rates for its Buddie customers. It’s true. A new – but not yet launched officially – Econet voice promo called Buddie Zone is giving subscribers tariff discounts of up to 80% on voice calls even during peak time. We tried contacting the Econet PR […]

EcoCash Mobile Money: Interview with Econet Services CEO

Last week, after a tour of EcoCash Business (well, EcoCash Commuter mostly), we got the opportunity to interview the Econet Services CEO, Darlington Mandivenga and Econet Wireless Mobile Money Executive, Francis Matseketsa. Econet Services, as we wrote last week, is now managing such strategic services as EcoCash for the entire Econet Wireless group. In the […]

Econet hires former M-PESA top talent for EcoCash

Japhet Aritho, former Head of M-PESA Product Development and Operations at Safaricom When we attended the EcoCash tour yesterday, two developments at the company stood out: A new hire, former Safaricom executive Japhet Aritho (Head of M-PESA Product Development and Operations) has joined the EcoCash team as Chief Operating Officer of Econet Services. And yes, […]

Econet rearranges smartphone contract deals. Still more expensive

In April this year, Econet shocked us when they introduced a US $6,000 contract phone deal. We kid not. They did! The deal was: for 24 months, one would pay $250 a month to get voice, SMS and data for that value plus a ‘free’ Samsung Galaxy I9000. It was hard to believe anyone would […]

Mobile money for public transport: EcoCash in the Kombi

Today, a friend pointed us to a development on the EcoCash for business front. Specifically, in the public transport sector. Apparently Econet is already trialing its mobile payment service in Kombis (local Zim colloquial for public transport minibus). The friend, a student at the University of Zimbabwe says he started noticing the development yesterday. In […]

Press Release: Econet customer base surges to 7 million

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s customer base has surged to over seven million connected users from 6.4 million in February and has the capacity to rise further to 8.5 million customers. In a statement, the company, which will report on its half year results in the second week of October, said that after a slow start due […]

Econet adds chat service EcoChat to its Call Home package in South Africa

They may not be riding the unlimited calls wagon that the other local network providers are, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t innovating. Last week, Econet’s South African based technical partner, Pattern Matched, announced the launch of EcoChat, a new service that allows Econet subscribers on roaming to chat with friends and family back home […]

Econet Mobile WiMax reappears with new pricing. Declares war on competition

Recently, Econet announced via print press adverts a slash of the 4G Mobile WiMax service prices and a return of the Mobile WiMax dongle that hasn’t been on the shelve since a while ago. The slash is quite significant and outright makes redundant the need for a 3G dongle. For US$45 dollars you can purchase a […]

Update:The phone is free. The $6,000 is for voice, SMS & data

We just got some clarification from Econet. Basically their website has incomplete information on the deal. The $6,000 contract part is correct. However the deal is that you get $250 worth of voice calls, SMS and mobile broadband data every month. Effectively this does make the Samsung Galaxy I9000 free, as in free. Here’s an image we received to confirm this: