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Tag: Econet YoMix

How To Avoid EcoCash Taking Your Money & YoMix Not Crediting Your Bundles

If you an Econet and YoMix user who also happens to be on Twitter, you’ve most probably bumped into tweets like these: Why? Why? Why? @econet_support @econetzimbabwe that I bought data using Yomix application and money is deducted but with no data being credited. — Desire (@princechisuvi) October 23, 2019 @econet_support why did you deduct […]

How To Find Fuel With YoMix App

Late last week, YoMix added a new feature which will help motorists to locate service stations that have fuel. Here’s how you can access/use the feature: Update your YoMix Log in or Sign up to get into YoMix Switch on your location. On my Samsung, I can do it by simply pulling down the quick […]

YoMix Users Just Got The Shock Of Their Life

YoMix users just experienced the shock of their Yomix life. Since yesterday evening many users have reporting a sharp increase of YoMix’s prices. A 7.81 gig that was going for $32 is now priced at $164 for some users and for some its now going for $69. Am deleting yomix @econet_support makuda kudzora mapoints e […]

How Are YoMix Prices/Charges Determined? Here’s The Answer

Good news, YoMix app is now working properly after ‘going AWOL’ since Saturday’s Econet blackout. YoMix has been the savior for those who want to surf the web at cheaper rates. 50 Megabytes goes for $0.24 in YoMix but outside YoMix it goes for $3. However, recently some people have been raising questions as to […]

[Updated] Hey YoMix Users, Econet Heard Your Cry: The Sweet ‘400MB For $0.85’ Deal Is Back Again

Earlier on we had written the article below but now YoMix has cancelled the promotion again. Econet seems like it has heard your YoMix prayers. After it brought to a halt a month-long promotion on Monday, I’m happy to tell you that the promotion is back again. The deal is exactly enticing as the one […]