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Ecocash Push Econet Revenue Growth To $831 Million, 34% Increase

Econet revenues increased to $831,6 million for the year ended February 2018. This reflected an increase of ($209.9 million) 34% relative to the last comparable period.  The increase was propped by Econet’s constant efforts of creating new avenues for revenue through its broadband and media content ventures. The newly created ventures have made Econet adopt […]

Making cents of Econet’s new Elevate initiative

We’ve been trying to understand Econet’s new initiative, Elevate. The program was launched over the weekend in Harare. Econet said in a press release that this is about targeting the youth for empowerment. The words “youth” and “empowerment” are ofcourse meaningless thanks to the abuse by politicians, so we’ll avoid them and use simpler words […]

EcoCash & Mahindra win GSMA award for best mobile payments solution at Mobile World Congress 2017

Vamsi Madhav, VP, MFS at Comviva and Natalie Jabangwe – the General Manager of EcoCash EcoCash, the mobile money service that’s owned by Zimbabwe’s largest mobile network operator, Econet, was recently named Best Mobile Payment Solution at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Global Mobile (Glomo) Awards for 2017. The award was received in partnership with […]

Econet says its owed over US$25 million in interconnection fees by NetOne & TelOne

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, the country’s largest mobile network operator (MNO) has said that it is owed over US$25 million in interconnection fees by NetOne and TelOne, two State-owned telecoms operators. In an article in the Sunday Mail citing Econet’s response to statements made in parliament last week by the Minister of ICT Supa Mandiwanzira, Econet stated […]

Econet dogged by US$300 million tax evasion & externalisation allegations, dismisses case as false

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe – the country’s largest mobile network operator, and some ZIMRA bosses are alleged to have connived in the evasion of taxes and externalising of cash between 2009 and 2013. An article published in the Sunday Mail highlights these allegations and points to a forensic audit report compiled by HLB Zimbabwe Chartered Accountants […]

Econet attempts to improve customer services with interactive voice response (IVR) information centre

Are you looking for information on Econet products and have been put on hold by customer care? The folks at Econet Wireless have decided to make it easier for you to get that information by introducing an interactive voice response (IVR) information centre. It’s called the Econet Information Centre and it’s accessed through a toll free number […]

EcoCash lowers tariffs, maintains charges for cashouts

Some good news for the 6 million people using EcoCash, Econet’s mobile money service. It has reduced some of its money transfer tariffs. This comes after it also removed merchant payment fees last month.

EcoCash handles $6,6 billion in transactions, dominates Zimbabwean payments field

Econet’s entire Mobile Financial Services division which includes services like EcoSure brought in $87 million with EcoCash contributing $73 million up from its revenue total of $61 million the year before. This $73 million haul constituted 11% of Econet’s total revenue for the year.

Econet Zimbabwe profits down by 42% to $40 million as operator faces challenges in environment

Local mobile operator Econet Wireless is currently holding its analysts’ briefing where it has released the figures for the 2015 to 2016 financial year. Though the full briefing is yet to be released some of the highlights have been shared by analysts on Twitter and they indicate a pattern similar to the previous year’s performance […]

Econet showers subscribers with 700% worth of bonuses as it eyes spike in airtime topups

For the next 90 days Econet’s prepaid subscribers will benefit from a daily airtime bonus allowance worth 7 times the airtime they use up. To qualify, each subscriber has to spend a minimum amount of airtime that is set by Econet as a daily target which is customised to each subscriber’s airtime usage patterns.

Econet’s EcoSchool to launch online learning partnership with ACCA

Local mobile operator Econet Wireless and global accounting body ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) are set to unveil a partnership today that will introduce accounting students to the use of EcoSchool, the operator’s digital education platform for learning.

Bleak outlook for Econet as profits, revenue expected to decline in 2016

Local stockbrokers, Lynton Edwards have projected a 21.3% drop in revenue for the period ending February 2016 along with a 49% reduction in net profit. According to these measures, Econet’s revenue will stand at $587 million and profit for the full year will come to $35,4 million.

EcoCash and MoneyGram officially launch remittances partnership

Earlier today, we attended the official launch of the partnership between EcoCash Diaspora and the global money transfer company, MoneyGram. The EcoCash and MoneyGram remittance option works in pretty much the same way as the other integrated remittance services such as WorldRemit, Western Union and Chitoro.

Liquid Telecom enters into infrastructure agreement with Airtel

The latest news coming from continental telecoms carrier, Liquid Telecom, is that it recently entered into an agreement with multi-national telecoms operator Bharti Airtel.

Cheaper VSAT in Zim, YoStore, energy alternatives & Econet vs POTRAZ – Podcast

In this episode of the Techzim podcast, we discuss Econet and Liquid Telecom’s reaction to POTRAZ’s Infrastructure Sharing strategy, the iWayAfrica VSAT products that just got so much cheaper and the online retailing platform YoStore from the ISP, YoAfrica.

Tengai, the classifieds platform linked to Econet has been hacked by Net Neutrality proponents

Tengai, the new classifieds platform that partnered with Econet Wireless to offer zero-rated access to Econet subscribers, has been hacked by Net Neutrality proponents.

Latest Techzim Podcast: Takunda Chingonzo’s & Obama, Xiaomi devices, Paynow

Thanks for joining us for the latest Techzim podcast. In this podcast we discussed Takunda Chingonzo’s interview with President Barack Obama. The rise of Xiaomi devices in China and the Paynow developer day. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD […]

EcoCashLoans – Game changer? Opportunity or Threat? For who?

With the launch today of EcoCash Loans, following in quick succession from EcoCashSave accounts, Econet wireless has yet again read from the M-Pesa script to be the dominant financial services provider in Zimbabwe. EcoCash is a bank, with the largest number of customers at 3.5M registered users. Having shaken up the financial services market with […]

Join the movement: Twitter bundles coming to Econet Broadband subscribers

Econet Zimbabwe is set to introduce Twitter bundles to Econet broadband subscribers. This emerged after Econet started a campaign on their Twitter account asking followers to retweet if they want Econet Twitter bundles. The Twitter bundles will be a follow up to the highly popular Facebook and Whatsapp bundles the company introduced the in October […]

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe wins award at the Mobile World Congress #MWC14

Zimbabwe’s leading mobile network operator Econet Wireless yesterday received a Global Mobile Award at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Econet’s Energize the Chain Vaccine Project in Zimbabwe was named the best in the Mobile Health Product or Service category. Explaining the Econet award, the Global Mobile Awards wrote on their website: Every year vaccine-preventable […]