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Econet’s EcoSchool to launch online learning partnership with ACCA

Local mobile operator Econet Wireless and global accounting body ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) are set to unveil a partnership today that will introduce accounting students to the use of EcoSchool, the operator’s digital education platform for learning.

Econet launches e-learning platform, makes second attempt at disrupting local education

Ruzivo has been designed as a new service under Econet Education banner and rather than replacing EcoSchool, it will be acting as a complementary service that addresses the learning needs of primary and secondary education. EcoSchool will maintain its focus on delivering value for tertiary education students.

Econet to launch Ruzivo, a zero-rated e-learning platform

We have been informed that local mobile operator, Econet Wireless, will be launching its new e-learning product called Ruzivo Digital Learning today.

Muzinda Hub develops free websites as part of global education campaign, calls for support

Muzinda Hub is partnering with the Global Business Coalition for Education to run an initiative called the #UpForSchool Campaign, in Zimbabwe. The hub will be developing free websites for the first 20 schools that support this cause by mobilising 1,000 signatures for the #UpForSchool petition.

Mambo Press goes online with virtual shop but…

Mambo has adapted to the power of the internet to move volumes on their publication by launching a virtual shop online via This is a noble move, but they definitely need to do more if they are to upset and guard against piracy.

Data’s too expensive? Here are 9 Android Apps that won’t hurt your balance

These apps are especially designed to conserve data usage in a typical environment like Zimbabwe where the price Mobile data is rather steep.

Podcast: Econet Dial a Doc,MobiLedger App, m-learning & the future of telecoms

We are back with the latest edition of the weekly podcast. In this episode, we were joined by a guest from the Techzim community, Stanley Choto.  We discussed some of the highlights in the past week in local technology such as the launch of the Econet Dial-a-Doc service, the current state and future of Zimbabwean […]

Econet offers a free trial for its new m-learning product EcoSchool Academy

Don’t let the silence fool you, EcoSchool, the education arm of mobile network operator Econet is expanding. Currently, this growth has actually been in line with learning content rather than the hardware aspect which birthed the service. The latest offering is the EcoSchool Academy, which is an online interactive learning platform. It provides a host of […]

e-learning in Zimbabwe: the reality behind bringing mobile phones into the mix

We should allow cell phones in Zimbabwe’s schools. Well, that is what the responsible powers think anyway. Just recently, Zimbabwe’s Minister of Education, Dr Lazarus Dokora, was quoted in the Herald as having encouraged the use of mobile tech in learning institutions as a way to get children to appreciate the dynamic world in a different way. […]

NatiV: The e-learning app that wants to preserve ethnic language heritage

Every time someone says e-learning in Zimbabwe the talk almost always veers towards the way traditional learning content specific to writing and mathematics has been transferred to digital platforms. That is what we have seen from most local attempts (think EcoSchool, e-Learning Solutions or Big Brain) aimed at servicing this growing market which in all fairness is […]

Econet expands into primary school education. And no this is not EcoSchool

If job adverts are anything to go by It looks like Econet is working on another new product, this time as part of their drive to modernise education. In the last part of 2014 an advert was placed on the company’s website for someone to fill the role of CEO for EcoEducation. No, it’s not […]

Techzim Podcast: Interview with Mazwi – Could it be Zimbabwe’s Amazon?

The last time we wrote about local startup Mazwi, they were clearing misconceptions around EcoSchool’s alleged “theft” of their concept. They went to great lengths to explain how they had a different model from what Econet was driving at. Months later, we managed to catch up with Tafadzwa Makura, the founder of Mazwi to find […]

Econet ventures into car tracking with its new service

Earlier today we attended the very elaborate launch of mobile operator Econet’s new service called the Econet Connected Car which is part of a new range of products that Econet is calling Connected Lifestyles. The main delivery was by Dorothy Zimuto, the COO for Econet Connected Car, who outlined Econet’s ambition to ensure that most […]

5 reasons why we should develop solutions for TechMedicine

From late August to September 2014 two of the leading sites of health information and services conducted a survey whose results gave insightful information on both patient and physician perspectives on digital health technology’s role in diagnosis and care. WebMD is the leading provider of health information services, serving consumers and healthcare professionals through private […]

Techzim Podcast: saisai, Zanu PF cards, Windows 10, EcoSchool & ZOL Startup Challenge

Here’ s this week’s edition of the Techzim Podcast. In this episode we touched on Zimbabwean startup saisai’s winning of the SWELL Award at DEMO Africa, the new Zanu PF membership/financial services card, Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10 and the launch of Econet’s EcoSchool.  If you are a university student will you be purchasing […]

Why EcoSchool will be good for the ecosystem

EcoSchool launched its education platform a few days ago. Hopefully it will bring to an end the questions and speculations that we’ve had to deal with at Mazwi, a start up that I have been a part of since 2013. What does the EcoSchool launch mean for our startup in particular and the digital education […]

Everything you need to know about Econet’s EcoSchool

We just attended the official launch of Econet’s EcoSchool that we spoke about yesterday. This time it wasn’t just a pilot launch but the roll out of the service to the whole country. Speaking at the launch the Head of Econet Services, Darlington Mandivenga mentioned that the EcoSchool product and service will be made available […]

Econet’s EcoSchool to launch tomorrow. What you should expect?

We just received an email from Econet inviting us to the launch of EcoSchool. But EcoSchool was launched 8 months ago, we can hear you say. That actually was a pilot launch. Just a really big one. The pilot was supposed to last 4 months but clearly ended up eating up double the time. According to the email […]

Africom and e-Learning Solutions introduce unlimited internet package

Africom has partnered with local digital education provider, e-Learning Solutions, in the roll out of e-learning content which includes the mcourser platform that was launched in June this year. Their new package gives Africom broadband subscribers unlimited access to, and for $10 per month. This is meant to ease the data burden […]

19 EconetZero weeks later…

Yes, it’s been 19 weeks since Econet treated us to a surprise that promised to change the way we go online. We took the chance to take a step back, think this through and get a better sense of what this means now that we’re 19 weeks into it. If anything, EconetZero has had some […]

Econet Zero’s free access to Wikipedia, Coursera, edX – greatest event in Zim’s net history

If there’s one tool I’ve been always been thankful to the internet for since I came to know this amazing tool, it is Wikipedia. I cannot live without it, and I’m sure even you don’t spend a day without dropping by the site to feed on knowledge about whatever it is you’re browsing on. The […]

Latest techzim podcast: EcoSchool, Muzinda hackathon, Paper, Microsoft 4Afrika

Here’s our latest Techzim podcast episode! Guest on the show was Tinashe Nyaruwanga, blogger, social media & eCommerce enthusiast, Clinton Mutambo, our events coordinator here and the founder of, myself, and William Chui hosting. We chatted about Econet Services’s latest initiative, EcoSchool, Facebook’s new Paper app, the Muzinda Health apps Hackathon, and, briefly, Microsoft’s […]

About the EcoSchool app and Mazwi… Mazwi founder sends us a response

Last week, at the launch of Ecoschool tablet and platform, one of the things we said was remarkable was the similarity of the EcoSchool concept to the Mazwi startup that we have covered here a number of times. Initially, our guess that maybe they had partnered the startup in some way. Turned out they didn’t. […]

Here’s what EcoSchool is about

Earlier today, we made a post about EcoSchool before the launch. It’s now just after the launch and we have more about the product and service. Here’s the summary: The Concept  First, the EcoSchool website is here: The EcoSchool concept is about making educational material available to students at a lower cost and much […]

EcoCash mobile money subscribers now 3.5 million

The last time Econet announced the number of it’s EcoCash subscribers was back at the beginning of October 2013 when the services’ subscribers reached 3 million. Today, at the launch of a new education platform EcoSchool, Econet Service CEO, Darlington Mandivenga, revealed that EcoCash subscribers have increased to 3.5 million since then. To put that […]

Here’s the EcoSchool tablet… You’ll think of Mazwi, biNu, Worldreader (pictures)

We’ve just arrived at the EcoSchool event in Harare, and fortunately got a chance to check out the EcoSchool tablet before the event. Ok, so the first thing that came to mind when we laid our eyes on the EcoSchool’s tablet is this: Mazwi. Not that they cloned it. No, you can’t clone an unlaunched […]

Econet Services to launch EcoSchool in 2 days time

That Econet has been working on a new Econet Services product called EcoSchool has been public knowledge for at least a couple of months now. The group’s founder and chairman Strive Masiyiwa made the announcement back in November last year. However, when EcoSchool would actually launch hasn’t been so clear. Well, until now. We have […]

EcoSchool: New Econet education initiative announced by Strive Masiyiwa

It’s been common knowledge for some several months now that Econet Services, the division of Econet that’s not hardcore telephony, is working on an ICT for education initiative that uses the company’s existing infrastructure to deliver tech enabled education services. The founder of the company, Strive Masiyiwa, has finally let out something official on the […]