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How we lost $20 to EcoCash and failed to recover it up to now!

Back in August, we decided to do a bit of undercover investigation on the state of e-commerce in Zimbabwe. The whole idea was quite simple, with a budget of $20 we would purchase goods online and rate each platform according to their website ease of use, variety of products offered, payment options/system, delivery time and […]

Econet extends investment into e-commerce with new platform,Tengai

We have received information from an inside source to confirm what has long been said to be in the cooking at Econet – a classifieds platform called The website isn’t up yet, but a look at some of the artwork related to it seems to show what we can expect from it.

What’s the latest on Zimbabwean e-commerce? Check out these 12 e-platforms

If you thought we don’t have any attempts at online trading and commerce in Zimbabwe, think again. Take a look at these 12 platforms that have been around for a while. Some very big companies like Food World have setup online shops with a variety of payments options you could find anywhere across the world.

The realities of e-commerce: What chance does Econet have in this space?

From the onset, I have to say that I don’t have a lot of faith in online retailing platforms that focus on groceries in a 2015 Zimbabwe.  But this is a business, so faith isn’t tradeable currency here and it won’t be the final word (no pun). Facts and the eventual performance of a service […]

Some quick facts on the Econet EcoShopper service and App

After all the promises made and all the work being put into its mobile money service, EcoCash bound to happen eventually. Econet is now giving online retailing a shot with the new service and application called EcoShopper that was launched today. How do I access the service? There is an Android app EcoShopper (which is obviously powered […]

Exclusive: Econet launches EcoShopper. Seeks to disrupt the supermarket

Remember Econet Zimbabwe chief, Douglas Mboweni, hinted last year at getting into e-commerce soon? They just did. The company will be launching its first foray into e-commerce today with the introduction of – you guessed it – EcoShopper. It’s not your typical e-commerce. Or let me say it’s not your fully fledged e-commerce operation but there are some key […]