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Tag: EcoSure Moovah

Econet Takes Insurance Broker To Court 

Econet’s insurance arm, Econet Insurance Pvt Ltd is at loggerheads with its broker, Auto and General Insurance Brokers (AGIB) over insurance policies and premiums, according to a NewZimbabwe report. What transpired? Apparently, Econet subcontracted AGIB to sell (broker) insurance policies and collect premiums on its behalf. As part of the contract between the two companies, […]

FBC’s MyDrive Insurance Product Is More An Innovation Than EcoSure Moovah But Winning Is Not That Simple

I have to start by stating that I am excited by FBC’s new MyDrive product. It’s a totally new value proposition in the Zimbabwean motor insurance market. The logic behind the product makes sense. EcoSure Moovah is another fairly new motor insurance product that hit the market a few months ago. Having been launched by […]

Zimnat Launches New Brand To Push Motor Insurance

The insurance industry is going through a shake-up and industry giants are preparing to face-off with network operators with such as Econet and NetOne. Network operators are hedging on network effects to disrupt a number of industries. One of the industries at risk of being turned upside down is the insurance industry. In the face […]

EcoSure Moovah Follows In Kwese’s Footsteps And Announces Their Own Million Dollar Promotion

Econet is hell bent on making sure that you use their new products. After launching the million dollar promotion that rewards users for using Kwese-iflix, they’ve now announced a new promotion for their insurance service EcoSure Moovah. The promotion titled Move over to Moovah will have two monthly draws; one ‘normal’ draw and a bonus […]

Econet Group Goes All In On Car Insurance: Meet EcoSure Moovah

EcoSure recently secured a short-term insurers licence from the regulator of Zim’s insurance industry IPEC (Insurance and Pensions Commission). The licence was issued last week and Econet Insurance is not wasting time putting the licence to use. It's official! IPEC hands over the operating licence to Econet Insurance as a short-term insurer. @econetzimbabwe, @lkazhanje, @BusinessTimesZW, […]