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Tag: Education

Best Free Courses For Those Interested In Career Development

One of the biggest opportunities offered by the internet nowadays is the ability to attain skills you would otherwise have to pay for at no cost at all. Google Digital Skills for Africa is one such platform with a number of free online courses for people looking to upskill without investing money into that development. […]

Zim Development Studio Edges Towards Half A Million Downloads On The PlayStore; Here’s How They Did It

Age-X Development – a local software company recently announced that they had reached 400 000 installs since inception back in 2016. The special milestone is amazing because once again it shows how the internet can be a powerful tool to reach thousands of people on the globe from your office. We reached out to Van […]

Zim Entrepreneur Invests In Tech That Will Convert Trees Into WiFi Hubs

If you’re an avid reader of Techzim, you’ll know about William Sachiti – who we’ve written about a couple of times. William is the founder of UK-based Academy of Robotics. That’s the startup working on self-driving delivery cars. Interestingly, William has today published an open-source technology known as ‘Trees of Knowledge’ to improve access to […]

SDG500 Will Invest $500 Million In Businesses Addressing Sustainable Development Goals

A new investment fund; SDG500 will begin investing $500m in businesses working to achieve the global Sustainable Development Goals. The fund was launched earlier this week in Davos. SDG500 will be backed by “a coalition of public and private organisations, NGOs and a private equity firm.” Capital from the funds will be used to make debt […]

Uber CEO Says Everyone Should Study The Following Regardless Of Their Career Goals

Uber’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi recently shared advice regarding some essential subjects he feels people should study regardless of their career path. Speaking at the Economic Club in New York Khosrowshahi encouraged people to study either Computer Information Systems or Engineering for the problem-solving benefits they come with: Even though I went from engineering to finance, […]

Liquid Telecom Zim Provides Students With Free WiFi As Part Of Edu-Zones Initiative

Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe, part of the leading pan-African telecoms group Liquid Telecom, is today celebrating the success of Edu-Zones, a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative to help students bridge the digital divide with free Wi-Fi delivered across the company’s high-speed fibre network. Edu-Zones forms part of a long-term CSR initiative by Liquid Telecom launched in […]

Impact Hub Hosting Coding Bootcamp For Kids

Impact Hub Harare will be hosting a coding Bootcamp for kids with the first one starting on the 15th of November. At the Bootcamp the kids will learn about: Programming (with Scratch) Virtual Reality Robotics The Coding Bootcamp will be a one-month long training program and if you’re interested in signing your kid up you […]

Local “Artificial Intelligence For Business” Course To Be Held In September

Information technology and software services company Softclick Investments is hosting an Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Business course from the 24th of September to 26 October at Batanai Gardens. The course is supposed to provide “practical, comprehensive training that enables participants to immediately and effectively partake in enterprise AI projects.” Who is the course for? The […]

Headmasters Labelled Enemies Of Progress For Not Allowing Phones In Schools

Dr Tonderai James Zendah, the principal at Morgan Zintech Teachers College recently urged authorities to allow both students and teachers to use smartphones to aid learning. We have a situation whereby pupils are searched when they board buses to go to school because we want to make sure they don’t carry smartphones. We as headmasters […]

Zim To Overhaul Tertiary Education To Cover Skills Gap And Focus Less On Literacy

“Zimbabwean people are learned” is a statement (and other variants of it) we’ve all heard thrown about hundreds of times locally. Whilst this may be true, the results are not immediately apparent if you take a look at the life being led by most Zimabweans. This has led the government to switch gears and focus […]

Primer Is Google’s App To Help You Learn About Business Development At No Cost

Entrepreneurship is a pretty intense journey (at least that’s what many of them say). Worse more if you’re in that line of work in a country like ours. One of the downsides to this is that you might not have resources to actually put into sharpening yourself and your business like an axe because you […]

Register For Harvard’s 50+ Free Online Courses!

There are a number of institutions that offer free online courses and Harvard is among them. For those of you who aren’t convinced as to how valuable these are, maybe getting one from a world renowned organisation will change your mindset towards online courses and their effectiveness. On Edx there are a number of courses […]

Udacity & Google Offering Free AI Tensorflow Course

A few days ago, we wrote about Google’s Free Udacity course on Kotlin (Android’s new development language of choice). If you’re not a developer and you’re more interested in Artificial Intelligence, then Google’s free Tensorflow Course on Udacity might be more to your tastes. Introduction to Tensorflow is a 2-month course meant to help AI […]

Liquid Telecom To Partner MIT In Inclusive Innovation Challenge To Solve Digital Economy Disparities Across Africa

Liquid Telecom has announced that they are partnering the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) official partner for the 2019 Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIC) in Africa. Since 2016, MIT’s Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIC) has challenged entrepreneurs around the world to re-invent the way technology innovation is harnessed. This year the challenge will take place on five […]

Harare And Bulawayo Parents, Get Your Kids Into This Holiday Prog To Prepare Them For Relevant Careers In The Digital Age

So The Maker Club needs no introduction. This is one of my personal favourite organisations. They teach kids to make stuff. Fine and simple. Examples of stuff I have seen these kids build: Robots, yes robots that speak! Model cities Model bridges Hydraulic systems that work Fruit jams… As technology continues to take over jobs […]

Zim Students Win Most Creative Idea Award At WSIS19 Forum In Geneva

The International Telecommunications Union HQ (Geneva) played host to the WSIS (World Summit on the Information Society) 2019 Forum. As part of the 4 day summit, there was a hackathon on Hacking Solutions for Lifelong Learning and Livelihoods. The aim of this competition was to come up with innovative ideas that could go a long […]

Hi, I’m Ivy And Here’s What I’m Doing To Get Zimbabwean Girls Into Engineering

By: Ivy Mauya Chipinda My name is Ivy Mauya Chipinda, but I also go as ZimEngineerGirl. I am originally from Zimbabwe and I study Mechanical Engineering and Actuarial Science at Calvin College here in America. I am passionate about encouraging girls to study engineering which is why I coordinate outreach for the Calvin SWE Collegiate section and also started […]

Nedbank Offering Scholarships To Students Who Studied STEM Subjects At A’Level

Nedbank’s Education Fund is offering scholarships to STEM students. The program offers scholarships to students with a desire to study for their first degree in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). What are the requirements? Well, Nedbank lists the following; Applications must be from students who studied STEM subjects only Minimum of […]

Here’s What We Know About Akello Edutech’s Courses

Econet recently announced a new set of digital learning services and one of the most interesting of these is Akello Courses. Akello Edutech is partnering with Shaw Academy to offer online skill development with a focus on interactive education as it is “engaging and better for learning.” At least that’s how Akello feels about this. […]

Cassava Smartech Refocuses On Education As They Launch 3 New Services

Econet spin-off Cassava Smartech announced a new digital learning platform which offers education and learning resources for learners of all age groups – from primary school to post-graduate students. Akello Edutech as they have named it will be comprised of some material from familiar faces including Ruzivo and Muzinda Hub. In addition to this there will […]

AfDB To Open Applications For Next African Global IT Leaders Program 2019 Soon

The African Development Institute of the African Development Bank has opened applications for their Next African Global IT Leaders Program with the backing of the Korea-Africa Economic Cooperation (KOAFEC) Knowledge Sharing Programme (KSP). The goal of the program is to create a critical mass of global IT experts across the African continent. Next African Global […]

72% Of Zim Education Institutions Have Access To A Computer, Only 44% To A Mobile Phone – Hmm…, 22% Have Access To Internet

ZIMSTAT, Zimbabwe’s statistics agency and the telecoms regulator POTRAZ released a report on their survey into the use of ICT in education. Embarking on such a survey is very commendable. It’s important to know where we are on this important issue and thus have clear interventions to consider. Who was surveyed? 7 955 institutions were […]

HP To Train 100 000 African Entrepreneurs Over The Next 3 Years

The Global Citizen festival celebrating Mandela’s life was not just notable for hosting Beyonce’s first African performance. Hewlett Packard, more commonly known as HP also opened an HP Life Centre in South Africa. What’s LIFE? HP Learning Initiative For Entrepreneurs is a program that has courses meant to prepare entrepreneurs for their gruelling journey. There […]

Here’s  A List Of The Things That The Ministry Of Education Needs To Fix On Their eMAP Application Portal

If you want your child to go to a boarding school locally you’ll have to deal with eMAP first. I say deal with eMAP because since the platform went online it’s been plagued with errors and for something so vital it’s a bit strange that it just doesn’t work as optimally as it should. We […]

EcoSure Moves Into Educational Insurance

So over the past few months EcoSure has been making headlines with their recently launched EcoSure Moovah motor insurance cover. It seems they are not stopping and they are looking to end the year with a bang as they are launching a new insurance product focused on education. So what’s enda about? Cassava Smartech CEO, […]

Parents, Worry Not. EMAP Is Coming Back Online On The 5th Of November And You Can Apply For Your Child’s Boarding School

So we’ve been getting a lot of enquiries regarding the Ministry of Education’s platform to apply for school places online. A lot of people are worried about whether or not that platform is still alive. If you are a parent I’m here to hold your hand and tell you not to worry. eMAP will be […]

So You Want To Learn AI And You Don’t Know Where To Start?

I’m probably sure you have seen or read a jillion articles that have a similar title to this one. So what makes this one different? I know what I’m talking about! Not only that, it will give you a direction if you decide to start learning AI; and if you want links to tutorials, we […]

A Note To IT/Computer Science Students

So, life is great in Zimbabwe right? Cool. And you managed to get a degree or diploma in IT/Computer Science, at whatever institution (whether you wanted it or not …), life is awesome. I hope you pardon me because I’m going to be frank and if this article offends you, then … Firstly, congratulations for […]

Can This Startup Turn Zimbabwean Classrooms Into Smart Class Rooms?

Away from the technicalities, technology is just amazing because it allows us to do things we couldn’t do or things we had to exert absurd amounts of effort in a single click. Yes, the phrase smart this or smart that has been abused and cheapened but technology really has revolutionised efficiency. The Zimbabwean classroom is […]

Econet Partners South Africa’s Snapplify To Zero Rate E-Book Downloads

Snapplify is a South African ed-Tech company and they’ve partnered with Econet to make zero-rated.  The thousands of books on the platform will now be accessible at no data cost. The idea behind this partnership is that data in Africa costs an arm and a leg (yes, Econet are aware), so anything that can be […]