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You’ll Probably Be Wasting Your Time (And Money) By Going To A Local University In 2017…

Preamble: I dropped out of school 3 times; in Grade 7, Form 2 and Lower 6. I’ve never been to university but have proceeded to National Diploma level at Polytechnic. I believe that school is a waste of time and money and if it was up to me, I’d rather have my kids learn how […]

What Is The Best College To Study ICT In Zimbabwe In 2017?

We’ve had WhatsApp groups for just about 3 years now. Largely targeted at Zimbabwe, members who reside here and issues that affect us (technology-wise) are discussed. Every so often however, we get questions to do with education. Mostly along the lines of “what is the best IT course to do?”, or “what is the best Zimbabwean […]

UNICAF Master Degree Scholarship Now Available With Up to 80% Off. APPLY NOW!

The UNICAF Master Degree Scholarship Now Available With up to 80% Off. APPLY NOW!

STEM in Zimbabwe will fail without devolution of government

I attended six schools during my six years of secondary education. I lived in all kinds of conditions and I saw a lot but if there is one thing that stood out, it was the gap that exist between the opportunities to advance for an urban versus a rural school. It is my firm belief […]

STEM will not solve our lack of dreams

STEM will help nobody if we do not know how to use it. 10 years ago an American company supplied us with a PCR machine for detection and quantification of HIV. So to initiate a chain reaction we needed what is called a primer and we used to run out of this stuff. There was […]

STEM as a buzzword

I will start off with a disclaimer – I am an avid technologist who was fortunate to get a good STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) education before it was called that. Heck, even the ‘Tech’ in TechZim in in the acronym. That said, “STEM education” has become surprisingly popular of late, it is at risk […]

Zimbabwe’s 2015 O’Level STEM performance & how it informs the STEM strategy

The Zimbabwean Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education has made it clear that Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects have strategic economic importance and are a priority. It is so much a priority that students taking up STEM subjects at A Level have been offered free education by the government. With this mind we looked the just released November 2015 ZIMSEC O’Level […]

The shocking ZIMSEC Commerce syllabus: Here’s what our children are learning

In a world where every other examination body is busy updating their syllabus so as to stay relevant in an ever changing  business world, ZIMSEC would be best advised to do the same especially when it comes to their Ordinary Level Commerce Syllabus which fortuitously ended in 2014. The express purpose of ZIMSEC‘s Ordinary Level Commerce […]

Econet’s EcoSchool to launch tomorrow. What you should expect?

We just received an email from Econet inviting us to the launch of EcoSchool. But EcoSchool was launched 8 months ago, we can hear you say. That actually was a pilot launch. Just a really big one. The pilot was supposed to last 4 months but clearly ended up eating up double the time. According to the email […]

Robotics Education & Competition Day to take place in Harare

Every time I mention that there’s a robotics schooling initiative for kids  (and adults as well if they want) here in Harare, I’m met with genuine surprise that such stuff is happening locally, so usually I have to send a link to a robotics tournament we covered last year. But you don’t have to wish you […]

About the EcoSchool app and Mazwi… Mazwi founder sends us a response

Last week, at the launch of Ecoschool tablet and platform, one of the things we said was remarkable was the similarity of the EcoSchool concept to the Mazwi startup that we have covered here a number of times. Initially, our guess that maybe they had partnered the startup in some way. Turned out they didn’t. […]

EcoSchool: New Econet education initiative announced by Strive Masiyiwa

It’s been common knowledge for some several months now that Econet Services, the division of Econet that’s not hardcore telephony, is working on an ICT for education initiative that uses the company’s existing infrastructure to deliver tech enabled education services. The founder of the company, Strive Masiyiwa, has finally let out something official on the […]

Hello mobile operators; how about cheaper access to education sites

We were quite pleased with Econet’s announcement on Sunday that they had launched cheaper Facebook browsing via website specific bundles that subscribers can buy for $3 a month. The bundle price is definitely much lower than their regular mobile broadband tariffs and would be great if other providers can do something similar. Facebook is good […]

“Long after all this technology talk…” – President Mugabe

Dear Mr President About ten years ago, at the World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva, Switzerland, you made a remarkable speech on technology in third world countries, and this speech galvanized me to do something about technology from the moment I read it. I have included an excerpt of that speech below: Long after we […]

Let’s start an EdTech revolution!

I move that we start and EdTech revolution. We cannot argue with fact that Zimbabwe has one of the highest literacy rates in Africa. Neither can we argue with the fact that Zimbabweans have been known to do great things…outside of Zimbabwe. What we can happily argue about is whether these high literacy levels are […]

Preparing for your final ZIMSEC Exams using a technology

It is that time of the year when pupils and some adults get to sit for the public exams from various boards: HEXCO, ZIMSEC and Cambridge. For those who are still unprepared it is not too late to swot for these exams.Most students with internet access,smartphones and tablets hardly ever use this technology for their […]

LinkedIn to help students prepare for college with new University Pages

Today, the globally popular professional networking site, LinkedIn, announced the introduction of University Pages, a set of tools targeted at helping school going members choose the right university/college and ultimately a career more effectively.

Maybe it will take new generations to embrace the internet

Sometimes I wonder if we get the internet. We, the people that have been lucky enough to see the internet. Do we get how big a shift the internet is? Or are we too early into this new era we have to take it in a bit at a time, lest it throws the balance we’ve built around ourselves off?

Local education startup, Brainstorm, makes service free

When in February we published the first article about Brainstorm, a startup that brings exam revision material to students via a mobile web service, the founder of the service told us that though they were charging a cent a question for the service; they were looking into ways to make it free for any student to access.

Learn programming APIs with Codecademy

Last year we featured an article about how the world of online learning was quickly outpacing conventional methods of learning and transforming into the main gateway for students who want to learn new subjects quickly and at their own pace.

Want to learn something new & useful? Try these innovative free online startups

Education as we know it is changing rapidly across the world, it is now easier for anyone to get the same high quality education offered by the world’s best universities such as MIT, Stanford, Berkeley and Harvard.

Arduino and Raspberry Pi: We need them in classrooms across the country

It is great being introduced to science and technology at a young age. Do you remember that moment you used a computer for the very first time, or the first time you played Tetris or Snake? How fascinating was that? I have fond memories of my earliest encounter with a computer, it was a 386 […]

The eTech Africa conference. Some frank talk

We spent the day today at the eTech Africa conference that is being held alongside the week long tech company exhibitions in Harare. This was the first of the two day conference where business leaders, techies, academic and politicians will make presentations on the theme “Exploiting the potential of ICTs for sustainable socio-economic transformation”. Most […]

1,000 Zimbabwe schools to have e-Learning facilities by December, ICT Minister

Techzim caught up with Zimbabwe’s Minister of ICT, Nelson Chamisa, recently to get some insights into the ongoing e-Learning program rollout that the government has embarked on. In our interview with him, the minister said that the government plans to have e-Learning facilities at at least 1,000 primary and secondary schools in the country by […]

The ICT for Education Summit presentations (downloads)

With almost 3 weeks after the ended ‘Southern African ICT for Education Summit 2012’ that took place in Victoria Falls, we take time to review a few of the ‘hot concerns’ raised. However for your perusal, all presentations held are available for download from the African Brains site The event saw 12 ministers along with delegates, educators and interested people from around Africa, (though mostly were from Southern Africa) come and discuss issues pertaining to ICT’s for education.