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Is Econet discontinuing eLearning bundles on the 1st of September?

We have it on good authority that Econet might stop offering eLearning bundles from the beginning of September. The cheaper bundles were extremely useful to schools who were able to buy cheaper data for students to conduct lessons online during the pandemic. What’s the official position? Well, we reached out to Econet representatives to get […]

Econet employee blocks subscriber’s number after black market deal goes wrong?

We’ve written about the black market for eLearning bundles a couple of times now. In fact, we’ve done so on four different occasions now. Most recently we noted that fraudsters were selling eLearning bundles and then not giving buyers the data. Whilst buying eLearning bundles from this black market has always come with an inherent […]

Beware of fraudsters selling eLearning bundles at discounted prices

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Zimbabweans affinity for black markets – exemplified by the sprouting up of black markets for eLearning bundles. In that article, I also noted that bundles being sold via this channel will inevitably lead to scamming. At the time people were already getting scammed, and it seems many still […]

eLearning bundles have created a mobile data black market in Zimbabwe

I’m convinced Zimbabweans have an affinity for black markets. At the moment, we have a black market for fuel, foreign currency, groceries and over the past few weeks one for mobile data has emerged. “What is this guy talking about now”, you may be wondering? Well, it’s the new eLearning data bundles and how people […]

Fraudsters selling Econet eLearning bundles & not delivering data

eLearning bundles seem to be the only viable option for most learning institutions looking to adopt remote learning. Because the way these bundles are purchased has so much human interaction involved this has opened the door for fraudsters who are now selling eLearning bundles. Well, selling is a stretch. They are taking people’s money and […]

Telecel Now Offering Funda eLearning Bundles

Mobile network operators have been scrumbling over each other to get their eLearning packages out the door and following Econet and NetOne’s announcements, Telecel was the remaining provider not offering a bundle but they’ve also righted their wrong. Telecel’s eLearning package named Funda will not only offer students data but also talk-time making it the […]

NetOne Introduces e-Learning Bundles – Cheaper Than Econet?

Last week we wrote a speculative article on whether NetOne was working on eLearning bundles that would be launched soon. Well the bundles have been launched but some of the speculation that we were led to believe didn’t come to fruition. The bundle itself will have 3 tiers, Regular, Heavy, Extreme and they’ll be structured […]

NetOne Working On Its Own eLearning Bundles

NetOne is reportedly partnering with TelOne and UNESCO to create an eLearning bundle that improves access to remote learning at a time when the cost of data has been one of the biggest hindrances to students trying to learn virtually. The new bundle will reportedly be slightly cheaper than what Econet is offering for eLeaning […]