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Econet subsidiary installs electric vehicle charging stations across Zimbabwe

Econet subsidiary Distributed Power Africa (DPA) has begun installing electric vehicle charging stations across Zimbabwe with the first in Msasa (Harare

Electric vehicles & how their adoption in Zimbabwe could be accelerated

Electric vehicles (EVs) have been the subject of debate for the last decade or so. They are among the top contenders to dethrone Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles (ICE vehicles) as mankind’s primary mode of transportation. As much as the old way of transportation persists we cannot deny that ICE vehicles have had a significant impact […]

Vaya Announces Addition Of Electric Cars To Ride-Hailing Fleet, Again…

Back in November, Vaya announced the launch of their electric car ride-hailing network with their first fleet of electric Nissan EVs. At the time the company shared that their target was to have 100 vehicles on the road at some point. It seems more of those electric-vehicles have finally arrived, with Vaya press material announcing […]

The Electric Cars That Were Promised By Vaya Are Here Now

[Image Source: Vaya Africa] A few months ago, Econet Global CEO Strive Masiyiwa announced that Vaya would start using Electric Vehicles (EVs) and it seems those electric vehicles are finally here. Vaya tweeted out an announcement earlier yesterday: We are excited to introduce #VAYA E-Vehicles as part of our agenda for the adoption of #ecofriendly […]

Strive Masiyiwa Echoes Minister Chasi’s Approach To Electric Vehicles

[Image Source: Nissan] Minister of Energy Fortune Chasi has -for a while now- said Zimbabwe has to see where Electric Vehicles fit in Zimbabwe’s transportation sector. The Minister went a step further and announced that incentives to make purchase and use of EV’s more attractive in Zimbabwe were coming soon. Like Honourable Chasi, Strive Masiyiwa […]

Govt About To Introduce Electric Vehicles Incentives Soon – Energy Minister Fortune Chasi

Call him a daydreamer or madman but Energy Minister, Fortune Chasi seem determined to make the introduction and widespread use of Electric Vehicles (EV) a reality in Zimbabwe. The Minister has reiterated his plans to come up with preferential policies which promote the use of Electric vehicles. And yesterday he said that’s happening soon. My […]

Fortune Chasi: We Have To Encourage Use Of Electric Vehicles

Energy Minister Fortune Chasi has said the country has to seriously consider electric vehicles (EVs) and how government can incentivise their use. The first thing that comes to many people’s minds is the fact that we are currently faced by an electricity crisis but the Minister said this shouldn’t be a deterrent. When I spoke […]

Uber Has Been Losing Tons Of Money, Here’s Why Vaya & Hwindi Might Not Suffer The Same Fate

If you’ve followed the story of Uber since its launch back in 2011, you’ll know that over the years the company has lost a significant amount of money. In fact in its most recent quarter, Uber lost slightly above a $1 billion dollars. That’s a bucketload of money to be losing close to a decade […]

Strive Masiyiwa: Vaya To Use Electric Vehicle’s To Ease Fuel Pressures

Strive Masiyiwa made a huge announcement on his Facebook page, last week. Vaya will begin using electric vehicles in the near future to ease the fuel problem. The Econet Global leader dropped hints about the service in the comments section of a Facebook post announcing Vaya’s plan to provide waste management companies with logistics: “If […]