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ZESA Says They’re Going To Disconnect Post-Paid Customers Defaulting On Bills

ZESA has spent a number of months encouraging customers to pay their bills – remember that time when it seemed like the Energy Minister’s vocabulary only consisted of the words “pay your bills”? Well, those days are gone and ZESA will now take a tougher stance. The official ZETDC circular notifying defaulter of whats to […]

ZESA Adds New Features To Online Portal

ZESA’s online portal introduced last year only allowed you to check a history of your token purchases. The electricity supply authority has now added a number of new features to that portal. The portal is currently down but beyond just giving you a history of your token purchases it will also now: Allow you to […]

ZESA Applies For Electricity Tariff Review

Over the past few months, Zimbabwe has been in a crippling power crisis and one of the major reasons for this was that our electricity producers were selling power for peanuts. Well, not literally but they may as well have been. A few months ago the tariffs were revised but even then they remained low […]

‘Correct’ ZESA Load Shedding Schedule Is Same As ‘Fake’ One, 10 Hrs Or More Of No Power Per Day

Sometimes the way PR is done in Zimbabwe is annoying and silly. ZESA came out guns blazing alleging that the load shedding schedule we published a few days ago was fake news. No one believed them and rightly so… Now they have published the ‘correct’ load shedding schedule. Not only is it similar to the […]