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Trouble Buying Electricity Tokens? ZESA Prepaid System Down

A number of people have been running into challenges trying to buy electricity tokens this morning and last night. It seems the challenge is on ZEDTCs part as Paynow have put up a notice on their website informing customers of the challenges Increased errors from ZETDC We’re currently receiving a greater than normal number of […]

Former Eskom CEO Supposed To Invest In 100MW Local Solar Plant Says Corruption Stalling Progress

You may remember Engineer Koko Matshela -Former CEO of Eskom- whose company was awarded the licence to set up a US$250 million solar power plant that was supposed to generate 100MW back in July with work beginning the following month. Four months later nothing has happened and Matshela recently blamed the lack of progress on […]

ZESA Adds New Features To Online Portal

ZESA’s online portal introduced last year only allowed you to check a history of your token purchases. The electricity supply authority has now added a number of new features to that portal. The portal is currently down but beyond just giving you a history of your token purchases it will also now: Allow you to […]

Energy Minister: We Are Going To Be Receiving Energy From Eskom & We Are Negotiating With Mozambique

The Minister of Energy Honourable Fortune Chasi has spoken regarding the recent US$10 million paid to Eskom, confirm that it will indeed help in plugging the power generation holes currently plaguing the country. During a recent Cabinet briefing Honourable Chasi acknowledged the payment to Eskom but would not go into further details I can’t pronounce […]

ZESA Has Lost Almost 100 Transformers To Vandals and Thieves Since The Beginning Of 2018

If you’re a regular reader of the Techzim blog, you’ll probably remember when we talked about ZETDC (Zimbabwe Electricty Transmission and Distribution Company) calling for people tampering with electricity meters to turn themselves in by the 31st of August. It seems that vandalism and theft has had a far greater than one might first think […]

SA Government Creates App To Inform Consumers How Much Electricity Appliances Use

SA’s department of energy has launched an application that will help consumers make informed purchase decisions when it comes to electrical appliances. How does it work? The application known as the Appliance Energy Calculator allows to enter information regarding certain electrical appliance (which is usually on the energy label on the appliance). Once entered the […]

You Can Now Buy Airtime and Electricity On Whatsapp Through A Bot: Talk About Convenience!

The Kulibot is the first bot which allows people to top up their airtime and buy ZESA prepaid tokens via Whatsapp. The process… The process you follow is simple and straightforward. Users interacting with the bot will be prompted to respond to options offered by the bot at every step of their purchase. First, the […]

GOING SOLAR: Understanding Electricity And Consumption…

Last week we looked at how relevant knowledge about basic electrical terms such as Direct Current and Alternating Current communicates with our daily lives. My intention with this series is to be as technical friendly as possible so that wherever possible, our book of reference will be the basic textbook or secondary school dictionary. Flowing […]

GOING SOLAR: Understanding Electric Power…

Following my exploratory “Countdown to Alternative Energy” write-ups that I have posted over the last two weeks, (Part 1 & Part 2) a few questions have come through. There have been more enquiries about Solar Power among all the other alternative energy options that are available. That is understandable because we are under the African […]

Energy – The Countdown To Going Alternative Part 2

Image Credit: Upsplash – Rodion Kusaev You have made a decision to utilise alternative energy that is clean and green. Congratulations on making this wise decision. Last week, we focused on how you determine your needs, how to choose the appropriate technology and how to select service providers. Now that you have selected the service providers […]

Energy – The Countdown To Going Alternative Part 1

Image Credit: Upsplash – Rodion Kusaev You have decided you need energy, and it has to be clean and green. Whether it is to save money, backup your grid supply, become energy independent or as a primary source of energy, there are a few facts you need to know and embrace in order to make […]

Design considerations for utility solar farms in Zimbabwe

The picture shows a simplified utility solar farm that consists of a single grid-tied solar PV (photovoltaic) inverter connected to a transformer that is connected to the national electric grid. Each solar inverter is connected to thousands of solar PV panels. According to recent media reports, some progress has been made on the long-awaited Gwanda […]

The real reason severe load shedding ended in Zimbabwe

Wondering who to thank for severe load shedding ending in Zimbabwe? A report on Bloomberg this week might answer that question. According to the publication, demand for electricity in South Africa “has fundamentally collapsed” over the past 6 months, which has kept power supply consistent in South Africa and enabled Eskom to export power to Zimbabwe and Zambia. The reduced demand in SA […]

Solar Power for dummies Part 2: Getting to know your devices

Now that we have gotten the introduction stuff out of the way its time for you to get acquainted with some of the basics of electricity in general and solar power in particular. I won’t be introducing anything scary, I promise, just the basics you snoozed through during the Physics and Integrated Science lessons. A […]

Solar Power for dummies part 1: Introduction

I am well aware my esteemed colleague has already written a guide on solar power. This guide is different, penned with dummies in mind by a man who is also, when it comes to solar power and electricity in general, a dummy, who has taken a journey in the solar world. It is not a treatise […]

How an App & SMS can help end ZESA load shedding

Today most of the African continent is in pitch black darkness. literally! The Zimbabwean government, like a number of other African governments, has not – for one brilliant reason or the other – invested in new electricity generation capacity. To put this into perspective, in 2014, 13 million Zimbabweans will rely on generation capacity that […]

“Long after all this technology talk…” – President Mugabe

Dear Mr President About ten years ago, at the World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva, Switzerland, you made a remarkable speech on technology in third world countries, and this speech galvanized me to do something about technology from the moment I read it. I have included an excerpt of that speech below: Long after we […]

Dealing with the ever present power cuts in Zimbabwe

They say there are two things that are certain in life: Death and Taxes. I think I must add, “there are two things that are certain in Zimbabwe power cuts and dry taps.” It has happened so often most people have simply stopped being surprised about it. It does not seem to matter who you […]

To Zim parastatals: mum is not the word.

Imagine this: You get home at around 6 pm exhausted from your day at work. Your wife is in the kitchen preparing dinner and you decide to catch on the day’s news on the television in the lounge. As soon as you sit down on the couch, the power goes out.

Entrepreneur Interviews: Lovemore Mukono, co-founder of Mukonitronics (full Interview)

Recently we held an interview with Lovemore Mukono, the co-founder and CEO of Mukonitronics. Mukonitronics is one of Africa’s leading power technology companies in terms of design and manufacturing industrial power electronic products for the local and export market. The range of Mukonitronics products include power electronics for mining, power generation and transmission, electricity distribution, telecommunications, railway and industrial automation.

Electricity infrastructure & ICTs: Zesa’s 31% tariff increase

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) has come up with what it believes is a grand plan to vanquish power cuts (also known as Load Shedding) from the great lands between the Limpopo and Zambezi river. After much thought and strategising, the engineers and boffins at the parastatal have come to the conclusion that a 31% increase of tariffs is the answer.