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Here’s  A List Of The Things That The Ministry Of Education Needs To Fix On Their eMAP Application Portal

If you want your child to go to a boarding school locally you’ll have to deal with eMAP first. I say deal with eMAP because since the platform went online it’s been plagued with errors and for something so vital it’s a bit strange that it just doesn’t work as optimally as it should. We […]

Still having challenges with eMAP? Here are some tips that can help.

So ever since we wrote about eMAP (Electronic Ministry Application Platform (eMAP), people have been communicating challenges with the system. I promised to follow up on the inquiries of the people on the comments section. I would have responded to these on the comments section but I figured not everyone would be able to follow through […]

eMAP dispute haunts Dokora as Minister faces US$3.5 million lawsuit for software piracy

Zimbabwe’s Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Dr Lazarus Dokora has been sued for US$3.5 million by two Zimbabwean software development firms over the alleged piracy of an online enrolment system. According to the Herald the two companies – Assist Limited and Purple Divine Technology – are owned by a Zimbabwean entrepreneur called Nyasha Matongo. Matongo […]

Ministry of Education’s eMAP system processes over 60% of applications, scores successes despite technical challenges

eMAP, the online enrolment system for Form 1 boarding school places which was launched by the Ministry of Education earlier this month successfully allocated places to over 63% of applicants seeking places for the 2017 school year. The figure was reportedly shared by the Minister of Education, Lazarus in a recent address to Parliament. Dokora also […]

Still struggling to secure a Form 1 place through the eMAP system? – Go offline & approach the school instead

With reports of other schools abandoning the system altogether and some (unverified) feedback on social media from parents who claim to have secured places without the system the best thing at this point is to make other arrangements using the system that has been in place all these years.

Education Minister Dokora sued in eMAP software ownership wrangle as case reaches High Court

Minister of Education, Lazarus Dokora In the latest development regarding the ownership dispute of eMAP, Zimbabwe’s online enrolment system, Purple Divine Technology – the local software development firm claiming ownership and control of the system recently sought an interim order to stop the Ministry from using the system. This follows a request to cease using […]

Ministry of Education accused of stealing idea for eMAP online enrolment system

The Minister of Education Lazarus Dokora The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has been accused of stealing the idea for its eMAP online enrolment system which has been adopted as the primary registration platform for pupils seeking boarding school places for Form 1. In an interview on national radio station Star FM on Tuesday […]

Schools reportedly abandoning Ministry of Education’s eMAP online system, resorting to traditional enrolment

According to information provided by some parents over the past day, there are some Mission schools that have abandoned the eMAP enrolment system and have been discreetly engaging parents and guardians that are approaching them to secure places for their children.

What happens after you apply for a Form 1 place through eMAP, the Ministry of Education’s system?

According to the Minister of Education, Lazarus Dokora, once applications are submitted the respective schools are expected to set up admission committees to handle the selection process.

Over 5,500 applications submitted so far through Ministry of Education’s online enrolment system

Despite the Minister’s statements, the facts on the ground show that there were challenges encountered by several users trying to submit their information through the platform.

Ministry of Education extends deadline for Form 1 boarding school enrolment as online system faces challenges

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has extended the deadline for applications being processed online for Form places at various boarding schools around Zimbabwe.

Your questions on the Ministry of Education’s online enrolment system for Form 1 places answered here

The Ministry of Education’s online enrolment system for Form 1 boarding school places which went live on the 10th of December 2016 and is set to work only until the end of today (12 December 2016) has drawn mixed reactions. Some users have managed to submit their applications and are now awaiting feedback from the […]

Ministry of Education’s online enrolment system crashes – applicants in panic mode as deadline approaches (update)

Update – The eMAP system which was inaccessible on Sunday afternoon has been up and down with access to some of the site’s pages. However, it appears to be still presenting challenges with completing the registration process. We will keep you updated on  any changes to the situation as this is a developing story. If […]

Ministry of Education’s online enrolment system for Form 1 places goes live – here’s how to use it

According to information which has been shared today (10 December 2016) parents and guardians who are applying for boarding school places (through the system) should apply over the next 3 days. They will receive feedback via SMS by Monday 12 December 2016.

Zimbabwe Teachers Association slams online enrolment system for disadvantaging offline students in rural areas

The Ministry of Education’s proposed online recruitment system for pupils seeking places for high school has been criticised by the Zimbabwe teachers Association (ZIMTA). According to the Chronicle, the ZIMTA chief executive officer, Sifiso Ndlovu, described the Minister of Education Lazarus Dokora’s directive for all applications for Form 1  to be handled through its online […]

Ministry of Education takes unnecessary risks with rushed electronic enrolment system for Form 1

It’s called the electronic Ministry Application Platform (eMAP) and it is expected to be used on the one day (16 December 2016) that the government has selected for enrolment.