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Here’s a guide to configuring DNS Resource Records

In a previous article, we looked at the most commonly used DNS Resource Records, we now need to look at how we configure these records. In this guide, we will use cPanel as our control panel. Here is a step by step guide to configuring the DNS resource records;

What is a DMARC policy, and why should I set it up anyway?

Still on the topic of setting up your own email servers for your startup, here’s a look at a DMARC policy. What is it? Well, it will allow you, for example, to tell servers receiving your emails what to do when they receive emails purporting to be from you that fail either SPF or DKIM checks.

Want to verify the sender of that e-mail? Here’s how to set up DKIM signing on your server

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), makes use of a pair of private and public keys to electronically sign mail. Any server implementing DKIM can, therefore, verify that the email came from the origin that it purports to come from.In this article, we look at how you can configure your email server to sign your outgoing emails using DKIM.

Here’s my email server recipe

Startups often have to come up with workarounds for every cost centre that could potentially derail their efforts. Email servers are one such area when it comes to the setup of decent tech. Here is a recipe or guide for setting up an email server that makes it easy for anyone to understand.