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President ED Declares 21 Day Lockdown From Monday 30 March

President Mnangagwa has declared that from Monday 30 March, the country will go into total lockdown for the next 21 days. Some of the measures announced as part of the declaration are as follows; Army to be deployed to enforce lockdown. All movements of people is prohibited with the exception of Ministers, Heads of Ministries […]

Why Using A Twitter Poll As An Approval Rating Is Not Such A Good Idea

If you’re a Twitter user, you may have come across and even participated in the infamous poll uploaded by Studio 7 VOA. If you’re not a Twitter user you may have come across some media outlets running the story claiming that the President had won approval ratings, stemming from the aforementioned poll. The idea that […]

MnangagwaMeter Keeps Track Of All 272 Promises Made By President Mnangagwa

Who still remembers 2018? The year of mega deals. The year of “Open for business”. It seems like such a long time ago that many promises were made by our Head of State. Headlines of progress rolled in left, right and centre and if you weren’t keeping track it’s easy to forget just how many […]

ANC Texts Voters Ahead Of Elections Like ED, ZANU PF Could Learn Some Lessons

Last year as we approached elections a number of us were surprised when we started receiving unsolicited messages from the President asking for our vote. What pissed many of was the fact that many who received the message were not members of the ZANU PF and were surprised that the party had their number… In […]

First Phase Of Constructing 6 Innovation Hubs Finished- Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education

Are you aware that the government is currently constructing 6 innovation hubs? Last year the government allocated $700 000 for the construction of these hubs in 6 universities so as to address the country’s skill deficit. According to the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister, Professor Amon Murwira these innovation […]

President Mnangagwa Posts On Social Media Saying We Have Right To Free Speech When Social Media Is Blocked By His Government

President Mnangagwa posted on Facebook and Twitter from Russia saying he is saddened by reports of violence back home. He said everyone in Zimbabwe has the right to freely speak out and to criticise. ‘It’s ironic that he would say that and more so that he said so on social media when the platforms are […]

An Online Petition To Ban President Mnangagwa From Davos Has More Than 40K Signatures

No wonder Zimbabweans are being blocked from the internet by the government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa! We have become very creative and envelope pushing online. There’s a petition on that is asking the international community to ban the Zimbabwean president from attending the World Economic Forum meetings in Davos from the 22nd of this […]

President Mnangagwa Appoints Head Of E-Government Unit

The chairperson (or former chairperson now) at Africom -Mr Jacob Wekwete- is now the head of Zimbabwe’s E-Government Unit in the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC). He has left his post at Africom and will take charge of the E-Government program which runs across a number of public sector institutions. What exactly is […]

Zimbabwe Government Is Sending Our Faces To China So China’s Artificial Intelligence System Can Learn To See Black Faces

It seems the new dispensation is on a deal making spree that shows no signs of stopping. Zimbabwe is reported to have entered into a deal with CloudWalk, a Chinese facial recognition Start Up that is based in Gunagzhou. The deal will see the creation of a large-scale facial recognition program throughout the country. The […]

President Mnangagwa As You Review The 2% Tax, Consider This: We Are Taxed For Moving Money From The Left Pocket To The Right Pocket

Dear President Mnangagwa I was quite pleased to hear you announce that the 2% tax on all electronic transactions will be reviewed. This is good news and this letter serves to point out some of the issues you may want to consider as you review this tax. Individuals are as important as companies, only poorer […]

Government Is Going To Review The 2% On Electronic Transactions: President

According to President Mnangagwa the government will soon review the two percent tax on electronic money transfers so as “to make it sensitive to the needs of both business and consumers.” Since its introduction by the Ministry of Finance the tax has not won any fans. Many people have complained that consumers and businesses are […]

President Mnangagwa Speaks On Current State Of Economy, Statement Very Similar To One By Mthuli Ncube Earlier

President Mnangagwa has issued a statement commenting on the current state of the economy. He has reiterated his position that there is necessary pain that needs to be endured before economic recovery and growth can be achieved. The statement by the president is almost word for word the statement by Minister of Finance, Mthuli Ncube […]

President Mnangagwa Says Mthuli Ncube’s Measures Are Necessary And That There Are No Easy Fixes, We Have To Be Patient

It’s exactly 8 days after the Finance Minister announced the introduction of a new tax whenever we transact on electronic platforms. He of course made the announcement at the same event where the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe announced the separation of bank accounts into a dedicated RTGS funds account and another for […]

Zimbabwe Government Now Taking Social Media Seriously And Not As A Threat, Maybe It Is A New Dispensation

A few days ago Nick Mangwana who we all just knew from Twitter was appointed the new Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services. He then quickly announced that he was unblocking some people he had blocked on Twitter since he was now a public servant and he had to engage with […]

Three Bloomberg Interviews: Mnangagwa, Mthuli Ncube, Mangudya- Draw Your Own Conclusions

Below are three interviews by Bloomberg. One of them worries me greatly. You can draw your own conclusions: President Mnangagwa Mthuli Ncube John Mangudya Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe's governor sees a positive investment mood ▶️ — Bloomberg TV (@BloombergTV) September 21, 2018   Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime […]

New Finance Minister, Mthuli Ncube Proposes These Three Solutions To Solve The Cash (Economic) Crisis

Many are calling him President Mnangagwa’s best appointment. That’s new the Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube, a technocrat as many of us are saying. He starts his reign as the Minister of Finance in the back of a struggling economy. Shortage of bond cash, shortage of foreign currency cash, increasing prices etc are some of the […]

Now That Supa Is Gone Should We Expect Netone’s Suspended CEO To Bounce Back?

The eventualities of Friday brought some new changes and faces in the cabinet of President Mnangagwa. Without looking very far, the Ministry of ICT and Cybersecurity saw Kazembe Kazembe taking its helm, thus replacing Supa Mandiwanzira. Where am I coming from by asking; “Now That Supa Is Gone Should We Expect Netone’s Suspended CEO To […]

President Mnangagwa Made 234 Promises: ZimCitizensWatch Is A Platform To Track Them

Now that the elections are over and we now have a new (old) President, people are waiting for him to live up to the promises he made in his party’s manifesto, the pledge card, and other pronouncements. In that regard, Sevio Institute has developed a platform called, where you can take track the fulfillment of […]

President Mnangagwa, Here Is What Some Zimbabweans On Twitter Are Demanding From You

Three weeks ago we spelled out what President Mnangagwa is going to do for the techies in Zimbabwe. So in turn, we asked our Twitter followers what they want President Mnangagwa to do ‘tech-wise’.  Here is what they want; Jimalo‏ @_jimalo_ Aug 26 1. We need a strong DIGITIZATION and automation policy to remove some unnecessary bottlenecks […]

Law Firm Representing NetOne CEO Against Office Of The President Is Owned By The President’s Son-In-Law

The situation at NetOne seems to have gone into overdrive and with the current CEO – Lazarus Muchenje- having now sued the ICT Minister Supa Mandiwanzira and The Office of The President we were quite alarmed by the fact that the law firm representing Mr Muchenje has a very interesting ownership and we couldn’t help […]

Zimbabwe Has A New Same President, Our Job: Hold Him Accountable To His Campaign Promises And More

Finally the election results announcement has come. President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has been declared duly elected President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. He won the poll with a 50.8% of the total votes cast which secures him the State House. President Mnangagwa was of course the incumbent having taken over the presidency after the resignation […]

Presidential Election Results: Check Out Who’s Leading In Real Time Online As ZEC Announces

ZEC promised to start announcing the results of the presidential election at 10pm tonight. Well it’s past that and we knew ZEC doesn’t really keep time do they? Anyway, when they do announce you will want to check out the Pindula News Election Resource page to get a sense of who’s leading at any given […]

President Mnangagwa Says He Is More Concerned With What Happens On The Ground, Not Social Media

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said he is not worried about social media being used to incite violence as we edge closer to the Presidential Election on the 30th of July. Speaking to Sky News, the President said: On social media, people can sit in (their) houses drinking his whiskey and say anything they want. That […]

POTRAZ Officially Opens New Headquarters

POTRAZ (Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe) officially opened up their new HQ in Mt Pleasant Business Park. They moved into the new building a few months ago but the building was not yet open to the general public. The president was at hand to officially open the new home of the telecommunications regulator […]

President Launches C-Trade: Zimbabwe’s First Online Platform To Trade Shares Listed On Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

So, this is it, Zimbabweans can now trade shares listed on Zimbabwe Stock Exchange online. This is being made possible by C-trade, which is a platform that enables the buying and selling of shares online on a computer or mobile device. The launch was graced by President Mnangagwa who said; The establishment of a well-coordinated […]

Zim’s Very Own Space Agency Launched -Now We Wait & Watch

Zingsa (Zimbabwe National Geo-Spatial and Space Agency) was launched yesterday. It promises the discovery of new minerals and renewable energy sources, wildlife monitoring and investor attraction. The president said: This programme is expected to enhance Zimbabwe’s capabilities in global policy discourses on generation, access, use and regulation of the application of space technologies and innovations […]

President Opens Empowerment Bank, Zimbabwe’s First ‘Youth-Focused’ Bank

Zimbabwe’s first youth-centric bank, called Empowerment Bank (EB) has just been launched today by President Emmerson Mnangagwa. The bank, which is a microbank, in essence, has “been formed with the purpose of providing social and financial solutions to the financially excluded population with a greater focus on the youth”. EB was launched under the auspices […]

President Mnangagwa Has An App That Allows Followers To Get News Updates Directly From Him

When I first saw the President Mnangagwa application I was a bit surprised. This embrace of tech is not what we had become accustomed but looking at the president’s track record thus far it was to be expected. Thus far he has already setup a Facebook, Twitter and a website so an application only makes sense. […]

Mr President Before You Give Tax Incentives To Foreign Investors For Job Creation, Have You Looked At Startups?

Today’s Herald carried a headline that said, ‘ED mulls tax incentives to lure investors.’ The Herald wrote: Tax holidays and incentives, the President said, will help attract more attract foreign investment into the country, which will go a long way in creating decent jobs for the populace and help the country to attain the Government’s […]

No Shutting Down Of Internet During Election Period, Minister Of ICT Assures Zimbabweans

With the trend of repressing internet and social media usage by some African countries, some Zimbabweans are probably holding their breath waiting to see if our government is going to introduce such a law since elections are just around the corner.  Governments in Africa have lately resorted to shutting down the internet and social media […]