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Lytee Finally Launches But You Won’t Be Able To Order A Helper From Your Smartphone Just Yet…

Back in January, we talked about Lytee. This company was working on a service that would allow users to hire helpers the same way you order food or get a Hwindi/Vaya. As we said in that initial article you’ll be able to order both skilled and unskilled workers through this application. It’s an amazing concept […]

Here Are The Top Skills That Will Be In-Demand This Year, According To LinkedIn

We recently touched on the top programming skills/languages that will get you behind a desk in Zimbabwe in 2019. Whilst this last was great for people looking to add new skills to their existing skillset or picking a career path, we didn’t touch on those who are looking further than being employed locally. Maybe you’re […]

The Top Programming Languages That Companies Are Hiring For In Zimbabwe

Coding is the in-thing right now and for most people considering getting into that space professionally one of the biggest questions you may have is, “where should I start?” A good place to start may be in understanding what languages are popular in the job market right now and balancing that with whatever it is […]

InternZim Connects Students Looking For Attachments With Potential Employers

Finding attachments must be quite daunting, especially when you consider that for most students, these are their first steps into the ‘real world’. It would be very convenient if there was a way to make this process easier. This is exactly what InternZim is trying to do. InternZim is a website that aims to connect […]

Four Ways The Cloud Is Creating, Not Eliminating, Jobs

By Amr Kamel, General Manager for Microsoft in West, East and Central Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands (WECA) Five million jobs are expected to be lost to automation by 2020. That may sound like a scary figure, but as these roles disappear, new jobs are set to spring up in their place. In fact, […]

Zimbabwe’s fake degree problem: We need an online degree verification process

This guest post was authored by Eng. Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi. Be careful who you refer to as Doctor! After reading what is happening in Tanzania, “Tanzania fires 9,932 civil servants over fake degrees” and here in Zimbabwe, “Jail time for fake degree holders” by our Minister of Higher Education, Jonathan Moyo. What is the situation […]

Looking for a job or hiring in Zimbabwe? Check out this new Jobs section

For the convenience of those seeking to hire and those seeking to be hired, we have set up a Jobs Section. You will find the section at the bottom right side of the Techzim Home Page and the Article Pages.