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Open call for Seedstars and Shell Foundation’s Energy, Mobility & Agriculture Innovation Challenge

Seedstars and Shell Foundation have called on African Startups in mobility, energy and agriculture to apply for their innovation challenge.

DStv Loses Nearly 100k Subscribers In Zim, Economic Woes & Electricity Crisis To Blame

Multichoice recently announced financial results for their financial year ending on the 31st of March 2020 and the situation in Zimbabwe is “sub-optimal”. That’s if sub-optimal can be used as a euphemism. Put plainly, DStv is actually haemorrhaging customers and lost 92 000 subscribers in that period placing the blame on power outages and economic woes […]

Trouble Buying Electricity Tokens? ZESA Prepaid System Down

A number of people have been running into challenges trying to buy electricity tokens this morning and last night. It seems the challenge is on ZEDTCs part as Paynow have put up a notice on their website informing customers of the challenges Increased errors from ZETDC We’re currently receiving a greater than normal number of […]

Masiyiwa’s Re-Imagine Rural Initiative Completes 100KW Solar Project

Strive Masiyiwa’s Reimagine Rural Initiative has been pretty active over the last few years. The mandate of the initiative is to promote entrepreneurs with solutions to improve rural Africa. The US$100m fund was set up last February. Most recently, Reimagine Rural managed to build a 100KW solar plant which will support 70 businesses in Ndolwane. […]

SDG500 Will Invest $500 Million In Businesses Addressing Sustainable Development Goals

A new investment fund; SDG500 will begin investing $500m in businesses working to achieve the global Sustainable Development Goals. The fund was launched earlier this week in Davos. SDG500 will be backed by “a coalition of public and private organisations, NGOs and a private equity firm.” Capital from the funds will be used to make debt […]

Tech Highlights From The President’s 3rd 100-Day Cycle

Ever since President Mnangagwa became President (officially in August 2018) he’s set out 100-day cycles where targets are set and at the end of 100 days we can follow up on which targets where met and another cycle begins with new targets. The 3rd 100-day cycle just ended and the most recent Cabinet Decisions Matrix […]

How To Sign Up For ZESA’S Online Portal

ZESA has a pretty comprehensive Self-Service portal but the only problem is the fact that ZESA hasn’t educated consumers on how to use the thing! After signing up for the portal I realised it’s really useful and contains information and functions such as: Token purchase trend from 2014 A service statement with all electricity purchases […]

ZESA Applies For Electricity Tariff Review

Over the past few months, Zimbabwe has been in a crippling power crisis and one of the major reasons for this was that our electricity producers were selling power for peanuts. Well, not literally but they may as well have been. A few months ago the tariffs were revised but even then they remained low […]

Fortune Chasi: We Have To Encourage Use Of Electric Vehicles

Energy Minister Fortune Chasi has said the country has to seriously consider electric vehicles (EVs) and how government can incentivise their use. The first thing that comes to many people’s minds is the fact that we are currently faced by an electricity crisis but the Minister said this shouldn’t be a deterrent. When I spoke […]

ZESA: Loadshedding Back To Stage 1 But Kariba Producing Less Than 300MW

ZESA is finally receiving 400MW from Eskom and their spokesperson has come out and said that this means that Loadshedding can now return to the more palatable Stage 1 with 5-hour powercuts down from the 16 hours Zimbos we fast becoming used to. The electricity supply situation has improved significantly following interventions by both Government […]

[Download] Ministry Of Energy Releases National Renewable Energy Policy

The Ministry of Energy and Power Development has released a new renewable energy policy which they claim will bring “a strategic shift in Zim’s energy mix & enable us to join the world in the uptake of clean, green energy in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal.” The policy covers the following areas: Barriers […]

Computer Virus Leaves Jo’Burg Residents On The Brink Of Darkness

South African Electric Utility company City Power has been affected by a virus that has left citizens unable to purchase electricity, which means those who were edging closer to 0 Kilowatts are in trouble. City Power acknowledged the fault and openly admitted that a number of systems were down in a series of tweets: City […]

Can the Total Card help you budget? Yes. Here’s how…

Even in these hard times, I’m sure you can all agree with me that the temptation to live beyond our means continues to get the best of us. Well, what’s interesting is that there are some service providers who still strive to ensure that they give us some form of competitive advantage over such life […]

The future is here….. or is it? Transport in the 21st century

Imagine yourself cruising along the side of the highway, the wind gentle on your face and rustling your hair, if you have hair. You are coasting at a leisurely 30 km/hr as you take in the sights en route to work. You pass by a filling station and think to yourself, ‘what a bunch of […]

GOING SOLAR: Combining the equipment

As we suggested last week, in this installment of GOING SOLAR we are going to summarize and combine all we have learnt so far and design a simple solar power system for an average sized home. Determine the demand and energy consumption The first thing to do is list what we want to power (the […]

GOING SOLAR: Understanding The Equipment – The Inverter (Part 2)

In last week’s instalment of GOING SOLAR we looked at the various types of the POWER INVERTER available. This week we are going to look at how we select the right inverter to meet our needs. Before selecting an inverter there are three main inverter ratings that we MUST understand about the inverter we want. […]

Design considerations for utility solar farms in Zimbabwe

The picture shows a simplified utility solar farm that consists of a single grid-tied solar PV (photovoltaic) inverter connected to a transformer that is connected to the national electric grid. Each solar inverter is connected to thousands of solar PV panels. According to recent media reports, some progress has been made on the long-awaited Gwanda […]

This startup makes buying ZESA prepaid electricity tokens online reliable

Buying ZESA prepaid electricity tokens on the internet is nothing new. For about a year now it’s been possible, with the noteworthy solution being TelOne’s Telpay website which we wrote about last year. There’s a new interesting addition though and this new service solves a key problem with zesa token vending, which the other platforms have seemingly ignored – reliability. The service is called Power.Plus and it […]

The real reason severe load shedding ended in Zimbabwe

Wondering who to thank for severe load shedding ending in Zimbabwe? A report on Bloomberg this week might answer that question. According to the publication, demand for electricity in South Africa “has fundamentally collapsed” over the past 6 months, which has kept power supply consistent in South Africa and enabled Eskom to export power to Zimbabwe and Zambia. The reduced demand in SA […]

Dealing with the ever present power cuts in Zimbabwe

They say there are two things that are certain in life: Death and Taxes. I think I must add, “there are two things that are certain in Zimbabwe power cuts and dry taps.” It has happened so often most people have simply stopped being surprised about it. It does not seem to matter who you […]

African company introduces solar powered ‘business in a box’ phone charger

Remember Econet’s Green Kiosk chargers? A Swaziland based company has just launched a solution along those lines, with the only difference that theirs is just the charging solution and it can be conveniently carried around easily.

Econet Solar Green Kiosks: the launch

We attended the Econet Solar Green Kiosk launch today which we posted about earlier. The launch took place at the Econet HQ in Harare. The mayor of Harare, Muchadeyi Masunda, officially launched the project. Apart from the main issues we published in the morning, here are a few more details we learnt at the launch: […]

Econet Solar to launch community Green Kiosks

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe will today launch what the company calls the Green Kiosk; basically a kiosk that sells Econet mobile phone accessories, airtime, EcoCash mobile money services, and allows Econet customers to charge their mobile phones for free using solar energy. The launch will take place later today at the company’s headquarters in Harare. From […]

How tech can help: The Zesa prepaid power billing

Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa) has been phasing out the old power meters and replacing them with the Cash Power prepaid meters like the one on the right. Zesa recently had our power meter changed, and we have been using this meter for almost two months now, and the benefits are numerous such as: no […]