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Research Council of Zimbabwe Looking To Fund Entrepreneurs Addressing R&D Pain Points

ZITF has been pretty interesting and we’ve been running into some interesting stuff on a daily. Yesterday it was Buddie Beatz. Today we bumped into something a bit more interesting. The Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ) is calling for proposals to enable technology innovators and entrepreneurs to pursue promising scientifically proven concepts. The focus of […]

Why Do Startups Fail?

It’s early in the new year, and a lot of entrepreneurs might be brimming with confidence at the idea of their startup taking off. The startup story, however, seldom goes entirely well. Worse more in a country such as our own which makes it quite hard to open and operate a business, there are a […]

HP To Train 100 000 African Entrepreneurs Over The Next 3 Years

The Global Citizen festival celebrating Mandela’s life was not just notable for hosting Beyonce’s first African performance. Hewlett Packard, more commonly known as HP also opened an HP Life Centre in South Africa. What’s LIFE? HP Learning Initiative For Entrepreneurs is a program that has courses meant to prepare entrepreneurs for their gruelling journey. There […]

Total Calls Startups To Enter Startupper of The Year Competition

You ever heard of the Total Startupper of the year challenge? No? Well, you have now. The challenge is meant to “support good ideas and projects that help address a widespread problem affecting communities in your country. It could be about providing educational opportunities, reducing child mortality, improving public health, developing access to electricity in […]