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NetOne and its imaginary Instagram Bundles

It’s been a little over a week since NetOne introduced its own WhatsApp and Facebook Bundles. something that everyone expected would happen eventually anyway. Now the pressure to make an impressive late entrance has seen the mobile network adopt strategies to make its own services stand out from the competition. This is what explains the […]

From WhatsApp bundles to LTE: NetOne goes all out on data services

Finally, NetOne has stepped up to the plate, and not a moment too soon actually. The mobile network operator launched its own Over The Top (OTT) service bundles, or more specifically WhatsApp and Facebook bundles. The modus operandi is the same: Give subscribers unlimited access to the most visible applications or services and have them pay […]

Facebook Lite launched in Zimbabwe, SA, Nigeria & 5 other countries

Our first reaction when we read that Facebook has launched a new Facebook Lite Android app, was that this is old news because it exists (or existed) already. So we searched and found this – a simple version of the Facebook website that was trialed and shut down in April 2010 – and this – a Facebook java app […]

How the P.O BOX videos are exploiting the opportunity of the internet

Creating great content is never easy, especially when you are trying to do it as something more than just a hobby. Your material has to be relevant, fresh and worth the audience or market’s time. When you’ve nailed that, you can then turn to tech to present it to the world for you. Which is what the […]

Special Edition Techzim Podcast: 2014 in review plus our festive season giveaway!

This is a special edition of the Techzim Podcast that marks the end of the year 2014. In this episode we review the successes and failures in tech and what stood out for us locally and internationally in the world of technology. Topics discussed include broadband advances for the year liker the rollout of fibre, gadgets […]

Econet reactivates USSD long codes, fixes and updates its EcoCash app

Just last month we were complaining about how Econet was dragging its feet in updating its EcoCash App which has been available on Android since March this year. The app had become ineffective because of the disabling of USSD long codes that run at the back of the app, powering every function selected.The good news is that […]

No you aren’t the only one, Econet is down (update)

If you are an Econet subscriber you might have noticed that all USSD services are currently not working. Any attempt to use the network results in a pop up message about a “connection problem or Invalid MMI code” From conventional airtime recharge, balance inquiry, recharge via EcoCash or any other EcoCash service for that matter, […]

WARNING: Don’t buy airtime through EcoCash on weekends

For some time now, I have been using my EcoCash wallet to buy airtime.Though I don’t get a discount for doing this (they give dealers and wholesalers between 8-10%, surely this can be extended to us, they have no printing costs of a physical recharge card or other costs that are associated with buying airtime) […]

Understanding Econet’s new unlimited browsing promotion

There’s something that a lot of Econet broadband subscribers have noticed in the past couple days. Econet has been advertising its latest service that was launched at midnight– An unlimited browsing promotion via the Opera Mini browser. By dialing *143#  subscribers are able to select an option for unlimited browsing for 24 hours which costs 40 […]

Networks offer free WhatsApp to subscribers

Earlier today South Africa’s Cell C announced an offer for free WhatsApp services to all its contract  subscribers and some of its prepaid subscribers. According to a report from My Broadband this promotion is set to last until the festive season and Cell C has stated that this is meant to be the network’s strategy […]

How to access the internet through Facebook

Some time back I posted an article about my getting banned from WhatsApp and contributing to the ban was my wanting to share with followers my top 20 SECRETS that mobile networks don’t want you to know. I’ve been asked a lot about those secrets, some of them are no longer relevant, but definitely one of the things […]

Econet’s free Twitter extended by three months

A month ago mobile network operator Econet Wireless announced a one month only free  Twitter offer for all its broadband subscribers. The great news for #Twimbos who have been enjoying the special is that it has been extended by another 3 months. It’s going to be free tweeting until 20 November 2014. Being part of […]

In rejoicing for Zero rated content, Facebook & WhatsApp bundles, let’s worry about net neutrality

Locally, perceiving zero rated content packages, Facebook specific and WhatsApp specific bundled internet as anything less than positive feels like looking a gift horse in the mouth. It’s like pouring cold water over something that should be celebrated. But let’s have the net neutrality conversation for a minute. These zero rated websites and app specific bundles create an internet that is uneven. Right now, in […]

Econet to launch Facebook on USSD

“Can you imagine browsing Facebook using any handset? Now You Can!” If you saw this in a teaser advert in today’s paper you must have been wondering (like we were) what sort of service this was and from which operator. We have just established from sources from Econet that this is their new product, Facebook on […]

Econet announces free access to Twitter, your move Telecel?

Econet Wireless announced that they will be giving all broadband subscribers free access to micro blogging site Twitter.  With a tweet carrying an amusing jibe at Telecel’s catch phrase #tellsomeone, Econet has highlighted that this freebie will only last for one month. This is a welcome development for the Zimbabwean Twitter community aka #Twimbos. Expectations […]

POTRAZ Q1 Report shows significant mobile traffic decline

There are more people signing up for mobile connections but fewer calls are being made by these same subscribers. This fact has been expressed POTRAZ’s Sector Performance Report for the first quarter of 2014. The report has provided a snapshot perspective on the state of telecoms in Zimbabwe, with a notable decline in mobile traffic […]

What’s this “Zvinhu Zvirikufaya” craze?

I have a love-hate relationship with social media. Attached to the joys of hashtags and retweets, shares and Yos are the annoyances of Candy Crush Saga requests, chain messages and pokes. These are things that can only be avoided by being digitally anorexic. Of course there’s the magic of bringing communities together which means so much […]

Hooray for Telecel’s WhatsApp bundles! Now comes Facebook & Twitter?

A few days ago Telecel launched its own WhatsApp bundles, offering discounted access to the hugely successful IM and social media platform.  This move was what we had all been expecting for some time now, considering how their competition, Econet, has been using the same product to boost subscriber value. Telecel’s WhatsApp play deserves applause […]

The good, the bad and the ugly of cheap social media

Let’s face it- some of the best products Econet has ever offered its subscribers are the Facebook and WhatsApp bundles. For a bargain price you have unlimited access to two of the most frequented, and probably essential applications for anyone exploring the virtues of a smartphone in Zimbabwe. Econet gets how social media is the […]

Telecel to launch Facebook Zero giving free Facebook access to subscribers

Telecel Zimbabwe is set to announce the launch of a new service for its subscribers, Facebook Zero which enables subscribers free access to the social network. This zero rate does not include videos and images but the data cost to access these will be at a reduced rates. This is according to anonymous sources within […]

WhatsApp accounts for 23% of all internet traffic on Econet’s network

WhatsApp now constitutes 23% of internet traffic on Econet’s network since the introduction of WhatsApp bundles in February. This is according to a press released published by Econet’s technical partner in the implementation of the app-based bundles, Sandvine. The release says Econet has experienced tremendous success with the WhatsApp bundles thanks to “Sandvine’s Usage Management solution implemented […]

Facebook VoIP calls on Econet Facebook bundles work but the quality is poor

Facebook owned WhatsApp is expected to add voice calls to it’s IM offering within this quarter. Customers, especially those on Econet’s WhatsApp bundles are excited about the prospect of making unlimited VoIP calls on WhatsApp for just $3 but if Facebook’s voice call package is anything to go by, then there is nothing exciting about […]

Join the movement: Twitter bundles coming to Econet Broadband subscribers

Econet Zimbabwe is set to introduce Twitter bundles to Econet broadband subscribers. This emerged after Econet started a campaign on their Twitter account asking followers to retweet if they want Econet Twitter bundles. The Twitter bundles will be a follow up to the highly popular Facebook and Whatsapp bundles the company introduced the in October […]