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Facebook’s Libra Won’t Be Introduced In Countries That Ban Crypto’s Or Are Under US Sanctions

Whilst it looks like Facebook will have to deal with some regulatory hurdles before rolling out, another stumbling block will be the country’s attitude towards cryptos and whether or not that country is under sanctions. Techcrunch spoke to a Calibra spokesperson who cited that sanctions and hostility towards cryptos is a no-no: The Libra Blockchain […]

Facebook Plans to Create Independent Organization to Monitor Its GlobalCoin Cryptocurrency

Facebook is looking to give away control of GlobalCoin, its cryptocurrency to a third-party in order to inspire trust, according to a recent report. Its said that Facebook has been in active talks with other tech companies and financial institutions to create an institution that will be responsible for monitoring the processes of its planned […]

Facebook Softens Stance On Crypto-related Adverts

Facebook says it will change its stance on ads for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology-powered solutions, less than a year after it effectively closed the door to crypto ads. Of course, such a broad policy also frustrated countless legitimate advertisers. So last year’s ban did not last long as it went on to announce that all […]