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Facebook To Start Taking Down “Deepfake” Videos

Manipulated media is one of the most dangerous forms that fake news can take. We’ve talked about deepfakes before and the horror of deepfakes comes from the fact that they can make it appear as if you or anyone else said or did something they didn’t do at all. Unlike other forms of fake news […]

Facebook Adds 10 African Languages To Its 3rd-Party Fact-Checking Program

Facebook is partnering with Africa Check and will now include 10 African languages. The Third-Party-Fact-Checking program helps to assess the accuracy of news on Facebook and seeks to reduce the spread of misinformation/fake news. Africa Check is an independent fact-checking organisation that was launched in 2018 and they are collaborating to add the following languages […]

Facebook Finally Goes After White Nationalists (Terrorists)

Facebook has finally caved in to pressure from activists. From now on the social media giant will block “praise, support and representation of white nationalism and separatism” from its two platforms: Facebook and Instagram. This is after the social media giant was sued for allowing a video showing the Christchurch mosque shootings to be uploaded […]