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Facebook is bringing Messenger into Instagram DMs

If we take a little trip back in time to early last year Facebook, according to a report by The New York Times, was looking to integrate Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs and WhatsApp under one umbrella. There were murmurings during the second half of the year that Facebook was testing cross chats between FB messenger […]

If Unlimited Video Calls With Up To 50 People Are Your Thing, Check Out Facebook’s Messenger Rooms

Facebook has launched a competitor to Zoom Meetings and Skype video conferencing products – Messenger Rooms. FB Messenger already had video calling functionality but that was limited in terms of the number of participants and required that participants have Facebook accounts. Messenger Rooms ramps up the limit to 50 people maximum per video call and […]

Facebook Messenger For iPhones Uses Less Storage But Is Now Twice As Fast

Facebook recently rebuilt their Messenger application on for iPhones and iPads. The result is an app that is quarter the size of the pre-existing application and twice as fast. Why did Facebook do this? Because they felt the utility of Messenger requires that the application be as nimble as possible: We started with the premise […]

A Flaw In Facebook Messenger Kids Allowed Group Chats With Unapproved Contacts

Facebook’s chat app for children had a flaw that would put most parents who allow their children to use that specific app to feel uneasy about just how secure their kids are. Facebook recently sent notices to parents of kids who use the “kid-friendly” messaging service notifying them of a “technical error”: We found a […]

Tired of Chatting On Facebook Messenger? Start To Play These Addictive Games With Your Facebook Friends

Facebook is the number one social networking site where you can get connected with family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. On the platform, you can share your favorite pictures and videos, make text chats and videos calls and more. Apart from this, Facebook is becoming one of the best places to play games online through its […]

How To Use Facebook Messenger Without A Facebook Account

When Facebook first created its separate Messenger app people were confused but also annoyed: they didn’t want to use a second app to access functionality that was previously available inside the main Facebook app. But Facebook Messenger is a decent messaging app in its own right. And you may not know this but it’s possible […]

Facebook Messenger’s Redesign Is Out And I Like It

Last year at its developer conference F8, social networking giant Facebook announced a redesign for its Messenger app. And now, the redesigned app has finally started rolling out on Google Play Store as well as App Store. The main purpose of redesigning the Messenger app is said to be to make it more simple than what it […]

Talk It Out: You Can Finally Now Send Voice Messages On Instagram

Instagram is finally giving you the ability to send voice messages, in addition to text and photos, via its Direct Messages feature. This feature has been in the works for months and it’s now finally live. For a platform that relies primarily on visual content rather than words and sound, Instagram may be preparing itself to take a left […]

Kuwadzana East MP Is Using A ChatBot To Engage With People In His Constiuency

Chatbots (bot), one of the hottest trends in consumer technology, are invading every sphere where interaction between two or more parties is needed. A bot is a software that imitates human behavior. Type a question or statement to an online bot, and it will attempt to respond as a human would. They can be integrated […]

WhatsApp Working On A Feature That Reduces Eye Strain: Dark Mode

Dark theme support seems to have become the latest trend and it’s quickly catching heat. App makers have started embracing it with open arms, including Google, and now it looks like WhatsApp may finally join in on the fun with its own dark mode. Yes, you heard that right. WhatsApp is said to be working on […]

US Government Pressuring Facebook To Remove The End-to-End Encryption Security Feature On Messenger

The end-to-end encryption feature is a blessing for Facebook users (and generally for social media users) as it prevents third parties from snooping in on their conversations, and at the same time, government authorities despise it because it obstruct their surveillance. In yet another fight over the feature, the US government is coercing Facebook to […]

You Are Now Able To See If Your Followers Are Online On Instagram By Turning On ‘Activity Status’

Days of ignoring someone’s messages and continuing to scroll through to other messages on Instagram might have come to an end. As announced in an official blog post, Instagram had added a green dot feature, next to the profile icon of your friends (or followers), showing you when they’re available to chat. The green dot is called, ‘Activity Status’. […]

Google Set To Compete With Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp And SMS As It Introduces ‘Chat’ For Android Users

Last week Google revealed its plan to roll out a new chat service to replace standard texting service, SMS. The new chat service will be called Chat. Google’s Chat will let Android users use features such as read receipts, GIFs and stickers, full resolution video and pictures, and functioning group texts on top of colorful texts. […]

Facebook Messenger Lite Now Supports Video Calling

Messenger Lite, the Facebook messaging app designed specifically for low-end phones with minimal storage and slower internet connections has been updated to support video calling. The video chat works similarly to the one on Whatsapp and the more ‘mature’ Facebook Messenger. You can mute a call, switch to a voice call from a video call, […]

Adverts are coming to Facebook Messenger

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that they will be rolling out advertisements globally to their mobile messaging application – Messenger. The feature was already available but only in Australia and Thailand as it is still in its testing phase. After getting good feedback, the company has decided to roll out the update to everyone using […]

UK money transfer startup introduces international money transfer services on Facebook’s Messenger

TransferWise, a European money transfer startup recently announced the launch of a service that allows Facebook users to make international money transfers through the Messenger platform.

Facebook launches Bots Developer Challenge for Middle East & Africa with cash prizes & mentorship. Here’s how to take part

If you are a developer in Africa or the Middle-East, Facebook has extended a challenge to you. The company is holding a competition to encourage the development of innovative bots for its Messenger platform. Called the Bots for Messenger Developer Challenge it’s been announced as a contest which will recognise and reward developers who are able to […]

Facebook Messenger introduces Group Video Chat feature, lets you talk with up to 50 people

Social media giant Facebook just made yet another attempt to become everything in new age communication – it has launched a new feature on its Messenger platform – Group Video Chat. As the name suggest this allows you to make a video with people in a group and chat with all of them simultaneously via a screen […]

Facebook Messenger testing new “data saver” feature and how you can be a part of it

In efforts to reduce mobile data consumption, Facebook has started testing a “data saver” option on its Messenger mobile application. The feature is currently available to anyone interested in helping facebook test it through a trial update currently only available for Android devices via The feature is currently available to anyone interested in helping facebook […]

Facebook unveils Messenger Lite for countries with slower internet, doubles down on emerging markets

Facebook has unveiled Messenger Lite for countries with slower internet, doubles down on emerging markets.

Allo, Google’s messaging app serves up artificial intelligence brilliantly, but still won’t beat WhatsApp

Allo, Google’s messaging app serves up artificial intelligence brilliantly, but in Zimbabwe it still won’t beat WhatsApp.

Facebook’s Messenger crosses 1 billion user mark, solidifies position as the global app for the future

Facebook recently issued a statement celebrating a major milestone for its instant messaging service, Messenger. It now has 1 billion active users. This was accompanied by a congratulatory message to all Messenger users complete with an interactive emoji. The 1 billion mark is a notable achievement not only because of how staggering that number is but also because it […]

Facebook readies Secret Conversations, another feature that will ensure message privacy for Zimbabweans

This feature ensures that message are only accessed by the sender and the intended recipient while preventing third parties, including regulators, the owners of the platform, and the internet providers, from going through the messages .

Your WhatsApp isn’t working? Use Facebook’s Messenger instead

WhatsApp is down. Well, that’s in Zimbabwe at least. This is a major disruption for a lot of people who rely on the internet to communicate. However there are many other options that people can still use to communicate including using VPN access to “unlock” WhatsApp. To be honest, though, that’s probably a bit too complicated […]

WhatsApp drops $1 annual subscription, promises to also stay away from adverts

An accompanying blog post from WhatsApp also announced the end of the subscription model, pointing out how some subscribers to the service have been excluded from making payments because they do not have the necessary credit and debit card numbers. This sort of challenge is more prevalent in emerging markets where WhatsApp has the majority of its 900 million subscribers.

As voice continues to die, it seems like WhatsApp calling is a problem after all

When the WhatsApp calls feature was activated this year two things that everyone had been expecting for over a year happened. Firstly, subscribers to the insanely popular platform were excited that VoIP was being integrated into the main communication platform. At the same time, a cloud of uncertainty gathered over mobile network operators’ voice model. […]

As Facebook starts integrating with WhatsApp, what can we look forward to?

Facebook and WhatsApp. That doesn’t sum up Zimbabwean smartphone access patterns, but it sure as hell comes close to telling a big part of it. It’s not the mobile operators’ faults either, the three of them only introduced the Over The Top Services of WhatsApp and Facebook bundles to cash in on the popularity of […]

F8 2015 – The Facebook Developer Conference: What can we expect?

Another tech giant has a huge event lined up, this time its Facebook Developer Conference. The livestream is moments away (you can catch it here) and be sucked into the excitement. But why the excitement though? Isn’t Facebook turning into an afterthought in social media? The reality is that The Social Network has turned into something more […]

2014 in review: The winning apps for the year

We are at that time of the year when we decide to take a step back and try to get a better sense of what was really going down in 2014. It’s the end of 2014, and I have had my fair share of experiences this year with quite a lot which includes apps. I […]

Econet, what exactly are these Terms and Conditions?

Who cares about terms and conditions? Who reads them anyway? At least Econet seems to think they mean something, well for their Bundles of Joy anyway. Most  consumers have that quick response to Ts and Cs – simply accept everything and get access to the service that you logged in to get anyway. The problem […]